Saturday, September 27, 2008

sam's picture gallery

Using my Sony digital camera only, I attempted to take nice and decent shots of Sam to be used for her birthday party invite and tarps. She was in no mood yesterday, and she dislikes posing infront of the camera. I guess you can call her camera-shy and she really avoids looking straight at the camera. Really frustrating! Sayang ... she's so pretty and photogenic pa naman. Pang-model. --- bwahahaha! love your own noh?!

Thus after three wardrobe changes, with so much begging, pleading and bribing ... I was able to get these shots for her invites and tarps. What do you think? Which of these shots perfect for her invites?

acne problems

"MOM, Heeellp!"

I was surprised when Ico called this morning for help. I thought he was hurt or hit by something, but to my surprise, he was holding his face and trying to cover big zit on his forehead. Totally relieved and laughing, I told him to not to worry so much about the big zit! I was able to find on the web an effective and affordable acne treatments that will immediately solve his problem. Apparently, he wanted quick remedy to eliminate the zit soon since he will be hosting an upcoming event in school. With the big zit on his forehead, he's very much worried that his schoolmates will notice and make a big joke about it. Aaahh boys .. you know how they can be cruel and insensitive sometimes. Luckily the web offers safe, effective and affordable acne treatments for parents like me. Now I can treat acne safe and fast without the trouble of testing all the products available in the store.

Scattergories. Letter J.

Snagged this tag from Peachy. Looks like real fun.


It’s harder than it looks!

Erase my answers, enter yours, send it to your friends.

*Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.

*They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.

You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

VEHICLE : Jeep -- Cherokee!
TV Show : Just for Gags
CITY : Jaro City, IloIlo
OCCUPATION : Janitor ... nyahaha!
SOMETHING YOU SHOUT : Juuusskoo Samantha!!

diet plan not enough.

As I was sorting our vacation pictures, I noticed that hubby is excessively gaining weight too! I think he gained 10lbs for the past six months...and still gaining more. Blame it on excessive dining out with clients, buffet meals during weekends and late night delivery snacks. Despite using the treadmill every morning, playing basketball on weekends, limiting rice intake, and eating yogurt in-between meals, his diet plan is not enough! That's why I am thinking of getting him diet pills like alli to keep him in shape. With the upcoming holiday season, I am sure he'll gain more weight with all the Christmas partying and late night drinking. You see, I need to prep him as early as now to minimize those unwanted fats. Otherwise, he'll be forced to consider cosmetic surgery to eliminate those unwanted bulges in a jiffy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

party planning months

Six parties to go ... and I am done for party-planning 2008. That is as of today, September 26.

September :
Death Anniversary --- small dinner for relatives: DONE.
Despedida for a realtive -- dinner party : DONE.
MBAPs Baby Shower cum Christmas Party
Sam's 4th Bday Party : Strawberry Shortcake theme
Partner's Christmas Party : no theme yet
HS Barkada Christmas Party : Pink and Brown Christmas (?)
Family Christmas Gathering : no theme yet
Family Post Christmas Party : Chinese inspired- Mano Po Theme

You see, I enjoy arranging parties for families and friends. I love giving parties. I find joy in picking party menu from appetizers , salads, main course to desserts. I enjoy thinking party gimiks, themed-decors and making people happy. I love seeing my family and friends enjoying the party. While I, busy on the sideline ensuring guests are satisfied with the results or outcome of the party. It gives me different kind of adrenalin rush by preparing for the party and most especially on the actual day of the event. Weird,huh? Sometimes I wonder why I am in a telecommunications industry rather than in events and coordination business. I think this is my ultimate calling ... or perhaps I should be a wife of politician, busy hosting parties and charities for a worthy cause. Hehehe!
Thus looking at my list now ... it's really a busy, busy party months. Need to start shopping for Christmas gifts as early as now to beat the holiday rush.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend loots

Finally its already here ...

These are the Strawberry Shortcake party items I ordered online from last April. Really cute and nice stuff which I plan to use for the themed birthday party of the bratinella's at school this coming November. But sadly, her new school don't allow birthday parties or celebration in school. Now I am torn if I'll sell these cutie items or still use it for her Mc Do party. My dilemma, if I use it for her Mc Do party ... these party items are not enough for all the kids I've invited. It is orignally meant for 15 kids only or for Sam's classmates. Haayyy...

In case anyone interested ... the box consists of all Strawberry Shortcake themed party items like 8oz cups, utensils, party hats, bday banner, plates, loot bags, invite and thank you cards, table napkins, dessert toppers. Believe me, really cutie! Wish I could throw Strawberry Shortcake party for myself! (obviously, one of my kiddie frustrations, hahaha!)

Together with these party items, I also got my first batch of clothes I ordered online from Gap and Old Navy. These are capri pants, jeans and shirts on sale online. I am still waiting for the 2nd batch of my online stuff like pretty sunday dresses, shorts and bathing suits for the bratinella. And sporty MBT shoes I got for Kuya Ico. Hopefully he'll like these items too! Do check these MBT shoes online.

Friday, September 12, 2008

LV happy weeekend

I've been blogging last month my desire to get a black bag here for corporate use. After several shop visits, bag hunting and opinions shared by my fellow bloggers, I've finally decided to get one yesterday.

Though a little bit sad (and surprised!) with the recent global price increase, still decided to get the bag here in Manila. I want to end my bag search... And besides, I really,really want the bag. Can't wait! lol. Thus, I went home LV happy yesterday ... I LVOE it!!

Read here for my LV shopping story.

Aside from being LV-happy, one the many reasons to celebrate this great weekend is the arrival of my aunt from New York. She brought with her my balikbayan box filled with loots I bought online. This includes my Strawberry Shortcake party packs, Gap and Old Navy items I bought for my daughter. As always, since she's alone in a foreign land, my aunt invited us to spend white christmas in the US and enjoy Vegas vacations with her. Though hubby and I had been planning this for years, budget for travel is our primary concern before we can say yes to our aunt. Hopefully next year we can prepare travel budget so we can enjoy vegas casino and shopping with her.

Anyway, have a happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

letting go of F1 at Shanghai

Yes, you read it right ... I am letting go of my F1 trip to Shanghai, China this coming October 17-19, 2008. Its an all expense trip paid by the company since one of my team member was able to hit the required quota for the 1H 2008. As part of the incentive mechanics, the sales head who wins the F1 quota race, can join the trip too! The trip includes airfare, hotel, F1 tickets, F1 all-access pass on the race for three days and two nights. Awesome package! A non-transferable and non-convertible to cash incentive, and every guy in the office was drooling to get-in ... but not me. I simply let go of the opportunity.
For one, I am allowed to bring somebody with me BUT, I should shoulder the F1 package cost of $1400 (P65K), hubby wanted to join (and dreaming to watch F1)...but the timing is off. He can't leave the office at this particular month. Though he's dying to watch F1, he would rather use the money to buy the watch he's eyeing for months now. Very practical husband, I must say. Thus, it would be lonely to watch the race without hubby :(
Secondly since I am no big fan of F1, it would be a waste for me to watch the race ... I won't appreciate it anyway.
Third, aside from the fact that I am not a F1-fanatic, no big deal for me to visit Shangai. Hmmm.. I can't even think of places to visit in Shanghai! Well, probably factory outlets. lol. Probably if the F1 race at Monaco or Europe area, might join in a heartbeat! hahaha!
Fourth, since I'll be leaving first week of October to HK for five-days ... I'll probably shop to death here and I can't afford to spend anymore in less than two weeks time. Unless the company will give me shopping moolah!! hahaha!
Lastly and the best reason, since the company is into cost savings mode this quarter, I've decided to help by saying NO to the opportunity. Small expense it may seem but I know it will be a big help for Bayan.

So, I simply let go of F1 in Shanghai. Well ... there be a lot of opportunties to come and I know this won't be the last. And despite being a travel-hungry person I know how to rationalize my trips and expenses...hehehe! Probably, next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something Purple's blagbertdey

My dear blogger Em of Something Purple celebrated her 4th blagbertdey last Aug 19. And to commemorate the natal day of her blog, a game was introduced to spice up her blog. And of course, I sooo want to join!

I can still remember my first visit to Em's blog...Something purple, a detour. I was a newbie then to blogging. I can even remember my message on her cbox loving the idea of creating a detour blog from her main blog. Really cool! :) Then I saw her post about the new LV purple EPI collection. I so love it! First time I saw the purple collection of LV..and saw it first at her blog. And yes, like Em I am LV-fanatic girl too! Then her next post on purple LV VERNIS bag ... you see, I can always remember almost all her LV posts! Hahaha! One of the main reasons why I love checking out her blog. :)
Congrats Em!! Looking forward to more LV posts and updates in the next years to come! lol.

new look

Decided yesterday to cut my hair short ... as in very, very short.

After four years of keeping my long black straight boring hair, I've decided its about time to make that change.

No hair surveys, consultations, preferred cut, stylist or salon ... just want to have a different look. Hahaha!

Read here for more hair details.

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