Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today, February 21st is our 3rd Anniversary...and it is my first time to post on my blog account. I am kinda excited and eager to fill-out my blog site and I can't think of any subject to start except... it's all about our anniversary.

So how are we after three years of being married? hmmm... for the past three years we've been through a lot! and I mean a lot!! We went through difficult but happy times together as a couple. We've had our moments of joys, adventures, sadness, fears, pains and fights -- but all were truly remembered and made us grow stronger as a couple.

Let me share three top emotions and incidents that truly made an impact to our 3-year married life:

  1. PURE JOY - when Sam came into our life. Our little angel that never cease to amaze us. We love her so dearly that we want to give her the very best of everything! (and I am sure like all parents wanted!)
  2. FEAR - when we found out Sam had a Hirschsprung Disease. We fear for her that she might not be able to overcome surgery at a tender age of 10 months. Real glad and thankful to God that she was able to survive the fight! Truly a blessing!
  3. CHALLENGE of building our house for the past six months. It was really a big challenge for Mike and I since it entails a lot of decision-making, financial planning, budgeting and hardwork to complete our house.

I guess like any married couple, we've had our "roller-coaster" ride of emotions during our three years of marriage. It was full of ups and downs, fights and reconciliations, good and not-so-good days... each day filled with new learnings and exciting moments. It was definitely fun and worth "riding" every moment. I am glad he's with me during these wonderful ride... and for the many roller coaster rides to come, I'll definitely look forward for it!

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

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