Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Egg-citing Easter!

Ever wonder why we have rabbits and eggs every Easter Sunday? There may be different traditions or customs that lead to one common belief for Easter: Re-birth. Christians believe that Easter Sunday is the day Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead to save mankind. Thus, it is a symbl of re-birth from old self, a new beginning to start life.

And why the bunny and eggs? The Easter bunny or hare is a symbol of fertility. With the eggs a symbol of life, wherein Romans believed life comes from an egg. The seed of life ...resurrection of Jesus Christ. And why we color or decorate the eggs? Not certain but in early Medieval days, they used eggs as gifts. And as eggs symbols life, a gift of new life.

Whatever explanations or traditions it may be, children and adults both celebrate Easter. A day to be thankful that God gave His only son to save us from our sins. Celebration of re-birth ...renewal of life.

HAPPY EASTER, Everyone!!

home improvements ... again

Yes, I am bound to do some home improvements next month. This time, my house project involves the lanai cum garden area. I am thinking of removing the old plants, and changing it to a more simple and low maintenance zen-type garden design. And as much as I want to add koi pond, space is a problem. Nevertheless, I still want big improvement from my present garden space. Probably change the plants by putting up bamboo trees with blue grass aroound the corners. That would be lovely! And naturally, must change the present garden drainage. Probably change water hose too, not the high pressure hydraulic hose for commercial use but simple garden hose to keep the area clean. No concrete plans yet but I am definitely sure will do some drastic change with our present garden. Excited! =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

summer happy!

Yes, the little girl is indeed summer happy. Aside from enjoying unlimited tv and playtime with her little brother, I've enrolled her to several summer activities to keep her busy the entire summer. These activites includes:

1. Swimming lessons by Aqualogic Swim Co - one hour swim fun every Satruday at CSA, Makati.

2. Gymnastics lessons by Club Gymnastica at SPC Pasig - Class MWF at 9-12am.

3. Mc Donalds Kiddie Crew by 3rd week of April.

Full sked, eh? And to add to these activites, birthday parties here and there and our upcoming HongKong family trip by May. Whoa! And I wonder if i can still squeeze her reading class by May. Let's see.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

home improvements

House renovation in progress. For the past week, we've been very busy with several home improvements. And since it is summer, we are taking advantage of the summer heat by doing all possible work. These includes: 1. exterior house painting of entire house. 2. scrape to metal for gates, and re-paint color to brown. 3. fix the bathroom tiles. add another water outlet. 4. de-clogging of sink , new pipe for drainage. 5. re-painting of interior wall to a different color. 6. change of tiles, probably to laminate flooring. 7. fix all busted lights. 8. change main door to a different wood 9. fix all hinges of ecterior cabinets.

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