Friday, February 25, 2011

diet pills search

Any idea where I can find safest diet pills for women? Aside from I am interested in taking one, my sister who will be going out for a summer beach trip next month is also keen on buying diet pills for herself and friends. Yes, my vain sister would want to flaunt her sexy body on the beach by wearing skimpy bikini outfits. Hah! lucky she's still single and young, can do crazy things without inhibitions. Anyway, any idea where I can get them online?

Friday, February 18, 2011

7th Year Anniversary

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busy mind

Any idea where I can get the best sleeping pills? I need effective but safe sleeping pills for myself as I am having sleepless nights lately. Too many things on my mind ... both from work and family. You see, I've been busy with our upcoming travel with the kids and I am really excited about it. Too much preparation needed as will be travelling with the kids in tow. Hahaha! And with work, I am assigned with new task and simply overwhelmed with all the products and services I need to launch in a few months time. Whew, think i need a breather. Too much work, and my vacation next week will be perfect for me to unwind.Hopefully, after my much needed R&R, will be back in shape and have a goodnight sleep again. Let's see.

Kung Hei Fat Choi ...

or Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese community celebrated New Year with a bang early this month, and as being half-Chinese, traditions must be followed. To welcome the year, aside from being with my family, I prepared sticky cake (tikoy) shared by the family. On the eve of New Year, prepared my wishing paper and lit up incense sticks wherein I jotted down all my wish for the family (and work) this year. Gave out ang-paos (red envelope) too with money inside amounting to P168 ... told to be the lucky number for Chinese. The angpaos given to the kids and supposed to be kept for the year. Hopefully, with all these preparations it will be a lucky year for me and the husband =)

kung hei fat choi!

summer loots

summer loots all here

Summer loots all here! Yes, as we are Boracay bound in a few days, I am happy that my loots arrived just in time. Mostly for the little bratinella, as I was able to get her good bathing suits online. Bought her shorts, bikini and rash guard on sale! While I got myself cute polka-dotted tankini top. Tee-hee! Unfortunately I was expecting the acne treatment products delivered on time too... but sadly as per my last tracking, package still in transit. It could have been perfect if I had my acne products with me now so I can use it and be acne-free by next week. Oh well ... with or without acne, I am sure it will be lots of fun for the family. Can't wait. =)

lack of sleep

Lately, I am having sleepless nights due to my work. Stressed with the new team I am handling, and add the huge budget given to me. And with the back to back evening gatherings for the past months, no wonder I am having dark circles under my eyes. Anyway, as an instant remedy, I usually put cold cucumber slices for few minutes before I sleep ... but the magic wonder seems not working at all! Any suggestions how to remove dark circles under eyes?

Friday, February 4, 2011

on alcohol detox

Just wan to share.

Last week, news broke out about one of our local prime time TV actors entered rehab facility for alcoholism treatment. The actor, considered as wild child of the entertainment industry said to have touched one of her co-stars breast while shooting a scene. This prompted the TV station to remove the actor from the tele-serye, and brought him to an undisclosed rehabilitation center for alcohol detox
treatment. Everyone is hoping that he will be alcohol-free after three months of treatment.

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