Sunday, August 30, 2009

home improvements

For my last quarter project for the year, I am thinking of doing some home improvements. Home improvements particularly to my one of my favorite place inside our home, the bathroom. This time, I plan to concentrate at our guest bathroom. Though the installed ceramic tiles fairly new, I don't have any plans of changing the existing design. Instead, I plan to add some accent colors in our guest bathroom like installing glass tile . I saw great offer from the web at 10% off from and it might be good idea to purchase these tiles now while on sale. Don't you think so? The company even offers free shipping! Great offer, huh! And with over hundreds of design to choose from, I am sure will enjoy all the accent colors I plan to achieve for my modern bathroom. Do check it out while most of the items are on sale. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Baghag Shop

Because I love bags so much ... I am pleased to announce my new business venture:

The BaghagShop

My bag shopping website dedicated to wannabe baghags like me. All bags certified original, still fresh and in mint condition, reasonably priced for budget conscious bagaholics. Thus, owning luxury bags really dream come true.
Do chek out my site and who knows, you may find your dream bag here ...
Happy bag-viewing! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

going back to school...

yes, I am thinking of going back to school.
You see, I have almost completed my MBA post-graduate studies five years ago but was side-tracked with my wedding preparations and raising a family. I enjoyed motherhood so much that I've decided to drop everything, including my MBA studies. With few units left (actually, two subjects: elective and defense) I am almost done with my MBA degree.
Now five years after, and with more stable job, I am thinking of going back to my post-graduate studies. However, instead of completing my degree from the traditional school, I am thinking of pursuing my studies by getting accredited online degree courses. Much more practical for me since my work time is erratic. And with the coming of the new baby, online degree option may be a good choice for me to focus on my work, my studies and the new baby. Wish me luck, hope I can do everything! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer in September

at Shangri-la Mactan Mactan Resort and Spa, Punta Engano Cebu.
Summer get-away in September. Why not? This coming September 9-12, the husband and I will attend the annual telecoms conference at Shangri-la Cebu. It will be an official business function for the husband since he is officially registered as a delegate of their company, while I ... I will just be attending few meetings with our foreign telco partners. Thus, I've got all the time in my hands to enjoy a short R&R with the little girl. Oh by the way, I've convinced the husband to bring the little girl along. No yaya, mind you. Just us and the little girl on a business trip. I've carefully planned how I can manage the little girl while I am attending meetings. Thanks to Shangri-la's Adventure Zone, I can leave her for hours here while I am busy with my clients! Or she can enjoy swimming while I am out for few hours of meetings. Hehehe! Praying that she'll cooperate. Or else, I am dead and will have to bring her to all my meetings. LOL.

Anyway, no definite plans yet for the little girl. But one thing for sure, it will be short get-away for me and my husband next month. Our last R&R break for 2009, or before I give birth by November. Thus, wish us luck. Off to our Cebu trip plans, need to help the husband to check humidifier filters online for their office use. He's tasked to replace their old humidifiers asap.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I love HK ...

...yes, we so love going to Hongkong which is why trip to our fave city will not be complete without visiting HK Disneyland (and shopping, of course!). Also a MUST for every trip to the happiest place on earth should be re-lived and captured with the famous Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie.
Check out our past two years photo ops with Mickey and Minnie. I think we were lucky to have our pictures taken with the famous mouse wearing different outfits on every Disney-themed celebration.
June 2007 : Disney Summer Special

February 2008 : Chinese New Year Special

October 2008 : Disney Halloween Special

June 2009 : Disney Summer Special (again)

June 2009 : Disney's Summer Luau Special : Lilo and Stitch

Hmmm ... Now makes me think that we probably lack just one season to complete our Mickey and Minnie picture collection. And that would be celebration of Christmas or Holidays! Probably December travel this year, wouldn't that be great just in time with the birth of the new baby ... what do you think? :)

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