Thursday, October 30, 2008

boots online

As I browse the web for any possible online shoe sale for the bratinella, I saw the UGG Mayfaire boots online ideal for outdoor use. The boot-cut style is very classy, and I just love the material used. It is made of soft suede sheepskin material with lightweight EVA outsole. Making it really comfy and stylish worn with jeans or skirts. I am thinking of getting one for myself in sand color. The color will be just perfect to match my new dark trousers I got from Esprit in Hongkong. Hmmm... can't wait. It would be really nice and ideal get-up for the winter season.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Oh yes, little girls just wanna have fun too!

Together with all the parents and nursery class of SPCP, Samantha and I joined last Tuesday their first-ever educational field trip. Looking at the pictures below, you'll see how the girls enjoyed the trip to the maxx!! It was a day filled with so much activities, food, laughter, and FUN,FUN, FUN under the sun.

Read more on Sam's field trip here.

*lady in green blouse holding Sam (in yellow shirt) is Ms. Reyes -- Sam's adviser.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

world without television

Imagine a world without tv … I can’t. Ever since the inception of this technology, the world is never the same again. The reach of this invention has gone far and wide. Traveling seems to be a distant past when everyone can see the beauty of the world right at the comforts of one’s living room. The world in its full hue has transcended boundaries, across continents. Thus, appreciating the world around us more relevant.

But as much as the TV has given everybody a view of the world, it is not only the beauty has been seen. The negative side has always been the counterpart of beauty. The television has also managed to depict the darker side of life, thru the violence portrayed by the TV. News from all the corners of the world showcases calamities, wars and even death.

Nevertheless, tv has impacted our lives today more than anything else (except for Internet perhaps). It has molded how we live our lives thru the information we derive from it. And it only goes to show how unbiased the TV is … it delivers to us the real scenario … be it good or bad.

Bayan Biz HK trip

Almost forgot to post my recent HK pictures.

This is us...the Bayan Business. Off to HK last october 3-5 for ultimate shopping and bonding. Just us. No kids and significant others. Simply enjoying this awesome treat. Check out some of our pictures below.
at NAIA airport before boarding Hongkong Express

photo opps with Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland with good friend and colleague, Anne.
BSPS Team at HK Airport
Off to HK Peninsula for LV shopping

More pictures (and posts) to follow ... for my HK loots, see at my other site here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

another summit.

As I've blogged the other day, I am looking forward to another vacation. This time, just simply relaxation time with my family ... no work involved. Just hubby and the kids. Since I'll be faced with new responsibilities, new challenges, new work load with my new job ... I think I need to re-charge and rejuvenate.

Thus, I am thinking of joining hubby with his upcoming trip for a little R&R. I was told that he might be sent to US again for another carrier's meeting. The timing, not sure yet. It might be as early as November or probably by January 2009. It is the same convention as last year but I decided not to join him for practical reasons. But this year, I think I'll insist. I really need a long vacation badly. Hopefully the carrier's summit meet will be in a different placee instead of the usual venue in Hawaii. Probably NY, LA or Las Vegas perhaps. I so want to stay and visit the posh hotel las vegas. Enjoy the sights and fabulous shows, do casino hopping and wild shopping along the Vegas strip. Or probably stroll along Hollywood Boulevard in LA. I really hope new place this time. Anyway, why complain on the summit venue. Hubby's not sure to go yet. Hahaha! But just in case, I am already started dropping hints to the husband about my vacation plans. It's going to be his travel with ME in tow this time. lol.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

LO for Sam's Party

Just want to share lay-outs provided by Melisse of Perfect Pixels for Sam's 4th Birthday Party. Really nice noh? These will be used as party tarps. I am almost done with all the party essentials for Sam's party except the INVITE from ADWORKS! I am having problems with their committed delivery. Until now, LO not submitted. Grrrr....
Anyway, just want to share nice lay-out of Melisse. Thanks, girl!

in need of vacation

After my six days HK hiatus, I am back to the blogging world. Lots of pending raket awaits for my completion, papers need to sign and to top it off, hundreds of email correspondences also required my immediate reply. I am having a hard time getting my work groove back. Coming back to work is sooo overwhelming especially with the good news I've shared here.
Haayyy... I think I need a vacation after this HK vacation. Perhaps it is about time to consider vacation houses near the beaches for ultimate R&R with the family. I saw a nice vacation rental houses available online at Outer Banks rentals. Location very much ideal and the price really reasonable. Might consider this on my next vacation.
For the meantime, back to reality. Need to finish all my pending work to enjoy the weekend off by tomorrow.
Happy weekend everyone!

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