Thursday, September 30, 2010

midnight sale madness

Ever wonder why some of the unknown and new products tick during mall sales? It does not take a genius to identify how to increase product sales on a busy mall. But as a marketing guide, it all boils down on location, location and location. And aside from good location, it also helps with the product movement -- the effectiveness of the point of purchase displays. Catchy and easy to understand display materials also successful marketing strategy for customers helps product moves.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have Children? Consider Pet Insurance!

Certainly, many women and men fantasize about the All American Dream. We all want the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect pet and the perfect life. And it sure would be nice if we could all achieve those things. Trouble is, we do not live in a perfect world, and as much as we try to avoid them, accidents and tragedies often happen when we least expect them. For most families, health insurance comes to the rescue in the event of catastrophic injury or illness, and often saves parents from declaring bankruptcy thanks to mounting medical bills. However, when it comes to our furry friends, we do not often consider pet insurance – or even realize there is such a thing – until it is too late.

For families with beloved pets, their cats or dogs are just as important as any other family member. Especially for those pets who were part of the family before the kids even came along – it is super important to keep those animals healthy, happy and comfortable for as long as possible. Pet insurance is a smart step – emotionally and financially – to secure the safety of your furry family members.

For families with small children, it is absolutely imperative that they make pet insurance part of their annual health care budget. Just like you would never ever dream of having your child uninsured, you certainly should give you cat or dog that same consideration. Small children are often very rough with their pets and accidents are bound to happen. Should your cat of dog injure or break a bone, veterinary surgery to set and cast it can be astronomical. Sadly, most families who chose not to purchase a pet insurance policy are financially forced to put their pets to sleep in cases like this. Do your research, and a great pet insurance company is easy and affordable!

another LC dream ...

The husband thinks we are ready for our new dream car. Yes, after enjoying our three year old SUV so much, time to get something bigger and with more space. An upgrade ... from our present Toyota Fortuner to Toyota Land Cruiser (LC). Sturdy and mean looking ... and the husband loves the super pogi points. What do you think? Any reviews about this car?

Babyproof Your Home

Bringing a new baby home can be quite an exciting thing. The first thing you want to do though, is to baby proof new jersey luxury apartments. The worst thing that can happen is having your child get into something they aren't supposed to and get hurt. By baby proofing your home early, you can prevent any of that from happening at all and keep your mind at ease.

One simple tip is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl around on the floor to see the same view as your child does. Look for anything that might be interesting for the baby to touch or play with, and make note of it.

Make sure that your house has new batteries in all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Take down all of your small refrigerator magnets, as they could pose a choking problem if they fall to the floor when the door is slammed too hard.

Locate all of the electrical outlets in your house and cover them with plastic outlets or buy special baby proof covers for them. Keep your cupboards securely closed with childproof locks. Some children may figure out how to open them, so if you have any cleaning solutions or sprays, place them high up on a shelf where a baby wouldn't be able to reach them.

Keep a list in a visible place of all emergency contact numbers. You can also program them into your phone so that you can dial them in a moment's notice. If you aren't sure what else you can do to protect your baby, there are professional baby-proofers out there that will come to your home and child proof the house for you. It's better to be overly safe then have an accident happen when you're least expecting it.

New Concepts in Cooking

I've recently heard of this great new concept in both food preparation and cooking. It's a dinner club, and these types of social organizations are popping up a lot. How do they work?

First, most dinner clubs have a website. You can sign up for the club and take a look at its menu. Pick and choose the meals you know you and your family will love. You can even pay ahead online, too.

Second, prepare for your visit to dinner club. Wear clothing that doesn't have long sleeves, which can get messy while assembling your meals. Tie your hair back if it's long and bring a large reusable box or bag to carry your meals home in.

Third, head to the club. Upon arrival, you'll go to your first station. There will be ingredients and a list of instructions. Follow them, assemble your meal, and add extra garlic or cheese, if that's what you and your family like. Typically, stickers or cards with cooking instructions will be available for your pre-assembled meals.

Next, have a blast! You can chat with friends or neighbors, meet new people, have a glass of wine, and throw all your ingredients together. It will feel great knowing that you won't be doing any of the clean up!

Last, take your meals home and cook as needed.

Dinner clubs will save you time and allow for fewer trips to the grocery store. You won't have to worry about spoiled ingredients or dirty dishes. Dinner clubs are your one-stop destination. You can be social while being productive! After looking into dinner clubs, it seems like they offer a fun and convenient time. There's no need to seek out recipes. Head to a dinner club and let the staff do the work! Just a couple hours a month and you have meals for days, even weeks. Sounds delicious.

My Daughter Loves Online Games

My daughter is old enough now to play online games and she's been thrilled with a few of the games I recently let her try out on our computer. I always take the time to thoroughly read the reviews of any games she'd like to play. I look for a few key things before I let her play a game, including a "G" rating. The G rating tells me that there isn't any bad language or unpleasant violence in the game and that it is appropriate for children of any age. I also try to encourage her to play online games that are educational in some way. Fortunately, there are tons of games now available that pass both tests.

I've discovered that my daughter loves playing any kind of game that involves animals. Is this something common to all little girls? She's just loving a game called "Kitten Sanctuary," where she gets to rescue a bunch of sweet little kittens from aliens. Of course, she's now interested in getting a real kitten some day soon! In the meantime, online games with lots of animals keep her satisfied.

Another game she likes (and I enjoy as well) is "Fishdom." She gets to design and stock an aquarium with beautiful tropical fish, then take care of them. The graphics are wonderful, and it's a pretty and relaxing game that is great just before bedtime.

We've set up some rules for playing online games that limit the time she can play each week, and so far they've worked really well. She knows she can play an hour of online games each afternoon, and we sometimes get some extra playtime in together on the weekends. Even her dad enjoys playing online games with us, so the games are really family activities!

Thoughts on Money, Travel and Careers

My daughter has begun to think more seriously about her college education and career choices. She’s just a sophomore in high school now, but I think it’s wise on her part to start thinking about this now so we can plan ahead. She’s having trouble deciding, as she says, “what to do with my life.” This is a big issue for someone so young, but I’m impressed that she’s showing this initiative at her age.

I know she’s always loved to travel. We haven’t been able to afford to do that much over the years, but her bedroom walls have travel posters of destinations from around the world. I also know she has a compassionate heart and enjoys helping people. This started at an early age when a bird crashed into our sliding glass door and she nursed it back to health. With these two things in mind, I came across what might be the ideal career for her: traveling nurse.

Travel nurse jobs offer a great way to see the world while helping out the less fortunate. I asked what she thought of this idea, and she’s thrilled about it, so we’re looking at nursing schools and at the agencies that hire travel nurses. Our local college does offer a nursing program, but often there’s a long waiting list. I’ve discovered nurses are in great demand right now, and this translates into increased nursing program enrollment.

School tuition is much higher than in my college days, and our finances are tight. We’re looking at online nursing programs that might cost less, and she could get her degree quicker, too. My girl is so excited about this idea, and she wants to get on that plane as soon as possible. I’m hoping she’ll stay in the United States, at least for her first couple assignments, but I know she’ll eventually want to travel to all parts of the world.

LC Limited Edition

After conquering Eiffel Tower of Paris early this year ... I was lucky to have the Great Wall of China by August.

Then this month, through the help of my online blogger friend Glo, I'll be having my own piece of Statue of Liberty from New York.

What's next on my list? Soon ... Miajima of Japan.

Prepaid Credit Cards: They Can Help You Get a Job

Life is funny sometimes, and it never seems to stay the same. There are always changes taking place. If you don't go with the flow, you can get left behind. That's true with personal life, and also true with business and financial matters. Because the economy has been so bad recently, a lot of good people are losing their jobs. They didn't deserve that, but it's what happened and it can't be changed now. They say the economy will turn around soon, but it's hard to believe that without seeing some good signs - and right now, there just aren't any.

Don't give up if you're a victim of the economy, though. There are still choices you can make about your future. One of them is trying to salvage your credit score through prepaid credit cards. A lot of employers check a person's credit, and if your credit is terrible you could be turned down for a job that you might have gotten otherwise. Don't let bad credit ruin you. Even though you couldn't help losing your last job (and maybe even your home) to the economy, you can stop the damage from getting any worse so you have the best chance of getting another job.

Talk to your creditors and see what you can work out, or go to credit counseling or debt consolidation companies to see if they can help you. Cut back on the expenses you have, so you're paying out a lot less. If you're getting unemployment, the goal is to make it stretch far enough to cover the bills and still give you money you can use to eat and feed your family. No matter what your circumstances, giving up should never be an option. We've all been through hard times, and you can make it if you take the right steps and stay focused on your goals.

Debt Consolidation for Your Family

Many people end up in debt. Debt can cause tons of problems for any family, and depending how far in debt you are, you may want to look into debt consolidation. Here are some of the top reasons you might choose to pursue debt consolidation:

1) If you have credit card bills that you just can't keep up with, you may need to find a solution before it goes any further. Getting behind on credit card bills has a snowball effect, and many people find a really hard time getting out from under it.

2) Some people try to float by on payday loans. This is fine on an occasional basis, but if you find yourself doing this on a frequent basis, you may want to take a look at what debt you have that you may be able to consolidate to help alleviate the stress of getting these short-term loans.

3) Screening calls because you have bill collectors calling constantly is a reason that many people look into consolidating their debt. No one likes to get these calls, and avoiding them does not make the problem go away.

4) If you are looking to make a big purchase in the near future, such as a home, you may want to consider your options. Having too much credit card debt can be a huge hindrance in trying to get a home loan.

5) When you are just feeling overwhelmed by your bills and debt, and have no extra money at the end of the month, looking into debt consolidation may be a good idea. You may be able to get lower interest rates, as well as one lower monthly payment. This can help out many families breathe a little easier.

Overall, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt, look at all of your options. There may be possibilities you never thought of.

Money Matters Lead to an Increase in Refinanced Homes

When I first learned I would be a mom, I knew I needed to make a financial plan. From saving for a house to setting money aside for the future, my family needed a budget. So, we sat down and made a plan. As we were going through options, we talked about different financial possibilities. I wanted to make sure we didn't have to worry about trying to refinance in the future, but it turns out there may be more benefits to the process than I thought.

For many people, refinancing is a smart decision. It isn't about moving money from one bank to another. I recently learned more about this process when I talked with a friend of mine who has refinanced her home. She worked with Mortgage refinance California specialists to complete the paperwork to restructure her home mortgage from a balloon payment to a 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage.

I asked her why she made the adjustment, and she was more than willing to share the details. She bought the property as an investment before the economic crash of 2007 to 2009. When the housing market dropped, she needed to look at all her options. The balloon loan she had originally taken out allowed her to hold on to the property because of the low monthly payment. However, the loan was about to mature to the large portion of the mortgage.

In order to avoid the larger portion of the payment, she needed to refinance her mortgage. It turns out she was able to hold on to the property long enough for the market to begin to recover, and she had no problem qualifying for the refinance. In fact, she said her lender had told her refinancing was on the rise in California, as well as other states.

When money matters, consider refinancing. It may be just what you need for your financial plan.

The Happiest Place on Earth

is always Disneyland for me. As a kid, I always dreamed of living inside Disneyland. A wish that I can stay forever so I can have tea parties with the princesses, dance with Mickey and Minnie, and sing all day with Donald Duck or Goofy. Or perhaps enjoy the magical show of Lion King over and over, or ride the time of my life at It's a small world boat ride. Staying at Disney seems so magical and I love each of my visit here yearly. I will never get tired of seeing the shows or bringing my kids. After all we are all kid at heart =)
At the Happiest Place on Earth with my happy family

Moving is an Adventure - So is Talking to Moving Companies

Just about everyone has moved at least once in their life. It can be a lot of fun, but it also provides a high level of stress that most people don't care for. One of the ways you can lower your stress levels is through contacting moving companies until you find the right one that can help you get where you're headed for a price you're happy with. A lot of people try to pack up and move on their own, but it's just too much for them to handle, which is why they decide to pay other people to do it for them, instead.

If you're moving, the company you choose isn't the only thing you should be thinking about. You have a lot of other things to occupy your time, too. For example, if you have children that are school-age, they'll have to change schools and make new friends. You might want to move in the summer, so you aren't uprooting them in the middle of the school year. Also, you have to pay attention to the cost of living where you are and where you're going. If they're very different from one another, that's going to affect how much home you can buy, whether or not you have to rent instead, what you can buy, and other things.

The stress of moving can take its toll on you mentally and physically, so take time for yourself. Get rest, eat properly, and make sure that you relax as much as possible. If you're stressed out, you won't be able to make good decisions and you won't be able to help out your family. Don't let your wonderful new adventure become a nightmare. You can just as easily have a great experience if you do a little bit of advance planning.

Medical Negligence on the Rise?

Just the other day, my friend spoke about how health care, world over, is becoming a hot topic for debate and discussion. I couldn't help but think of the people in our country and in the other parts of the world who can't afford basic health care. One usually reads of instances where ailing children die of malnourishment and other avoidable situations. It's sad to see the plight of other people and not be able to do anything to help.

It's even more shameful to come across cases of medical negligence where patients die due to mistakes made by nurses and doctors at hospitals and in nursing homes. I was reading on the topic and was shocked to learn that over 200,000 Americans fall victim to medical negligence each year. I hate to think about what the statistics might be in other countries around the world.

While reading up, I also came across an instance where the paramedics and nurse arrived late and then checked the patient only after tending to other formalities that were insignificant. Why should that happen on an emergency call? What should the family of the victim do in such a case? It seems like a patient has no choice but to accept whatever emergency treatment is available, but if you are aware of your rights, you can demand justice.

The example I mentioned above was of a woman who died in Maryland. If the family of the victim had sought help from a few Maryland medical malpractice lawyers, they probably would have built a case and taken the authorities to court. Consequently, the family of the victim would have been compensated.

However, not many families take that route. They simply accept their fate and move on. If they had someone to guide them on a tough journey like this, I think the situations would have been completely different.

Being Healthy Ourselves Is Important for Our Children

Every parent strives to keep their children healthy. We work hard to ensure they get the right amount of fruits and vegetables, plan activities to keep them active, and educate them on the dangers of bad habits such as drinking and smoking. But do we really practice what we preach? What is the use of telling our children to finish their greens while we leave ours untouched on our plates in favor of fried and other unhealthy options? And, how can we persuade our children that exercise is important if they see us spending our spare time tapping away at the computer, catching up with friends on Facebook or laying in front of the TV like a couch potato? What are we teaching them come cocktail hour when Mommy and Daddy both sigh with relief at the first sip of that sweet drink? Also, while we may think that our kids don’t know we are smoking because we do it at the end of the garden, who are we really kidding? Smoke smells and kids have noses!

So the time has come to take action to set a better example for our children. If we want our kids to eat well, we must lead by example, and all the family must show that they are committed to a healthy balanced diet. Likewise, exercise must be part of family fun time -- we need to play sports together, take walks as a group and generally enjoy active endeavors together. Drinking should become the exception and not the rule and the time has come to look into the many smoking cessation aids on the market including nicotine replacement programs such as patches, gum, electronic cigarettes, or even alternative therapies such as hypnosis. Whatever it takes for us to be healthy, we need to do it for our kids.

Commercial Property Management: From Marketing to Maintenance

For many real estate investors knowing the market only meant identifying a deal and executing the transaction. Once the deal has been made it falls on the owner to properly manage the property no matter how great the initial purchase price was.

Commercial property management requires the fulfillment of many duties. The point of all successful real estate investment is to make money while maintaining the property. Even the best real estate purchases can be derailed by poor marketing and bad maintenance.

A great rental location does not matter if the right tenants are in the dark about the deal. While property managers might not consider themselves to be in the field of sales or advertising, each is necessary to be successful. Empty units, no matter how well maintained, are the path to a real estate failure. In most markets, particularly when the economy is struggling, the rental competition is fierce. Succeeding in this environment requires knowledge of local interests and tastes. This is why it might be prudent for an investor to hire a local property manager prior to investing in an unfamiliar market. At the least, this will give the property owner time to learn his or her market while the experienced property manager fills vacancies.

While a marketing genius might be able to fill vacancies in any location, keeping tenants will require keeping the building operating in good order. For owners that do not know a pipe wrench from a stud finder, finding a manger with at least a rudimentary knowledge of construction will stave off frustration when the property inevitably suffers some attrition. Ideally a property manager will also have awareness of local building codes and county/town ordinances so that keeping up a building does not result in unnecessary fines or penalties. Wasting time by trying to learn on the job could lead to wasting money or losing an investment.

Funny, Migo!

This is one of my favorite photo of the little boy, Migo. Lately, he's so good in imitating adults and this funny facial expression is just one of his ways of saying : "Watch me, I am a real cutie!" Of course, how can we say no with this adorable boy. Don't you just love him? =) Coupons are Very Nice

After all of these years I forgot how much fun I had dressing up as a child. Having children quickly reminds you of that as our children remind us how they always want to dress up in some sort of costume. It doesn't matter what time of year, day of week, time of day, they just love taking on a new role and acting the part. We found where you can find Coupons. These coupons can be used to buy all sorts of kid and adult costumes, party favors, and anything that would assist you in having a fun costume party on Halloween night.

My children would go crazy to know that not only the penguins of Madagascar can be found on, but also tablecloths, plates, and more to throw a whole Madagascar-themed party! This is just one example of things that can be found on this site.

Adults will find that there is also a wide range of funny to sexy costumes on the site. With the coupons listed on the site above, you can buy quality costumes at a discount you might find AFTER Halloween has come and gone. It is very nice for a family or individual with a budget.

On you can shop from home without loading up the screaming children in the car. Sizes are listed clearly and a magnifying glass can be used to scrutinize the costume to see if the specs are suitable. With their wide selection of costume and party decor, you won't have to run around town looking for a costume that may not be in stock. This site is great for parents and non-parents in finding a costume easily and affordably.

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Busy Families

Many families these days are made up of two adults that work and one or more children that are involved in what usually feels like dozens of activities. In order to be able to stay on top of everything and stay connected during the busy days of life, it is important to have a good cell phone plan. Even if only the adults in the families have cell phones, it is important to have a cell phone plan that is affordable and useful.

The best cell phone plans for busy families usually have plenty of minutes and are useable during the day. After all, if a mother is at the grocery store and needs to make a call home to find out whether they are out of peanut butter, she shouldn’t have to think about whether or not she will be charged at a higher rate because she’s making the call before seven in the evening.

An unlimited local plan is often a good plan for busy families as long as they live in the same area as their close friends and extended families. Families that have relatives who live in other parts of the country should look for a cell phone plan that will allow them to make calls outside of their local area. This is especially true if long distance calls are often made from cell phones instead of the home landline. After all, a multi-tasking mom might find that the best time to catch up with her parents is on the commute home from work.

Some of the best cell phone plans for busy families also allow for shared minutes and rollover minutes. Also, look for a cell phone plan that will allow additional members of the family to be added on as the kids get old enough to have their own phones. In short: look for flexibility and practicality.

Need Assisted Living? New York Has it All

New York has long been considered to be one of the biggest and more important cities in the United States, and often in the world, as well. If you live there, you probably know that there's a lot of hustle and bustle going on almost all of the time. There are young people on the streets and in the cafes. There are middle-aged people going about their business by shopping and heading to work and back. But what about the older people? Sure, you see some of them out doing things, but not all of them are capable of that anymore. They need a little help.

With great options for assisted living, New York can still be a beautiful place for seniors. They don't have to give up and move away to live with family, and they don't have to stay in a nursing home just because there are a few things that they have trouble doing. If you're in that situation, or you have a relative who is, check into the assisted living options where you live. There are plenty of different facilities, and they have different levels of care and specific requirements. How much they cost might also vary quite a bit.

You don't necessarily want to choose the cheapest one or the most expensive one. There's much more to consider than how much something costs. The level of care is the most important things to consider. Some assisted living facilities can also increase the level of care as the person gets older and needs more help, so there won't be any need to move the person to a different facility. That can keep things more familiar and comfortable, and reduce anxiety. Assisted living is a great way to keep someone safe and still give them a lot of freedom and privacy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Migo's 10th

Yes, the biggie boy already at ten months old. Time flies so fast. My little boy now at ten months can start walking few steps on his own, and babbles a lot! He's few weeks away from his birthday and as early as now he's showing some signs of independence. He stands, sits and squats on his own too. His favorite game, throw and dunk. Hahaha! As he would throw all things can be found on his crib and you need to dunk to avoid being hit by balls, toys or his bottle of milk. Well, that's my biggie boy =) Simply irresistible.

on hair loss

After giving birth, I noticed that I have excessive hair fall. I can see hair everywhere which irks me the most. Whenever I take a bath, brush my hair and when I wake up in the morning, hair fall everywhere! Thus, I consistenly look for effective hair loss products that will stop my problem. Tried several hair fall shampoo but it's not working. Any suggestions?

in search for anti wrinkle cream

For weeks now, I've been in constat search for the best anti wrinkle cream available in the market. I've tried several creams like Ponds, Avon A-new and Olay ...and so far, I haven't seen any positive result of these wrinkle creams. Blame it on my poor beauty habits, but eversince I am bad with following instructions on beauty regimen. In fact I am the less is more type of person. I would prefer simple beauty rituals everyday, since I am a wash and go person. Anyway, since I am not getting any younger anymore, any suggestions where I can get an effective (and affordable) anti wrinkle cream?

crazy over Madagascar

Yes, the little girl is crazy again over Madagascar cartoons. After our trip in Universal Studios Singapore, she can't stop talking about her favorite animals from Madagascar movie. How she adores Melman, Alex the Lion and Marty ... but the best of em all, Gloria! And even the mischievous penguins and cunning King Julien. She loves em all! In fact, she loves the animals so much that on her upcoming sixth birthday she decided to have Jungle Animals Theme in line with Madagascar movie. Real cute, eh.

telecoms meet

Will be off to Shangri-la Cebu next week for three days. No, not for recreation and relaxation but to attend the annual Asian Carrier Conference. As usual, will be seeing some of our colleagues from the telecoms industry. Excited much to see them again. Last year, they saw me big and preggy ... now I am sure they will see me in a different light. Aaah, less heavier of course! Thanks to the best fat burners I purchased online. My friends told me it's working well. Positive results showed few pounds of fat lost already since I gave birth. Though I need to trim down around ten pounds more. Slowly, I am getting there. And hopefully by end of the year, will reach my goal. Yes, very postivie thinking. Hahaha!

diet plans

The husband and I made a pact that will try to watch our weight and be conscious of our food intake. You see, we are not getting any younger and we need to be fit and free from any possible sickness to be able to work, and take care of our family. Last week, we went to our family doctor and we were told that we seriously need to lose some weight. Honestly, we are overweight. And despite trying for the effective diet pills that work, we also trimmed our food intake. Less carbo and sugar, and even soda in our daily meal. Too bad, no change at all. Anyway, the husband and I agreed that together we will watch our calorie intake. Will be both disciplined and constantly monitor our eating patterns. Praying and hoping this will work! =)

sickies in the house

After the little bratinella got sick last week, now it's my turn to be sick. Very bad. Think there is an on-going viral infection at the little girls' school which she contracted and brought it home. The office learned that I am sick and they sent me get-well soon flowers with fruit basket. Very thoughtful of them. I learned from my peers that they took advantage of ProFlowers coupon codes offered online thus they were able to get good deal for flowers and fruit package. Ain't that practical and sweet. Anyway, after receiving the token ,I felt all better. Hopefully day after tomorrow I can report back to work and be my usual self again. Hope the flu virus gone by then.

Monday, September 13, 2010

insurance upgrade

Finally, received the revised insurance quotes of the husband from our insurance agent. It took us months before we finally decided to upgrade his old plan. Of course, with the upgrade comes with change of annual premium, a little bit steep but we decided to take the plunge anyway. It's our protection, and hopefully our retirement money. As we upgraded our old insurance policy, the husband is thinking if we should get another one for myself. From a different insurance company, of course. To be doubly-sure and for enhanced protection. Any recommendations?

my joys

My babies ... my ultimate joys in my life. My pride and source of happiness. My little bratinella and my little squirt. And I love 'em to bits!

Monday, September 6, 2010

car maintenance check

It's the time of the year again ... time of the year wherein both of our cars due for it's periodic maintenance. Though our cars fairly brandnew, with just three years old. It is necessary to have the cars checked, just to be on the safe side. This is what my bestfriend would remind me over and over again.
My bestfriend used to have ford escort , and she learned her lesson the hard way. She was not prepared for any unnecessary expense when she thought simple routinary check up, proved not routinary at all. Good thing her local mechanic was efficient that he immediately suggested replacement of timing belt as well as water pump. If not, road accident might happen and her life might be at stake.
So next time you bring the car for maintenance check, just don't do the routinary check. If parts needed for replacement, follow the advise of your trusted mechanic. It may be an additional expense at start, but it will save your life and a lot of hassles in the future. Better to be safe than sorry.

miller thong

Ooopppss... I did it again. That is buying online. Hah, blame it on Labor Day Sale! I am again hooked and mesmerized with this Tory Burch miller thong sandals. And the boring in me would only choose of course, the safest color ever -- black! Yes, I am in shopping spree again for anything black or black and gold combination. Don't know why but I think it will be a black and gold Christmas treats for me. Hahaha!

Friday, September 3, 2010

almost here ...

Before I proceed with my online search for bifocal safety glasses , allow me to share another LC must-have's! Longchamp Limited Asian Edition -- the Great Wall of China.

Yes, she's almost here ... straight from the land of China, city of Hongkong. I ordered from our good online friend Caryl based in HK and hopefully, she will arrive by tomorrow brought by another MBAP, Jody. Weee! Really excited! Though the picture below shows LC medium tote with short handle, I decided to get somehow same version and color (Taupe) with no zip, or the Cabas style. Something different LC for me this time. Check it out, I think for this size, price starts at P6,500.

*photo courtesy of retail therapy multiply account

DSL equipment preference

One of our best home appliance ever invested (and thoroughly used) is our Linksys router. Eversince we had our Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) installed, our WiFi Linksys router works non-stop almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week including weekends and holidays. You can say it is our most used, and abused appliance at home. Hahaha! Despite the abuse of our WiFi router, I am one happy customer since we never had problem with the appliance. In fact whenever my corporate clients would request for hardware recommendations for their internet links, my only choice ... router from Linksys. Durable and always reliable.

hotel considerations

Whenever we go out and travel, one of my main considerations in choosing a hotel is the toilets. Yes, I am very particular with the cleanliness and size of hotel toilets or bathrooms and if it does not pass my standards, definitely this is a no-no booking for me. Thus, whenever I go to my usual regional travel places like Hongkong or Singapore, we would always stick to our usual hotels since we are very much familiar with the rooms and bathroom lay-out. For Hongkong, either we stay at Marco Polo or Kowloon at TST area. And for Singapore, we go to Amara or Peninsula. Tried and tested hotels for me. How about you, any hotel must-have's prior booking?

Anniversary Ticker Countdown

Daisypath Anniversary tickers