Saturday, November 21, 2009

Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale

Just want to share some of the Toy Kingdom loots I got from the last warehouse sale at Megatrade Hall. To know more about the toy sale, read here

Friday, November 20, 2009

bored at home

With a sixty-day maternity leave, and with a small baby to take care of ... I am totally bored at home. No, don't get me wrong. I love my time with my kids now, but I miss the outside world too! It has been one week already since I gave birth (has it been seven days already? wow!), and I am not allowed to go out, drive or go around the village. So many errands to do, people to talk to, need to buy items for the house and the new baby ... and with the husband's busy work schedule, he can't do it all! And it's driving me insanely crazy being helpless. Argh!
So to keep me sane at home, aside from playing with my cutie little tot, I immerse myself with several home improvement projects such as doing room by room spring cleaning, watching latest DVD or HBO movies, reading books and sorting out family pictures. And since I started going back to my ever favorite pastime, reading books ... I wonder if there's an online site that willing to buy or sell textbooks. I've got tons of books need to be disposed and I am thinking of selling them instead of giving away these books. Any ideas?

Hello, Baby Migo!

Finally, the long wait is over!
Gave birth last November 11, Wednesday to a healthy baby boy via Normal Section Delivery at Medical City, Pasig. It was quite an easy delivery for me compared to my previous pregnancy, though I felt the enduring labor pains few minutes prior giving birth. Thank heavens for the anaesthesia shots, I was awake the entire birthing process.
Welcome world for the arrival of our new baby :
Miguel Iñigo Gabriel or Baby Migo

Thursday, November 19, 2009

desktop upgrades

After months of waiting, the desktop computers of my team was finally upgraded. I received an email from our IT Department that the Carriers and Partners Team-Sales Team will finally received 2GB upgrade of their RAM. Though I would prefer unit replacement of the entire team desktop computers , the upgrade still a welcome option since we are cutting down OPEX cost lately. Finally, running ICMS and Customer Retention Management (CRM)applications will no longer be a problem for the team. They can now access our customer's profile efficiently and effectively, thus using the CRM application as sales management tool. And hopefully given the team the right tool, here's management hoping they will increase sales production by 2010.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Samantha!

To my ever- sweetest adorable darling daughter Samantha ... Happy, Happy 5th Birthday!
You've given us so much joy and laughter when you came into our life.
You are our love, our life ... our everything!
And we love you so much!!

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