Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make A Wish ...

Thanks Aggie for the tag ...

Here are the rules:

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

I am tagging MM, Nice, Nikki and Yvette !

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Boyish Sexy, huh?!

Hahaha!! Now, I am positively sure I am definitely "one fo the boys!" .. sabi na nga ba babaeng-bakla ako! Bwahaha!

So I am intrigued Shiela and MM, what kind of sexy gal are you?

You Are Boyish Sexy

You're the kind of girl who gets along with all the boys

Whether it's holding your own in a game of touch football...

Or kicking some major butt while playing Xbox.

You hang with the guys easily, while still keeping your girly sexiness.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lent Celebration

Lenten Celebration is over... as well as the long vacation.

After spending great quality time with the family, I am very much excited and eager to be back to work! I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the long vacation. Can't wait to meet my friends and colleagues! I am sure they've got Lenten Season stories to share too!

Anyway, allow me to share how we spent our Holy Week here.

Happy Easter to everyone!

destination weddings

Hubby and I were discussing the other night how time flies so fast. We just celebrated our fourth year wedding anniversary last month, and we on our way to our fifth year early next year. I opened the topic of possible wedding celebration through renewal of vows on our fifth year, and was surprised that he is open with the idea. He knows I’ve been dreaming of a small, quiet and intimate renewal of vows by the beachfront and the husband thinks it is such a lovely idea to celebrate this joyous occasion with our family and close friends.

I’ve shared with my husband my idea of dream destination weddings in a romantic tropical setting. Probably by the beachfront, complete with all the wedding works! View of the sunset while exchanging vows, barefoot-clad walking in the sand, wedding dress made of soft and free-flowing white cotton, colorful tropical flowers everywhere, acoustic soft music played in the background and best of all, an all-night reggae party by the beach after the wedding ceremonies. Truly a romantic dream wedding!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a basketfull of love, peace, blessings and joy!!
Happy, happy Easter !!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friendship Chain

Thanks Nol for the tag!! :)

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BFF Gold Card

Wow, ain't this cool to receive a gold card from your blogging friends!

Thanks melisse .. this is my 2nd BFF gold card, I am waiting for my platinum card with no expiry period and with bottomless credit limit. Hahaha!

Passing the BFF gold extension cards to Alpha, Erika and MM ... Girls, unlimited credit limit yan! Hahaha!

Technorati Authority

Another long overdue tag...Thanks Vien!

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Passing the technorati authority tag to: Chat, Crissy, Vina, Tet and Nol.

risk management jobs

With the growing household expenses and investment plans we are planning for the year, the husband is seriously considering new work opportunities internationally. Though he is satisfied with his present foreign-based company now, he is always on a look-out or exploring new opportunities outside his present company.

Then I came across AEF Feldman associates, an executive placement and management consulting firm that provides job placements for professional, executive or to level management US and abroad. The company offers vast options for practice such as financial services, risk management jobs, human resource consulting, communications and media, including telecommunications wherein my husband is very much interested at.
With the extensive experience of the husband in the telecommunications field, I am definitely sure that he’ll be able to fit in one of AEF Feldman job requirements. I just hope it will provide good working opportunities, competitive packages and probably include family relocation should the husband finally decides for work abroad.

The World is Mine.

Time to save and cut down unnecessary expenses ...

No more bags, watch, shoes and shopping galore for me for the next couple of years ... Less starbucks coffee, extravagant travel plans and expensive dining na rin siguro! Hahaha! With our new baby, need to be a responsible parent, you know! Ako taya paying the monthly dues for this ...kaya, the world is really mine! nyahahaha!

So what have we finally decided?

The World is Mine.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1st Trophy

Got this beautiful gold trophy from pretty Em of Something Purple blog.

Thanks girl for the 1st trophy award received for Jacqui's Coffe Table Conversations. Will post it here too! Really nice...and gold trophy talaga ha! I wonder if I can display this on my table here in the office. They might wonder ano kaya sport ng fanatastic blogger!! Bwahahaha!

Passing this gold trophy to Farah, Pat, Yvette and Chat.

Grab this girls... gold trophy ito! pwede i-pawn! lol.

online education

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At Capella University, it is never too late.

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Sam's Moving Up Ceremonies

Sam had their Moving Up ceremonies last Saturday. She finally graduated as Junior Nursery from Fairchild Learning Center. Despite starting late last year (November), she was able to cope up with the class activities and lessons very well.

Believe me, I am one proud momma! She showed no tantrums at all during the entire ceremony. I know she's not comfortable with her white dress and shoes but nevertheless, she showed great ease and performed her I Love You piece very well. While other kids were shy and crying, Sammie went up to the microphone, stood proudly and sang amidst the crowd! Weee..happy, happy she's not shy anymore!

Btw, Sam received a gold medal for Best in Math! Galing-galing! Di nag-mana kay Mommy! lol.

Moving Up pictures below ...

Jr. Nursery processional march

Getting the certificate

receiving the gold medal award ... BEST IN MATH

Proud Mommy and Daddy, with lola and cousins.


Snagged this tag from Jane. Super aliw doing this ha! :)

I AM … Jacqui.
I WANT… to travel. Europe perhaps.
I HAVE… wonderful and loving husband.
I WISH… I have more mommy time with Sam.
I HATE… worrying! I worry too much!!
I FEAR… to not be a good mother to Ico and Sam.
I SEARCH… answers and sale items from the internet!
I WONDER… if we've made the right choice today.
I REGRET… not listening to my mom's advice (when I was still young and wild!)
I LOVE… out of town trips.
I ALWAYS… think on ways/means how to meet our sales quota for the year.
I AM NOT… good in dieting!! bwahahaha!
I DANCE… when I am happy.
I SING… to my heart's delight.
I CRY… easily. I am a cry-baby! lol.
I WRITE… when I am not busy at work,
I WON… today's argument with hubby! hahaha!
I AM CONFUSED… whether to get something big option 1 or option 2.
I NEED… lots of moolah!! sino ba hindi?! hahaha!
I SHOULD… start dieting! Gawd..I am really big na!!
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… did we made the right choice?

moving companies

My aunt who lives in Fresh Meadows, New York recently leased an apartment unit to be near her workplace. She currently works as a resident doctor at North Shore Hospital in New York. Being single and alone in New York, one of her main problem is transporting her appliance and furniture which she accumulated over the years to her new home. Moreover, with no help it will be difficult for her to move her stuff from one place to another.
Good thing I introduced her to a safe and new moving companies I browsed on the web. The service network moving company is perfect for a busy person like my aunt. It provides network of vast moving companies. All with good reputation, professional movers and provides licensed and insured services. Great value too with their pre-negotiated rates and almost 65% savings on the moving services. Ain’t that great and efficient value-offer?

this is it!!

The past two weeks can be described as hell-week for hubby and me. Nope, it is not about our family nor work-related concerns... but, we've been very busy with financial planning, careful selection, getting reviews from families and friends and ... more of negotiating.

Thus, after this two-week thinking excercise ... we've finally made the choice! (believe me, really had a hard time choosing!ang sakit sa ulo!?!!)

So guys...this is it!!! I woke up early this am and sealed our fate ... the "something big" will be shared here at my detour blog.

Rule of Four

Sangged this from Farah ... Enjoyed doing this!

Rule of 4

4 jobs i have had:
Corporate Account Manager
Banquet Sales Coordinator
F&B Reservations Officer
Partime Teller

4 movies i watched over and over:
My Best Friend's Wedding
You've got mail
The Notebook Barney DVDs count? lol.

4 shows I watch:
CSI : Vegas
CSI : New York
Discovery Channel
Dr. House

4 places I have been: (last 4 places)
Puerto Galera,Mindoro
Cagayan de Oro

4 places I would rather be:
Sightseeing in Europe
Experience White Christmas in US
Swim and discover El Nido/Amanpulo
at home with Sam (as in now na ha!!)

4 things I look forward to this year:
Travel to Japan -- try daw ni hubby ito!
Visit Phuket, Thailand -- birthday gift to myself..and if pwede pa NWA miles ko.
Sam's big school experience at Poveda
Being preggo by last quarter

wedding flowers

Every bride's ultimate dream is to make her wedding day truly special and memorable event of her life. It is not everyday that a girl would walk down the aisle and everything must be picture perfect on her special day, flowers and wedding theme hugely contributes to the success of a picture perfect dream wedding.

Just like other brides, I was very selective back then with my choice of
wedding flowers for my special day. Aside from budget cost considerations, I am particular with the availability of flowers during my wedding month. Seasonal flowers are expensive and hard to find especially if this is not locally-home grown. But choosing the flower and color theme was the best part of wedding preparations. It was fun and quite challenging coordinating my preferred wedding theme and flowers. Hence, I simply used spring colors (shades of yellow and orange) which blended well with my wedding theme and garden venue. Truly perfect dream wedding for me!

Little Angel

Thanks Jody of In this game of LIfe for the Little Angel tag... A sweet and cutie blessing this Lenten Season.

Passing this Little Angel tag to my new blogmates: Shiela, Vien and Crissy. Cyber-friends Forever! :)

A blessed Lenten Season to all of you my dear blogfriends ... Enjoy the Holy Week! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

something old, something new ...

happy,, joy!!!

finally was able to get replacement for my girl-must have essentials... grabe, it took me almost a decade to replace it! kaya i'm really ,really happy! :) -- never prioritized this until one day, I realized dyahe to use it na. lol!

so, what is something old , something new with me ...

find out here....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There are a lot of organic plants available in the market that promotes use of botanical plants as a healing option. Others have extended further the use of plants, by creating a shaman-type of garden that offers ornamental, organic seeds and herbarium specimen. For example, have you heard of "entheogen" or becoming divine within? It is closely related to ethnobotanical or the use of plants with healing properties. Despite living in a modern and technologically advanced world, the cry for simplicity and "back to basics" kind of lifestyle is being practiced by many. Thus, others seek alternative form of medicine to practice clean living and healthy lifestyle.

While reading on alternative form of medicine, I stumbled upon Shaman shop website that offers other plant variation such as kratom. A legally sold plant (except in Thailand) that eases the mind and energize the body if taken in smaller amounts. While creating a vivid meditative form of relaxation if taken in large amounts. The site offers kratom extracted plant material strictly for external use as an exotic incense and not for human consumption. Other form of kratom and variations also available and distributed by the website too. For more details, do check out I am Shaman shop site.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's up with Sam?!!

So, what's up with the little brat lately?

Well, aside from growing up really fast ... check out her latest achievements and updates here.

Oh by the way.. finally decided to enrol her at Poveda Learning Center. Already paid the tuition fee and she'll be an incoming nursery student this June.

Haaayyy.. and the gastos begins....

Pre-summer outing at Puerto Galera

Almost forgot to post our pre-summer break at Puerto Galera, Mindoro last Feb 29-March 1.

We had fun in the sand ... the place was less crowded when we arrived at Galera. Less sun during our stay, but the weather (and water) was cool. No fear of getting sun-burned.

Our accommodation, Mindorine Oriental has the beachfront view. It was ok..think one of the cleanest resort at Puerto. Food mostly grilled during our stay at Puerto from local restos. Cheap meal at P100 with rice na. Price really affordable compared to Boracay.

We just had few drinks (mindoro sling and vodka sprite) and lots of gambling time... RED DOG card game. I was defeated over P100 only. Not bad considering others shelled-out over P500. Hahaha! (jody, dicky won big time ha!lol.)

the ladies: ruth, beng, moi and colleen

the card game..seryoso na lahat P1.5k at stake!

the big winner ..and the big loser!

Carriers and Partners Sales Team

Saturday, March 8, 2008

BFF Awards

Thanks Jesse of The Simple Life of a Baghag for the Blogging Friends Forever awards!
Just like you, wish I can use the BFF gold card for shopping..with unlimited credit limit.
Wouldn't that be a great treat! :)

Passing these BFF awards to ALL the blogging mommies out there. Thank you for the visits, comments and for reading my blog posts. BFF!!!

fashion school new york

When I am about to enter college, I’ve been thinking of the best course that would fit my personality. I wanted a degree that it is people-oriented, glamorous, stylish, and something that would bring out the fashion and creative spark in me. More of thinking a course geared towards interior designing, advertising and particularly, fashion designing.

I’ve always wanted to take fashion designing as a collegiate course since I am always amazed with the beauty and glamour I see on the pages of fashion magazines. It seems working in a fashion industry such as being an editor or stylist, is a prestigious and glamorous job! The person must be updated with all the fashion styles, news and latest trends and must-haves. Really fun and glitzy job!

But in order to have the “eye” for fashion, one must be equipped with the right knowledge. Learn the basic know-how’s such as color, textures, lines coupled with good fashion sense are strong foundation to succeed as a great fashion designer. Well, partly involves the right connections and right school to establish one’s self in the fashion industry.

With over hundreds of available fashion schools worldwide, fashion schools in new york produces more talented and creative individuals that serves as a strong foundation in the fashion industry. It does not only enhance the talent and creativity of an individual but it teaches more than the basic concepts, provides technical trainings and develop the eye for fashion. Well, creativity is an important factor but at the fashion school new york, not only it provides direction or fashion career path but develops the uniqueness and creativity of an individual. Making his work different and stand out among others. Hmmmm...I guess this is something I need to re-consider should I plan to pursue my career in the fashion industry. What do you think? Never too late to get a second degree.

Friday, March 7, 2008

SPA Ovelroad

SPA OVERLOAD ... had ultimate pampering this week!

We just concluded our two-day Spa Party for our valued-clients at the newly-opened Suriya Spa, Tiendesitas located near Fun Ranch. The place was exclusively booked to us and we were able to serve yummy cocktail food from Bizu. Since we were the party host, we get to treat ourselves for a day of pampering too! (actually days) Had two-hour mind and body massage treatment on the first day ; hour and a half feet treatment with reflexolgy service the next day. Truly a body-rewarding delight!!

I heart Suriya spa so much. As you enter the spa lobby you will be immediately greeted by smiling attendants, relaxing aromatic smell of oils, and minimalist decor. Love their facilities too. A rating of 10+ can be given for their modern and zen-minimalist design of rooms. No common spa room for guests. It's like having a spa treatment exclusively for you...even jacuzzi and beautiful overhead shower enclosures available in each room. Towels and robes are all soft, fluffy and scented. Rooms are spacious and soft-lighted. Mood music soothes you while having your treatment. The place really gives you a serene, calming experience. Highly recommended!

Do check out ... because I heart the place so much ... I am thinking of setting up a spa party here again. What do you think, mommy bloggers? Can we have our next EB exclusively here at Suriya Spa? :)

preggo update

Remember my earlier post re: my suspected preggo status?

And promised will take the preggy kit this weekend with hubby...

Well, finally suspecting no more .... read on to my detour blog for more preggo kwentos and update! :)

Saturday Treats

Thankful for all the blog awards ... makes blogging really fun and exciting with wonderful blog friends around! :)

Thanks Tet for these awards. Awesome Saturday treat for me!

Thank you Yvelle for th Forever Friends award. Just like you, I am also hoping that we can all be friends both online and offline.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Am I preggo or not?

DELAYED...for two weeks now.

Read more at my detour blogsite .... Coffee Table Conversations

Monday, March 3, 2008

Moved on ...

I've moved on ... and joined getting own domain bandwagon too! Never thought I'll jump into it...but decided to get my own space in the web! :)

Though got my own domain (and finally paid for it! lol.), I am still apprehensive changing my blogging platform hence still stayed on blogspot. I was tempted to move to wordpress, but chickened out to learn new styles and designs.

Thus, I am hoping to see all of you at my new baby ... Coffee Table Conversations . New blogsite that tackles all the facets of the celebration of mommyhood everywhere, and not to mention all the "in-betweens" of life... coffee talks, shopping, travels, work and much much more!

See you all at my detour blog ...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Macau Trip

anniversary kwento continuation...

Day 3 : Macau Trip

Before leaving HK, I asked hubby for "huling hirit" shopping. I left Sam and hubby still sleeping at the hotel Saturday am, took tram to Times Square and Lee Gardens at Causaway for Gucci and LV shopping (actually, browsing lang) . I initially wanted to get one Gucci bag for me but unfortunately, out of stock black princy handbag . Next thing on my list was an LV wallet, but for some reason...think the LV price in HK is higher compared to US. Might be the forex conversion. Hence, I've decided not to buy in HK. Anyway, left the store empty-handed and disappointed. I did some quick pasalubong shopping for Kuya Ico and some on sale jeans and shorts for Sam too at Giordano. Bought make up and lipstick for my Mom at Sasa. And bought tumblers for Sam at Sogo.

After lunch, we took the MTR going to Sheung Wan lines for ferry ride to Macau (HK$160 adult). Deposited our bags and checked-in at Metropole Hotel near the Leal Senado.

First stop...Venetian Hotel. This casino/hotel/mall was soooo huge! I think this is the biggest hotel in the world. With over 3,000 shops, canal river with gondola as a tour option inside... believe me it is really, really huge! I think we just covered 2/3 part of the hotel only.

quick shot with the mime inside the hotel

Mr. Lucio Tan (malling at Venetian too!) with my hubby and hubby's brother, Robin

Surprisingly, food outlets within the food court was affordable too. Hubby enjoyed dumplings and roast peking duck here again, while Sammie had her all time favorite pizza! Sam ate here with so much gusto! After eating lunch rice meal : lechon macau, wanton noodles, and pizza. She even had an ice cream snack at Haagen Daz . Grabe,the appetite of this girl...Growing kid!! lol.

We also took the gondola ride just for fun and experience! Since it was drizzling outside, we opted to take the indoor gondola ride instead. Mind you, the gondola ride is kinda steep at MOP 120 per pax. We were serenaded by an Italian gondolier while hubby busy running, trying to follow us for gondola ride pictures. Sammie enjoyed the gondola ride so much... she loved every moment of it. She was even clapping and amazed with the good operatic singing voice by our gondolier.

We were so exhausted after our Venetian Hotel Tour. Just went inside few shops like Zara, Esprit, Lladro and other foreign brands. But didn't buy anything. Too exhausted to shop! Got tired feet and stayed at Starbucks while waiting for hubby who insisted to spend few minutes at the casino floor.

Thanks to the shuttle bus provided by Venetian Hotel, we were back to our hotel past 11pm that night. Super tired but happy .. the trip to Venetian was really worth it! A must see place and experience at Macau!

Day 4: More of MACAU TRIP

After the tiring day at Venetian Hotel, we decided to explore Macau city and its famous spots the next day. It was Sunday that time and I cant believe the streets were full of tourist. Despite the drizzle, a lot of tourists still can be seen in the area. Happily walking, taking pictures, shopping and exploring the historic landmark like us.

buying authentic portuguese egg tarts at MOP$6.00/each

no big fountain this time at Senado Square ...golden rats were displayed to welcome chinese new year!

Ruins of St. Paul ... also can be found at Senado Square
flea market shopping near the ruin's of St. Paul
Sammie enjoying the dried beef sold here. Free taste offered in all the stores along this strip. Yummy!
at St. Agustine Chruch ... also can be found along Senado Square

visited Da Vinci's exhibit at Macau Tower which showcased all his works...sorry, no pictures allowed here

the little girl (and Daddy) exhausted after the exhibit watch ... eating again at Da Vinci's art cafe
view of Taipa-Coloane bridge from the Macau tower
at the Golden Lotus Garden
strolling at fisherman's wharf avenue

at the world's highest jump .. macau tower

at ceasar's hotel located inside the fisherman's wharf village
view of the macau bridge at night time ... really breathtaking!

Sadly, I wasn't able to visit any shopping district at Macau. Our sked was so full and I can't squeeze visit at Macau's flea market : Red Market or even cross the border at Zhuahai... I was so tempted to got to Wynn Hotel for window shopping, but Mike can't handle Sammie alone :( Oh well... next time, maybe.

5 Things I learned in Macau

1. You can't do casino-hopping if you bring kid/s along. For obvious reason, they won't allow you to be near the casino floor.

2. Shuttle buses (from one casino to another, ferry, tourist spots) are mostly free. BUT, since we have a kid with us, we cant go near/ride the shuttle bus station located at the basement of the casino hotel. (we experienced this at Grand Lisboa) Buses are for casino patrons only.

3. Riding a taxi proved to be difficult since most of the drivers can't speak English. Ask somebody from your hotel (concierge perhaps) to write down your destination in chinese characters for them to understand.

4. Mostly, the locals can't understand English. Ask friendly pinoys around for instuctions. You'll see them almost everywhere. Macau ferry, Macau Tower, hotels etc...

5. Siesta still being observed at some parts of Macau, particularly at Fisherman's Wharf. We were here for early dinner past 5pm at Camoes. Unfortunately, most of the restos still close for siesta break. Wasn't able to eat authentic Portuguese food!! (was really disappointed!)

Hubby and I vowed to be back in Macau within the year ... this time, without Sam. We failed to do some casino-hopping and thrift bargain shopping during our last visit. We haven't explored more of Macau due to limited time. I guess November will be a good time to visit Macau for the Macau Grand Prix..hubby heart this so much!

Also, hopefully HK-Macau visit again by June this year...I heard our Marketing Team already planning to change our team sales incentive from Palau to Macau-HK...definitely need to hit our quota to achieve this trip! Wish us luck ...

Anniversary Ticker Countdown

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