Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gucci bag dilemma ... and on being indecisive!

Two days ago, I was so so so happy (well, until now) that the husband got the bags I wanted at a LV Store in Hawaii. The bags I've been looking (and eyeing) for several months from different shopping sources ie: online shopping, e-luxury, LV HK and SNG already found and bought by my sweet husband.

Then I received an unexpected call from my husband this afternoon ... He asked me if I still want the Gucci bags on my list. (Remember I gave him bag options list before he left! I swear..madami options yun!lol.) He went to Gucci store and found out that the bags I want also available. He asked me if I still want a Gucci bag...and if I still want it, let him know before he leaves on Thursday. BUT..He will reimburse this Gucci bag daw sa akin!

Now I am in dilemma ... I want the Gucci bag too! But, I have two LVs na. Sobrang "abuso" and "kahiya" if I ask the husband to buy it for me. And most importantly, I don't want to pay for another bag! Hahaha!

I might be getting this GUCCI "jolicoeur" -- medium tote with red and green stripe
OR this GUCCI "princy" : medium tote with tab snap. Pardon the picture but the one hubby will get yun ALL BROWN-COLORED HANDLES AND EDGES..just can't find online bag pix in brown. Kainis! Mahirap din hanapin ito eh :(

Hence, I am thinking of selling the LV Neverfull MM bag na lang ...YES, I AM SELLING THE NEVERFULL MM so I can get my Gucci bag! Very indecisive noh! BUT, Before I say yes to my dear husband, need to know....
Anyone interested on this LV bag? I am selling it P30K .. pag mommy bloggers may discount pa! Bag will arrive on Friday am. :)


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

hahaha! I hope can find a buyer soon Jacqui. :)

O baka pwede mo na lang installment payment kay hubby.


abie said...

Wow, nice ng Gucci bag. No wonder you suddenly changed your mind.

Kaya lang di kaya ng powers ko ang LV bag, hihimatayin ako sa presyo...hehehe..

I'll ask around na lang din. Sabihan kita pag may nakita akong interesadong bumili.

Mich said...

wow, ang gaganda ng mga bags! kaya lang di ko afford yan. hehehe! :) may suggestion ako, baka pwede mong "pay till able" mo na lang sa hubby mo. :P

btw, tagged you: http://michmagbag.com/?p=31

Jen said...

hi jacqui, just had to react to your "bitin" comment re: the gucci bags. you're absolutely right! there's something that's a lil off -- i noticed it too. and was quickly turned off. glad you kept your LV's.

have fun with your bags!


junation said...

Good decision.

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