Monday, May 30, 2011

off to go camping

I love outdoor camping. In fact this is one of my favorite activity during my girl scout days so many years ago. I always look forward of exploring nature, be on your own out there ... cooking meal from scratch, sleeping under the stars, bonfire story-telling and all those bonding activities like song and dance number which made my camping days really a memorable one. And now that I am already a parent, I would love to do camping again. But this time with my kids! I want them to experience nature, learn how to survive in the wild and not just by being stuck home the entire summer watching tv and playing video games. And if budget permits, I would even want to get those trailer hitches for our SUV, bring along bikes or trailer trucks as our home camp, away from the busy city and just enjoy relaxing weekend or setting out on a great camping adventure with the family. If only I could ...

security benefits

Back from our short but sweet Disney vacation!

And before I post about our family travel experience, allow me to share must read social security benefits I found on the net. This was shared to me by my blog friends and very alarming reality for people who wish to claim their social security benefits :

If you're thinking about taking on the Social Security Administration (SSA) alone, get ready for a long, long fight – 65 percent of all initial disability claims are denied and the average wait time can be two to four years.

Scary, isn't it? Aside from all the paperworks, long waiting lines, medical jargons ... many people trust and recommend getting local attorney or better yet, Allsup. As the company completes Social Security forms be it done either electronically, by phone or mail – including the Activities of Daily Living questionnaire. Hassle-free. They even gather relevant medical records and documents from health care professionals to simplify and expedite the application process. In fact, the company charges once claim approved, and the fee fixed or set by Social Security Administration. Do check it out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Disney countdown ...

The little girl is counting the days 'til will be off to the happiest place on earth. She's very excited with the Hongkong trip not because she'll get to see the Disney princesses and the characters, but she's more excited that it will be her little brother's first Disney trip. And she's been babbling for days now on what to see, what to prepare for her brother's trip. Very thoughtful and sweet ATE, indeed.

For this trip, will be my early birthday celebration as the kids will be back in school by first week of June. And so as not to hamper their school days, decided to move the trip two weeks earlier. Will be having a simple itinerary as the kids with me and as this will be our nth HK visit, decided to spend most of our trip inside Disneyland...and a little shopping time for myself. Hihihi!

Day 1

7am: depart Manila

11am: check in at Marco Polo Gateway

1pm : malling at harbour view

6pm : avenue of the stars

Day 2: city for more shopping time

Day 3: transfer to HK Disney Hollywood Hotel

enjoy Disneyland

Day 4: breakfast at enchanted garden

last minute shopping at Tun Chung

depart HK for Manila

almost missed it ...

Just received mail from our insurance company today, reminder for our annual premium payments for the husband's mortgage life insurance. It is up for payment due again and I almost forgot to set aside budget for this. You see, I've been very busy tweaking our monthly expense budget for the past months to accommodate the little girl's seventh birthday party, and the insurance premium ...aahhh, almost missed it! Good thing our insurance company sends reminder notices for the payment due dates. Otherwise, if it hadn't ... I might have totally forgotten about it. Which means, payment lapses on our end and will require additional fees to re-instate the insurance coverage. Wheew!! Thanks to gentle reminders sent by the company, with thousands of things of my mind lately ... little reminder would truly help. :)

flower happy

I love flowers. In fact, I love giving fresh, beautiful flowers to friends on whatever occasion it may be. Be it birthdays, anniversarries, thank you token, get well soon or just simply to perk up their day ...sending flowers best gift to put a smile on their face. And I am thankful that giving flowers to the people I love now easy with global deliveries. Such as New York flower delivery I used last month for my sweet aunt based in New York. As she was promoted in her work, our family sent her nice yellow arrangement of flowers to celebrate the good news. She was happy when she received it.

And as much as I love giving flowers, I also love receiving them. The husband knows flowers are the best way to make me feel better especially on my low days. And he would often send me nice floral arrangements at work on my birthday, our anniversary and that would indeed make me extremely special that day.

back to school shopping

In a few weeks time, it's back to school again. This means I need to shop again for kid's school essentials. Aside from school supplies like pads and pens, I need to get the school uniforms, leather shoes and of course, rubber shoes for PE class.

However this year, my highschooler son Ico, request is to get him a rubber shoes designed for hiking and trekking instead the usual basketball shoes. He saw nice pair of Nike ACG on sale, fashionable look with serious performance. As he and his classmates are bound to do a lot of hiking this year, he's keen on getting nice pair of Nike ACG below. Price reasonable for Nike and I just hope these models available online.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

blog reviews

Any idea how rankpay sites are done? It was introduced to me by some of my blogging friends as they believe it gives better leverage for their blog sites to be on the top list for Google search results. As I am not very particular how it works, my friends told me that it is an effective tool whenever for sites to be visited by readers. Certain key words are typed for search, the site appears on the top list. Ideally, the site must be found within the first three pages for readers to browse. If you ask me, this is an effective marketing tool if you want your site to be frequently visited by customers. Aside from asking people to write blog or product reviews, it helps that these reviews directly linked to the seller site by simple click. Though some sellers pay more just to be on the top search list, I would like to think that it still depends on the keywords used or hits your site receives in order to be on the top search list.

on healthy eating

In a few weeks time, I'll be a year older again. I am not excited as I used to be whenever my birthday arrives but somehow this time, I feel like I am too old already. It's as if I am running out of time, and I have not yet accomplished anything in my life. Bad, right?

And as I am not getting any younger, I am now more conscious with my skin. I now have anti-ageing cream, and religiously apply moisturizers and sun blocks on my face. Yes, only this year that I became conscious with my skin (late bloomer, du-uh!) Also, aside from taking care of my skin, I am now cautious with my food intake. Less fat and oily food, more protein. In fact, I now take vitamin supplements, do colon cleanse detox and drink tea to improve my well-being.

Yes, all of these things I've realized now that I am almost down the hill ... too late, eh?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bag hunt

It's been a while since I've posted my purse wish ... not sure why but definitely I've been sooo good this year. My last bag purchase was late last year, a Longchamp Limited Edition Bag -- Miyajima print for my collection. And it's almost half of the year, no new bag conquest yet. I am incredibly good, eh?

BUT, I think this would change. With my friend off to Paris in a few days, I've been busy checking all bag sites. Can't exactly point what I actually want but so far, I managed to still "lust" for the bags below ... all in black.

YSL Muse Large in Black Leather (pardon photo in Patent leather)

Chanel Mademoissele bowling bag large in Iridiscent Calf leather

Hmmm...not 100% sure yet but I think I am more inclined to get a new office bag with different style this time. I've been eyeing the Muse since last year and I think this would be the best time to get a new bag for myself ... what do you think? Any bag reco?

on discount coupons

Yes, I love discount coupons! Who wouldn't?! Though I am a shop addict, I do my shopping sensibly. And before I do any shopping spree, I made sure that I get value for my money. Cheers to discount coupons for all the savings! They are heaven sent marketing strategy to customers like me. And just like any regular shopping with all my discount cut out coupons from magazines and newspapers, I also apply discount coupons even if I purchase gifts or items online. Just like my favorite thank you gifts to all my friends, the Mrs. Fields gift basket. With Cherry moon farm coupon discounts I got online, I was able to get these goodies basket for a good price. Sweet treat! Check it out for more discounts! =)

health care concerns

As I was doing research about point of care cart, I can't help but wonder if the medical field now goes full blown IT outsourcing. Yes, given that my new thrust in the company to launch Managed Services as a product, I've been very busy understanding the needs of every industry possible that would require possible IT assistance. And suddenly realized that our company is missing a lot of opportunities from the health care providers. A huge potential for telco service provider like us, as we may not be a telco transport provider for telephone or data lines for daily operations use, but we can offer full Managed Services suite to include software applications (ie: medical transcriptions), equipment, and even physical or logical security systems to keep track patients records. And the health care providers are the best candidate to have a back up or disaster recovery system in place to ensure all historical health concerns addressed with no missed data records. Huge opportunity and market, indeed. If I can only launch a customized product for health care industry soon, I guess this would be the perfect solution for our comapny to address new revenue stream...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the pretty ATE

Little baby no more... Yes, she's our sweet, pretty ATE SAMANTHA. No longer the baby of the family. She amazes me day by day by her wit and funny antics. She's growing so fast and we can't stop her. She thinks more like a little adult, act with care and refinement at her age, picks her own dress as she's gifted with fashion sense too. And as we are preparing for her upcoming 7th birthday, she's also in-charge with her party! Yes, most of the party ideas and decisions checked by the little girl. In fact, she even checks Personal Creations ?Linked In facebook account for gift token ideas for her party. Yes, she's very much involved with her party. And by next month, she's already grade school. How time flies ... if I can only stop it and keep her as my baby.


My blogger friend will be leaving next few days for Europe trip and I am torn which purse to get. For several days I've been busy checking different bag sites but I can't think of any precise bag I want. And since I am helping my aunt on her medical research about testosterone patches; I can't concentrate. I am always distracted from time to time to check fashion IT purse for 2011. Wish I can end this bag hunt ordeal. Any purse suggestions? =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on diet pills ...again

Yes, I know ... I am one of the biggies in my team. Despite trying to lose weight for months prior to our beach trip, my pills not working! I've tried to search for Diet pills that work fast online, and I think I've tested more than four variation of diet pills, still not effective. I guess it's not the diet pills anymore. Hahaha! My lack of discipline from eating and my stuborness to start excercising are the major culprit why I can't lose weight. And I hate it. Now, I am thinking to try new diet pill as I need to lose weight fast in preparation for our upcoming Hongkong trip. It has always been a cycle .... and this is bad.

summer escapades

Back from another summer vacation. This time, with my colleagues from work. We explored the beautiful island of Palawan. Love, love the place. Nature trip for us, ladies as we not only enjoyed the sun and sand of Sabang beach, but we also visited the underground river, famous tourist spot and voted as the next wonder of the world. Aside from beach swimming, we also learned a lot from pugad pawikan, habitat for endangered turtles. We were allowed to release turtles to the sea, back from their natural habitat. Truly a memorable bonding experience for all of us.

bike hobby

The husband must be dreaming ... no way would I allow him to get his own four-wheel all terrain vehicle (ATV). Aside from my personal issues about its safety, I doubt if it will be practical to own one as we live in the city. No way we could maximize the functionality of an ATV in the metro, right? I guess his dream of owning one was greatly influenced by his cousin who is very active in ATV races. His cousin, who by the way already a PRO in ATV racing, not only assembles his own bike, he is also a huge fan of dressing it up by getting polaris rzr accessories Mind you, the price to own the bike is nowhere cheap. And dressing it up with accessories even more expensive. And the returns, well ...according to our cousin, very rewarding, all worth it! Let's see. Now the husband is even more eager to own his dream bike. Yay!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

full hands

Fifteen days to go and we are off to vacation land again. This time, it will be my pre-birthday treat as the entire family will be off to the happiest place on earth ... Hongkong Disneyland. Weeee!! I will be bringing my little toddler, Migo as it will be his first international travel. And I am so excited for him. But before I go all out on a holiday mood, need to settle all household bills to avoid service disruptions. That includes not only usual utilities, our pre-need insurances but must not forget our cable subscription too. Which coincidentally, must also call customer service for new antennas or dish to improve our viewing experience. Hahaha, very busy indeed. Wish I won't forget all these errands.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

winter madness

It's so hot as it is summer on my side of the world and yet I can't help purchasing winter clothes for my little girl. Yes, I am one season late but blame it on my love for sale items. Hihihi! The boots (both from Steven Madden) and Gap winter outfits are all on sale at almost 60% off. Who wouldn't grab the opportunity, right? Best buy deal, believe me.

And so we wait for the winter months to come ... no rush as we wait in style to wear the fab winter outfits bought online.

grouchy mood

Not sure if my husband is just simply grouchy or in too much pain these past few days. He's not his usual jolly, happy self but instead, he gets easily irritated with the humid weather (naturally, because it's summer) and complaining of joint pains when cold at night. I am thinking he's experiencing arthritis pain as it is persistent around the knee area. He complains joint stiffness with excruciating pain. Hoping not serious, though as I am afraid if his arthritis symptoms persists, he might be a candidate for joint replacement. Very bad. Anyway, any immediate pain relief suggestions?

payday bonus news

Happy news at work! Recently received a memo from our company HR announcing our performance merit increase. Weeee!! And for a job well-done last year, that is for hitting my sales quota ... will be gettting a bonus this year with payout release by this month. Great!! Perfect timing as I am already contemplating of availing payday advances to cover our family trip this month to Hongkong Disneyland. Isn't that great news ... more reason to celebrate and shop!! =)

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