Monday, April 23, 2012

still breathing ...

It's been a while since I've last posted in this blog.

So many things going-on in my life now -- work, family and even my social life. Crazy things and it seems everything on hyper-active mode.

I miss blogging, I miss writing.

Soon will be able to catch up...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things to Remember in Choosing a Quality Tie

We can say that women are more fashionable than men. If women have various numbers of accessories, men usually have one common accessory that should always be seen in their wardrobe and that is a quality necktie.

Ties are the very basic accessories of men as these are very versatile for them. Be it in a formal way or less formal. Corporate people are usually the ones that we can often see wearing ties with their plain colored or patterned long sleeves. But with today’s fashion, people are becoming more experimental that they even wear ties together with their funky style with bright colored shirts, skinny type jeans or knee-length shorts.

However, even if men are used to wear ties most of the time, it is still not that easy to choose a perfect tie for a specific occasion especially if you are not that keen with different fashion styles. Sometimes, choosing a tie also depends on the attire or even with the personality of the ones who will wear it. Before, most ties are plain in color but now that we have a lot of accents with fashion, there have been many styles, colors, patterns and materials to choose from and that makes it even harder to decide for a specific tie.

And to give you some key points on how to choose a quality tie, you have to consider the unique features in order for you to have the perfect tie that will suit your outfit. Likewise, you have to be careful in choosing your tie in order for it to last longer than you expected. First thing that you need not to consider is the price because this is not a proper indicator of a high quality tie.

Most men prefer to have a tie with a fabric that has a diagonal cut. With this, they will be able to avoid having a twisted tie while wearing it. Usually, fabric cut on a bias will make you look very formal and neat because it ties and goes well with your entire outfit.

Next thing that you have to consider is the material used for the tie. You should always focus on the fabric and remember that a high quality tie uses a soft fabric. Silk will always be the best option for most men, as it never loses its shape and color. Never choose a satin because it doesn’t last long enough compared to silk. Nevertheless, polyester or silk-polyester can be an alternative and it is cheaper compared to authentic silk ties. But then, even if this is a budget friendly alternative, it still won’t look as stunning as they do in silk.

Furthermore, if you are going to settle for a silk tie, make sure that the texture is not heavy and it should always be smooth. If you see or feel a rough texture on the tie, then you can say that the quality of the silk used is poor. This is the reason why you should always be keen with all the details because sometimes, there are silk ties that are way too expensive but the quality is poor. So better be careful and learn to check the entire surface.

In addition to these key points, you also have to pay attention with the lining. Most linings are made with 100% wool and this helps to add extra thickness to the tie. It enhances the body and firmness of the tie and this can be one of the best indicators that your tie will last a long time.

And so the next time you buy a tie, try to invest on it. Scrutinize every detail so you can be 100% sure that you have a high quality tie and you can be assured that your tie will last longer. Remember that your tie is your best accent, so the better the tie, the more perfect you will look.


The Bayan Business: Managed Services-Carriers and Partners Team.

As we are Relentless for 2012.

Truly happy and proud to be part of this winning team! =)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

cheap calls

Just perfect.

The trend in the telco-industry now is moving away from traditional PSTN for voice application. In order to survive in the industry and to still continue to own the customers, carriers are now engaging into non-traditional VoiP platform. Not because of the new technology, but doing VoiP is cost effective and practical solution to save on high termination rates of international calls. And aside from direct calling, some companies even resort into web conferencing and engage to cheap conference calls not only to save on long distance calls but huge savings on travel expenses of employees for meetings. Making everyone productive while saving on opex cost. Simply perfect and ideal for business, right?

on big trucks

Every man (or boy) I know dreamed of having their own monster rc trucks. Mind you, they want to own rc (or remote control) trucks not only as a "cool" toy to navigate and control, but others even go beyond playing the rc trucks. While others prefer to collect them, others prefer building it from scratch and modfying it to make it power-pack rc trucks. Neat eh? In fact, through modfying and making them feel like a real thing, some earn big bucks by selling their toy. Though I don't get the fun or thrill part of building the monster truck, but I think I can simply equate it to my hobby of collecting purse. Hahaha! No fair comparisson as per my husband, who adores and still dream driving his own big truck or jeep. But since we cant afford to own one now, he's happy and contented of collecting rc 1:10 scale model cars for the meantime.

post evaluation

It's been four years since my mother in law had her thyroid surgery. THer case was hyperthyroidism, case wherein overporduction of thyroid hormone. Though the surgery went well, she feels that she needs to have it checked for further evaluation. Lately, she is complaining of difficulty in swallowing. Should be minor inconvenience on her part, but just to be sure, we recommended her to check her hormone imbalances again. Probably consult Thyroid doctor austin, and reconsider using compounded bioidentical thyroid hormone for treatment. Worth checking to be safe than be sorry.


My bundles of joy. My kids. My treasures.

I wish I can stop time so they will be forever be my babies. They will forever be mine. But, they grew up so fast. So fast, that I can't keep up. My little pretty princess turning seven, and my cute prince will no longer be a tot as he turns two.

Yes, little girl no more. She'll turn seven in a next few months. Day by day, she's becoming very strong and independent. No longer a cry baby. I should be happy with her new found independence, but I am not. In fact, sadness fills my heart. My little baby, now a gradeschooler can handle herself. Next few years, she might need less of me. I an afraid when that day comes. And I must be ready. But for now, she's still my baby. My pretty little princess, Samantha.

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