Monday, August 30, 2010


Yes, I am so tempted to get this jewelry set for myself. Since I got teeny-weeny payday bonus last week, I am thinking of splurging all my bonus money with this Chanel camelia inspired jewelry. It's really a stunner with white gold setting, filled with small diamonds around. Fabulous, right? And I am sooo tempted.

trip to pedia ER

My daughter was brought to the emergency room at our local hospital few weeks ago. Nothing serious but the husband and I wanted to be sure that her recurring high fever not caused by dengue or any life-threatening disease. We just want immediate care and attention to be given to her particularly administer labaratory tests for her CBC platelettes and urinalysis. Luckily, her tests showed negative bacterial infection, white blood cells within the range and my daughter's fever brought by viral infection that can be cured by paracetamol. Nothing to be alarmed, but just rest and plenty of fluids enough to cure her.

And while waiting for the result of her lab tests from the pedia ER ward, my daughter had a great time looking at the nurses' uniform. At the pedia ward, the nurses had less diffculty getting the attention of the kids, thanks to the familiar and famous characters nurse uniforms they wore. They all look friendly and approachable and the suits makes a great conversation piece with the kids. Really cute. I wonder where the hospital get cheap scrubs for all their staff use. It looks clean and appealing to kids and I so want to get one for everyday use of our nanny. Any suggestions?

Friday, August 27, 2010

LNP Week

August is the month of LNP, in our side of the world known as Linggo Ng Wika. This is the month wherein kids are encouraged to speak in their own native tongue, in Filipino as respect to our national language and of course to promote nationalism.

This year, the K2 class Rm 4 danced their way to show respect to our language by starting their performance with their own song interpretation of Bahay Kubo and ending in a non-traditional way of street dance by Gary V's famous hit song, Hataw Na! It was a splendid performance. Kudos to their teacher, Teacher Sheanne for teaching the kids to dance the Hataw way!! :)

Pictures above clockwise: Samantha with her friends Bea and Sam Nicole; with Bea's Mom and my SIL, Rona ; the energetic and good dancer Teacher Sheanne ; kids performing the Bahay Kubo song in plaid/checkered polo outfits :)

Online Shopping with an Online Casino

Budgeting for a large family is difficult, especially if you have kids who are particular about everything from what they eat to what they like to wear. Before online shopping, parents were often sent on wild goose hunts for their kids’ favorite hard to find treats and popular name brands. It seemed like every year around the holidays, there was at least one toy or game that became so popular, parents would stand in line and enter lotteries just to win the chance to get their hands on one, much like winning at an online casino. Cabbage Patch Dolls and Tickle Me Elmo, anyone? These days, online shopping and auction sites like Ebay and Amazon help parents fulfill their children’s birthday and holiday wish lists with a fraction of the aggravation.

Scoring your son or daughter’s utmost desire online can be a thrill – but online shopping is not just for your kids. Parents can find great deals on everything from bulk food items and art supplies to clothing and electronics. Often, Internet retailers will sell items for wholesale without the in-store markup you typically pay for the convenience of having a store close by.

Auction sites like Ebay are so popular because shoppers can find great deals on pricey items often for far less than market value. Sometimes, you are betting on a used item, but most times you can find a brand new one that someone else accidentally purchased but never used. Heed the seller’s satisfaction ratings for a good idea of trustworthiness.

If you are new to online shopping, it can take a little browsing to get used to, but ones you learn the ropes, you will wonder why you ever ventured to crowded, over priced stores in the first place! You will end up saving money and time in the process and your children will be thrilled!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

RL shopping again

I love online shopping ... I can browse and shop in my comforts of my home. And just last Friday, went crazy buying shirts for the little tot from Ralph Lauren. It's unbelievably on sale with almost 70% off mark down. Of course, the budget conscious in me can't resist the magic word SALE! Who wouldn't? Thus, I bought shirts 2x bigger than his present size now. At 9 mos now, I already bought shirts good for 24 months. Hahaha! Yes, my little boy is a biggie boy. And in no time, he will be able to wear these shirts. Check out my loots below ...

US Big Pony Polo (Red and White)

RL Multi-stripe Cotton Polo Shirts : orange, royal blue and yellow

RL Gellar Khaki shorts

Do hurry, sale items will not last long.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my sister's request

Any idea where I can get affordable spirometers? My sister, who is now on her fourth year in nursing school is asking me to get her spirometers as an additional medical gadget. I volunteered to get it for her online, and so far
the cheapest I could find for portable spirometer is at $70.00. Very affordable, small and handy but it doesn't look durable at all. Then I saw another gadget option, a software based one which I am sure my dear sister would not like as she is not fond of any devices that is software-based. Hmph, now I am torn. With a budget in mind of $150 for the spirometer, any recommended store or model that would fit my budget? Let me know.

Friday, August 6, 2010

weekend shopping

It's Saturday and we are bound to the mall later. Since the husband and I are both working, weekend is our time with the kids to go shopping and eat out. Aside from shopping, it is my usual time to do my weekly errands such as paying bills, do my rounds at the grocery and get essential items for the house and kids. This week, my list includes:

1. everyday walking shoes for my little boy, migo.

2. new flats for the little bratinella. (oh my, it seems their feet getting bigger and biffer everyday!)

3. birthday gift for tomorrow's Mc Donalds kiddie party.

4. for our home: new light bulbs for the hallway, set of outdoor patio cushions (since the old ones already soaked in rain), table cloths and napkins for outdoor use.

So far these are my top of my mind list. Not sure if I mised anything, hopefully none but should there be other items not included on my list ... then, not bad at all. The more reason for me to go back and hit the mall next week, clever eh?

sinfully good

Ever since I've tasted Garrett's popcorn in Universal Studios Singapore, I've been crazy over this Chicago-based goodie. Nothing comes close to this delicious popcorn! It's oh-so yummy and sinfully good ...every pop, so good. The best flavour, caramel and cheese. Despite being so pricey, it's worth it. Believe me. One bag not enough. I haven't tried the caramel-cheese mix but I'm sure it would be oh-so tasty and very addicitve. Imagine the sweetness and salty taste in perfect combination, mmmm...must be heaven! Must try, peeps! :)

home security

Since we heard the horrible home theft story from one of our colleagues, the husband and I already thinking of ways to keep our home safe and to avoid robbery incidents that may occur in our home. To think that we live in a private village, wherein roaming security guards present 24/7 ... it's really scary to know that there will still be high probability to experience theft. Aside from putting dual locks, some security measures adding another home gadget may be another option. The husband is thinking of getting security video, body heat sensors or other spy gear gadgets to monitor night activities in our home. This way, we can ward-off bad elements and keep our home safe. It may be pricey but if we think about the safety of our kids, this is priceless.

six layers

I miss answering blog tags. Seriously.
There was a point in my blogging life that I have to answer one blog tag after another, and that I almost tagged all the people I now in the blogging world. Hahaha! And I guess it's almost more than one year since I last filled or received a blog tag. And I miss them badly ...eerrr,especially days I need to put some fillers for my blog. Tee-hee!
Anyway, I came across one blog tag with these q's and I can't help but post it on my blog too! (yes, since I am lazy to think or create any new post. LOL)

Name: Jacqui
Birth date: June 14
Birthplace: Quezon City, Philippines
Current Location: Pasig City, Philippines
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Lefty

Your heritage: Filipino
The shoes you wore today: Tory Burch Reva - Silver
Your weakness: SALE Shopping
Your fears: Death
Your perfect pizza: Four Cheese Pizza from Yellow Cab (oh, Shrimp and Garlic too!)
Goal you’d like to achieve in life: To raise my kids well. Responsible and God-fearing.

Your most overused phrase on AIM: What?!
Your first waking thoughts: What's for lunch?
Your best physical feature: my fair complexion :)
Your most missed memory: carefree highschool days with no worries.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke (diet, pls.)
McDonald’s or Burger King: McDo
Single or group dates: Either.
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino, as always!

A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Ninoy Aquino
Movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors: Pretty Woman
Name two of your passions in life : Work and Shopping
Least favorite time of day: 630am, waking up!

Use hairspray or gel: hairspray for special occassions
Your favorite meal: Lunch. I usuallly skip breakfast
Color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes: Black.
Listen to classical music: Rarely.
Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: Yes.

Feel free to snag if you are interested. :)

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