Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday Random Tags

This Random-ness post snagged from my fellow MBAP blogger, Aggie.

1. What are you looking forward to in the next month? MBAPs Summer Outing, May 16 at Tagaytay Highlands.
2. Where’s the last place you went besides home? Just yesterday, came back from Sombria Resort, Anilao Batangas.
3. Would you ever change for a boy/girl? No. I love being a girl!
4. Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life? None.
5. Were you happy when you woke up today? Yes. Feel rejuvenated after 8 hours of sleep.
6. Happiest moment of 2009 so far? Last month, when I found out I am preggo!
7. Have you ever asked a boy for advice? Yes.
8. Do you have a gay friend? Yes.
9. Do you lie about your age? Sometimes.
10. Describe your life for the past month in one word? Heaven...with the coming of the new baby. '

So much for the random tags, I am tasked by the husband to check out products for colon cleansing kit such as Colonix. He's into healthy diet and lifestyle these days and he's looking for trusted products that would prevent colon cancer. Though we don't have any health problems yet, the husband believes prevention is better than cure.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

home improvements

For second quarter, I am thinking of doing some home improvement project. And since I am about to give birth in the next seven months, house painting shall be my first task in preparation for the coming of the new baby. The project will not cover the exterior facade of the house, but this will cover the interior re-painting of ceilings and walls. And with this major make-over, I am also thinking of getting new furnitures to complement the new look of the house. Probably get swings, outdoor cushions and garden sets for outdoor entertaining. I've stumbled a good website for my outdoor furniture hunt, and I just can't wait to start my paint project before doing my furniture shopping. Do check it out.

meet the Soriano family

This is cute! Ever wondered how your family would like using a stick figure? Check out my family picture below, it may not be as close to our current body shape, but somehow I was able to capture the "sporty and fun side" of my family. LOL. Thanks Vina , I enjoyed doing this.
Stick Figure Family at

Make your Stick Figure Family at

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter sale

As I browse the web for possible online easter sale , I was able to chance upon this awesome notebook from HP. You see, after getting my son's HP laptop last month, I am thinking of upgrading the husband's old HP Compaq notebook too. He's old HP notebook, approximately two years old now already served it's purpose. Getting a good notebook back then was quite expensive, the HP Compaq Presserio we bought was around $1200 back then. But today, with the influx of all notebook brands in the market, I can't believe with better hard drives specs, higher memory at 3GB, the price at at $489.95 ... Really amazingly affordable! And it comes with free shipping too! Do check out their wekeend great electronics sale .

HP Notebook Intel G60-230US Pentium Dualcore T4200

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the nursery class

Meet the St Paul College of Pasig, Nursery Class Room 5-AM. Adorable, sweet and amazing kids of Teacher Anne. My daughter misses them so much. She's counting the days 'til she sees her classmates again. Oh, summer time! She's already bored with all the DVDs and Nick Jr. shows now. Need to find creative and fun activity for the little girl asap.
wacky, fun shot

1st Row : Teacher Anne, Samantha, Arwen, Valerie, Hallie, Lindsay and Thea

2nd Row: Andie, Monica, Krista, Samuel, Shecka, Amber and Annika

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