Tuesday, July 26, 2011

cigar search

Any idea where I can buy gurkha cigars? My Australia-based friend looking for one as she need to give her boss with discriminating taste when it comes to cigar. As she wanted to give something different, and legendary she thought of giving her British boss, the gurkha cigar. She tried to search this cigar from their local shops but can't find one, and worst she can't find a trusted online re-seller. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

something blue

My first blue box ... ultimate happiness from Tiffany & Co.

Thank you to my dear husband for the "surprise" gift. As always, beautiful and perfect. I heart it so much. Will definitely treasure it and hand it down to our kids, as part of our family heirloom.

on smartphones

The husband bought the other day another mobile phone. This time, for his office use to test their new phone SIP to SIP application. As of today, he officially uses four (4) mobile phones, his favorite Apple phone, his personal Nokia phone, a Samsung galaxy, and his latest acquisiton, LG. Just like his previous smartphones, his new LG is an android qwerty phones as he needs it for his IP-based applications. Complete with social networking portals built in widget. The phone comes in black and white color, with extra lg phone batteries included to handle longer talk time. Great, isn't it. And with all these mutitude of smartphones coming out in the market, I hope the husband will not consider to get all brands available in the market for testing. Very expensive, eh?

girl's bestfriend.

They say diamonds are girl's bestfriend. So true. Most of the women I know would love to own a piece of a good, classic cut diamond ring. Either a gift from their parents, a family heriloom or a gift from their loved ones. I can still remember the time the husband proposed to me and gave ma diamond solitaire ring. It was the most beautiful jewelry piece I've ever seen. Perfect, as my fiancee (now husband) gave it to me.

These days, aside from diamond solitaire ring, I've been seeing everlon ring given as engagement ring. The intricate rope design beautiful, and very modern as it accentuates the perfect diamond cut. Check it out. It is a worth investment.

Monday, July 11, 2011

the purse reveal ... my muse!

The baghag is back! After being away for weeks, I am back with a vengence!! Oh, vengence is such a harsh word but more of I am back with my shopping vengence! LOL

Yes, after depriving myself for a purse-reward since early this year, now I am back ... back in getting myself a birthday pressy! And after price research, budget calculations and careful considerations, and my Hongkong trip last May, finally settled on getting my gift at the most luxurious haven on earth ... Marina Bay Shoppes in Singapore! Woohoohoo!! A real birthday treat!

And the big reveal ... THE YSL MUSE. Nothing else. In fact, choosing the right purse was easy. As I was dead-set on getting this for more than one year already. What is tough, choosing the right color. A toss between ebony and ivory color. Both so lovely and equally beautiful IRL.

Naturally, I can't have both purse or the husband will kill me! (LOL) So I settled with the safest color ever for office use ... YSL Muse Large in black with gold hardware. What else?! Initially, was determined to pick the ivory color, but chickened out. Too risky! But, if ever I'll have extra moolah (praying hard), will still get the ivory color. Why? Too fab to resist. And since I don't have moolah, for the meantime, allow me to share my joy this year ... my YSL Muse. real black leather beauty! Happiness :)

on insurance review mode

It's the time of the month again, wherein I need to review our insurance premium. The husband would often pass this task to me as he knows I am very critical in choosing our retirement plan. With thousands of online insurance facilities available on the web, he knows I am getting good deal comparing and reviewing wholesale insurance plan. Lately, the husband is keen on getting single premium immediate annuities to fund our retirement plans. Though we are not yet in our retirement age, I guess he's keen on getting this option for his parents, both almost at their retirement age. I am not sure if possible to purchase an immediate annuity to secure their retirement benefits (or income) , but I am hoping some insurance company open to this option to fund retirement plans. Any reco?

weight loss

As I've blogged on my earlier post, with too much stress and late nights at work I am not surprised that I've lost weight recently. A good ten pounds weight loss for the past three months. My friends are wondering if I am into
adapexin weight loss pill. Some even wonder if I still continue taking the L-Carnitine medication which speeds up my metabolism rate. Too their dismay, I would always answer my weight loss attributed to work. Work and more work! Sleepless nights and unending worries on how to meet my sales quota for the year. Wish I am losing weight voluntarily, but unconsciously, I am heading to thin-ville with too much stress-related activities in the workplace. Is this good or bad? For now, I don't know. Hoping it is for the best.

what's up?

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've been very busy and stressed lately at work and I miss blogging so much. I used to have enough time to update my blog about my family, the kids, my work, my wishlists for the month and almost anything under the sun. But lately, I am just overwhelmed with too much work. Not sure if this is good (or bad) but I am consumed so much with new tasks in the office. And with the new work role, comes new responsibilities, new responsibilities, new deliverables. Deliverables in the tune of P55M on NET revenue, less of all outpayments. Tsk..tsk.. difficult! And with this new challenge, I am not hitting my monthly quota at all since first quarter 2011. Very bad, indeed. Not sure if I'll ever make it this 2011. Still hoping ... and I am crossing my fingers this time :(

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