Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's a dark night with a moon so bright,
Strange ghosts and goblins give you a chill,
Here's a Halloween wish for you,
That tonight will bring you a thrill!
Happy Halloween!!

planning for a holiday trip

Any suggestion where I can avail payday advance? Not that I need one, but my brother who is planning to go bring his family for a holiday trip is thinking of availing payday cash advance to cover their travel expenses. You see, they've been planning for years to spend the holidays in the US, visit our relatives based in SanFo, and of course, experience white Christmas and snow. I envy him as I dreamed of bringing my family too, but of course due to limited budget, I can't afford to spend holidays in the US. My only chance is to avail holiday airline promos, at half the price off! Hahaha! Anyway, any recommendations for payday loans?

on being proactive

Any tips how to get rid of wrinkles? I am badly in search of the best anti-wrinkle cream as I need to get one soon. I noticed that there are wrinkles that can be seen at the corner of my eyes, and I need to find remedy asap. Not that I am scared of aging, in fact, I welcome the idea of getting old but I want to age in years but not age with my skin. Hahaha, so vain eh?! If I can retain my baby smooth suppleness skin, I will do so. Thus I needto be pro-active and should start taking care of my skin. Any suggestions?

online gifts

Almost done. With the kids upcoming birthday parties in a few weeks time, all party essentials completed and finalized together with my party coordinator, Jelly Bellies. Party invites already sent out, and all my friends liked the 2D or pop-out invites with the jungle safari theme. And since all my party suppliers already finalized, next on my list ... gift registry. All my friends were asking gift preference of my kids, I asked them to consider giving online gift cards instead for the kids. Much preferred since I love to shop clothes and toys for the kids online. Easy and convenient, don't you think so?

Trick or Treat!

The kids attended our company's annual Halloween Trick or Treat, and it was all fun! This year, Samantha came as the pretty witch, while Migo came as the little red devil boy. It was Migo's first halloween party and visit to my office, and boy he had so much fun! He enjoyed walking and going around the cubicles, grabbing all the things he can grab! Hahaha! All in all, the kids had a blast getting candies and treats. Tomorrow, will be off to another trick or treatin' ... this time at Sofitel Hotel. Will post more Halloween photos tomorrow =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

acne problem

And more about acne ... Now I am worried. Aside from the husband bothered by his unwanted acne on his face, my teen-ager son Ico also bothered by manifestations of chest acne. This is bad. All along I thought a simple acne treatment would help to remove those ugly pimples, but I think a quick trip to our family dermatologists will be a wise move to have those acne marks checked for medication. As I've told my son over and over, aside from dirt and eating too much fatty foods, proper hygiene must also be observed to eliminate those chest acne. Hope the acne treatment I found on the web will work not only for my husband's face but for Ico's chest acne problem. Really hope so! =)

acne solution

The husband is currently looking for acne remedies. He needs to find the instant cure, fast! With barely twenty days to go for our kids' upcoming birthday parties, he needs to remove those stubborn acne fast for fresh, young and stress-free look. I've been giving him several acne treatment recommendations I found on the web, but he's too stubborn to try it. In fact, aside from not taking my advise, he's having too much sun lately which damages his skin and making his acne worst! Now I am desperate. I am looking for acne solution that is designed to eliminate unwanted acne with a simple, single-step acne program. I've read that Pronexin might be a good cure as it features 33 of Mother Nature's Best Acne-Fighting ingredients, A chemical free acne treatment GOOD for your skin and 100% Side Effect Free! Any reviews about this?

my joys

Not sure if I already shared this photo ...but will share it anyway. Photos of my world - my love of my life, Migo and Samantha! They are my pure source of joy and happiness. I can't live without them.

Samantha at six, very sweet and a real darling. Usually daddy's girl but lately, my mini me. Hahaha! She's my constant chika girl, my shopping buddy. She loves to attend parties, shop and go malling. Picky-eater but with a healthy appetite. Like me, she loves sinigang (tamarind broth) food be it pork, shrimp or beef sinigang.Creative and with wild imagination. Loves sports, and into gymanstics lately. In fact, she's crazy about gymnastics! A good sign =)

The little squirt, Migo also a real sweet, darling. A charmer, and truly melts my heart whenever he smiles. He loves playing simple games and loves all the attention. And at the age of eleven months, he thinks he can do absolutely anything. He's bold and fearless. Very like the husband. Migo is a little bit advance for his age with the way he talks, moves and walks. Oh at ten months he can walk few steps ...and at eleven, can run few steps around the house. Hahaha! He's my pogi and bubbly boy. And I love him so dearly! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

effective diet pill

I've been trying to search the best fat burner for months now, and I am so happy that finally think my new diet pill really works! Just look at the recent photo I had from Palawan, I can't believe I was able to shed few pounds compared to my previous weight last June. After giving birth, I've been religously drinking diet pills, conscious of my food intake and with a help of L-Carnitine fat burner medication, think it really do wonders! What do you think? Is it really effective? =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Executive Golf Event

Will be off on a trip again in a few days, this is for our company's annual Executive Golf Event for our clients. For three days will be spending much of our time at the beautiful Davao City -- at Ranchos Palos Verdes. We've arranged activities for our Club Bayan customers, aside from whole day golf play, we also added city tour, zip line and night parties! Really excited! It will be my first time to visit Davao, and I look forward to explore the place. I look forward to meet the smiling people of the South, taste the famous Durian fruit, and check the best cigar in town. Hmmm...could this be true? Let's see.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday freebies

While we were out yesterday, I got this awesome freebies by using my credit cards while shopping. From HSBC, SM gift certificates for every P2,000 above charge slips. And from Citibank, we received half dozen box of original glazed donuts for every P1,500 charge slips. Awesome treats, eh?! Don't you just love shopping? Aside from treats I hope my credit card providers will try different rewards next time. Probably more on beauty and health wellness. Spa gift certificate, facial treatment or safe diet pills. That would be an awesome treat to customers, right? =)

Don't you just love shopping?

diet pills for the husband

I've been searching for quite some time now for diet pills that really work as the husband badly needs it. So far, most of the diet pills I've checked online promises instant weight loss in months time. Hmmm...sounds promising right? However, the pills may be effective but I need a pill that is safe for his consumption. No side effects and at the same time affordable or light in our pocket. Any suggestions?

online shopping for boots

Rainy season already here, and this means only one thing ... out with my summer clothes, and in for my rainy gear outfits. Tee-hee! And as I browse the women's rain boots , I can't help but check this gorgeous boots for walking. Which coincidentally, I al also supposed to check since I need to get myself new boots for my China travel this coming January. Hahaha! Love, love online boots shopping.

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