Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Name ... long story

Abie and Kelly gave me this tag ... and I am not sure if I should admit the truth. Or which name should I use ... So, please...bear with me for my long kwento. Hahaha!

You see, I've got "legal" problems on my name. Currently, I am still in the process of changing my name in all my official and government records. I already filed petition for change name last year to legalized everything but until now, the court proceedings not yet over. I still have to complete my court appearance this coming March 2008.

My real name are as follows: (please don't laugh ha!)

birth certificate : ARMINDA
baptismal certificate: JACQUELINE
school records: ARMIDA JACQUELINE

Well, my Mom told me that she was sleeping when the hospital nurse asked my Dad what name to be placed on the birth certificate. My Dad told the nurse to write ARMIDA because that's what my Mom wanted daw. Then before baptism, my Dad decided to change to JACQUELINE kasi..nice daw! So they used JACQUELINE on my baptismal records. However, when they enrolled me to nursery school (Montessori) the admin decided to combine the two records... ARMIDA JACQUELINE (sablay pa din kasi ArmiNda nasa birth di ba?! with "N") Haayyy..ang labo ng aking mga magulang?!! If may isip lang talaga ako ng baby ako, baka ako na mismo nag-register ng aking name sa NSO!

Thus, for how many decades I've been using ARMIDA JACQUELINE on all my school and work records. Together with my birth certificate, I always submit a joint-affidavit for my name. And this was offically honored/acknowledged naman. So all my company id, driver's license, SSS, pag-ibig, bank records, credit cards etc... bears the name ARMIDA JACQUELINE .. all except, Passport! Whenever I travel I always use my offcial NSO registered name, ARMINDA.

So officially, I am dropping ARMINDA as my registered name at NSO. Awaiting for the court approval and completion of legal procedures to finally use my "common-used" name ARMIDA JACQUELINE. Need to prove that ARMINDA and ARMIDA JACQUELINE is one and the same person. Hopefullly, this process will be completed by this year.

So..to answer Abie's tag, I'll use JACQUI (hahaha! pasaway pa din?! nickname ginamit!)

J - makes people laugh
A - gorgeous (aww..shucks!)
C - really easy to fall inlone with
Q - a hypocrite (bwahaha! bad noh!)
U - gets blamed for everything (api naman ako nito!)
I - loves to laugh (korek!)

Hahahah..natapos ko din blog post kwento ko :)


michelle said...

hi jacqui! my dad had a similar dilemma. he found out that he's aladdin in his birth cert. but bec the church wanted a christian name, ndi yun ang ginamit. hehehe.

so sometimes we kid him "aladdin!" ;)

nway, good morning arminda! joke!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

hahaha! Arminda pala. Oooops...bawal pala tumawa. :) Cute ng story ng name mo. At sobrang pasaway naman yung parents mo ha. Iba-ibang names ang ibinibigay.

I like Jacqui though.


abie said...

HI Arminda...hehehe. Thanks for doing the tag. Nakaktuwa naman, may history pala ang name mo.

Sana nga maayos mo na yan this year.

Tc sis.

popcorn said...

Omg! Ang gulo naman nyan.

Hope your legalities get sorted out soon. Medyo naramdaman ko rin yung difficulty of having multiple names, although indirectly.

Hubby's GC application got stalled for a while last year because the US immigration office asked for additional documents about his parents, yung mom kasi nya may 2 names na ginagamit - yung chinese name and Christian name. Na ayos rin naman eventually, pero syempre nakaka nervous kasi ang laki ng at stake.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi michelle,

really hard to epxlain sometimes. kaya i need to finish these lagalties issues asap. otherwise, baka mahirapan mag-claim family ko when I am gone na... haaay! :)

hi nice,

hahaha..yaikes ARMINDA noh!

But my mom, siblings and my childhood friends calls me ARMIE still...waah, iba din nickname pa noh! Gulo! :)

I dropped ARMIDA and started using JACQUI when I was in highschool. Succesful naman somehow. Family ko lang pasaway! lol. :)

Ei Abie,

Wish me luck..may interview ako QC court this coming March.

Ay...magastos din, believe me kaya I want it over and done na! :)

Hi popcorn,

Actually my problem now yun US Visa ko. Got multpile entry di ba, paano ko kaya correct yun? Passports can be corrected..but the US Visa, not sure. Haaay!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

ayan..dami ko typo error and wrong spelling. Mamadali kasi! Hahaha! Sorry! :)

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