Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas treats

Looking for great gifts to give your friends this holiday season? Aside from the usual fruitcakes and foodie can Find cookie jars and other gifts at Personal Creations site. I was able to get nice cookie jars perfect for the holiday season. And of course, aside from cookie treats ... I am thinking of putting candies, chocolates and nuts for friends and family. Nice gift idea eh, very practical and personalized. Check it out ...

Merry Christmas!!

Photo Frames. New Year Tree

Happy Christmas,everyone!!
It is the season of love and peace ...
so let go of all negativity and just focus on just good vibes!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

insurance quote

Finally, received the revised insurance quotes of the husband from our insurance agent. It took us months before we finally decided to upgrade his old plan. Of course, with the upgrade comes with change of annual premium, a little bit steep but we decided to take the plunge anyway. It's our protection, and hopefully our retirement money. As we upgraded our old insurance policy, the husband is thinking if we should get another one for myself. From a different insurance company, of course. To be doubly-sure and for enhanced protection. Any recommendations cheap insurance online?

Christmas Gifts

Done with all my Christmas shopping. Happy that I was able to complete all gifts for my colleagues in just one day. Of course, bought all items at my favorite store, Rustans! =)

For my female colleagues : vanity kits, bottle of colognes (500ml) and hand lotions.

For my male colleagues: famous yummy Gigi's custaroons.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

insurance plans

Our agent called today, advising us to upgrade our insurance plan. I was told that there will be price increase next year, hence we should consider getting the upgraded value before 2011 kicks in. You see, we wanted to upgrade husband's life insurance coverage by adding additional critical illness such as heart disease, cancer etc. With the rise of medical bills lately, it would be wise to invest on these coverage. Anyway, for quotes, I got my life insurance here at the web. Just as a reference from my local provider. Check it out.

Monday, December 6, 2010

wish list

For days now, I've been thinking of things I want to give myself this Christmas. And since I received a hefty bonus from my company for a job well done the previous year, I am thinking of rewarding myslef with a luxury item that will remind me of my contribution to the company. I've listed some "nice" items in my wish list:
1. bag - yes, another bag. this time, the oh-so nice mulberry alexa in oak color, oversized. (but not a priority!)
2. new watch - thinking of getting myself junior size men's watch (like omega seamaster, perhaps?)
3. new home theater/LCD for our bedroom -- our old one broke weeks ago.
4. nice "key" pendant from tiffany and co. -- beautifully wrapped in a small blue box ... i love how dainty it looks!
5. an iPAD ... I heart to own one! Not yet a Mac converter but praying to be one ..soon!
6. or if I have extra budget, probably get the husband and myself new promise rings in white gold with little diamonds around like an eternity ring. Perfect, don't you think so?

Wish I can afford all fact, I think I need to ask the husband to pitch to help me achieve one of the items above. Hahaha! Anyway, wish me luck I'll get at least one of my wishlist this Christmas. =)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh, alexa!

You are so pretty, alexa! I can't stop thinking about you ... I promised the husband that I will be good this Christmas. No more surprise treats! But looks like will have to break that vow. You are so stunning, and suits me to a T. And now, it haunts me even in my I am torn if will get it in black or oak color for this Mulberry Alexa oversized.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

change of lifestyle

As I told my blogging friends weeks ago, I promise to change my lifestyle by 2011. That is, health and beauty lifestyle. This is my cast-in-stone New Year's Resolution! LOL I vow to take care of my skin, invest time and money in beauty regimen as I am not getting any younger. I hope it's not too late with my age. Thus, lately I am busy browsing the web for effective moisturizers, good sunblocks, toning cleansers and of course, searching for the number one wrinkle cream available in the market. I need to invest on these items if I want to be really serious in changing my beauty lifestyle and prioritize caring for my skin. Hahaha! Sure I'll have all the discipline to do this long-term.

cartoon characters

If you will check your social networking sites, particularly Facebook you will see there's a new craze such as cartoon characters popping up as profile picture. This is for a campaign to stop violence against children. And to support the campaign, I posted my favorite cartoon show ... Care Bears. I can clearly remember these lovable and huggable bears which I used to watch every afternoon from school. Now I miss them so much ... wish they will revive this again for my kids to enjoy now. =)

It was really fun bringing back childhood memories. I can still remember my gradeschool days that I would rush home after school just to catch the 430pm show. And not only was I hooked with the show, I even collected stickers for my album collection. Haaayy..those childhood carefree days. No worries about work or life but all fun, no worries on getting fat or any acne problem. Just carefree days that you dont need to worry about acne and reading blogging reviews to click here and there for treatment comparisson. In fact, there's no google, search engines or even internet days yet! =) Simple joys, indeed.

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