Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baguio family trip

Just got back from our short family trip. A refreshing and rejuvenating break spent in Baguio. Compared from my last visit early this month, the weather was simply perfect for a family trip. Sunny, clear skies matched with the cold Baguio breeze -- truly a haven treat! Very ideal for horseback riding, boat ride, walk in the park, talking and enjoying the breath-taking mountain view while drinking Starbucks coffee at night. Just perfect. I so love Baguio. And I'll never get tired of this place. Next to Tagaytay, this is my ultimate answer for quick city escape.

For the meantime, I leave you some of our Baguio pictures below. Need to unpack our things and sort our goodies (pasalubong treats) for the family. More Baguio kwentos to follow.

Day 1: at the CJH manor

boat ride at Burnham park
Day 2 : horseback riding at wright park
at wright park overlooking the mansion

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linggo ng Wika Presentation

Just came this morning from Sam’s Linggo ng Wika celebration wherein the nursery class danced the itik-itik. They all came wearing their best Filipiniana costume and they all looked so adorable and lovely complete with their abaca slippers.

While watching the show, I was really pleased that she danced the itik-itik … very cooperative and unafraid by the hundreds of parents watching the show. It was her first time to face big crowd such as this and I was really proud how she handled herself. No stage frights. Despite all the cameras, beaming light fixtures of the stage and hundreds of unfamiliar faces, she danced the itik-itik way. Truly proud and happy! bratinella is really a certified school girl.

photo opps before leaving the house

while waiting for their dance number

the itik-itik show

food sharing with mommy and daddy --- we are asked to bring Filipiniana food. Thus, I called Red Ribbon to deliver pansit palabok ...believe me, the kids loved the pansit and chicharon so much. big hit especially lapid's chicharon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

party plans update

I've already confirmed my bookings at Mc Donald's, El Pueblo for November 8, Saturday --- four days after Sam's actual birthdate. Booking my preferred date was not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, I am the first one to book for the month of November in their books.

Anyway, as promised to hubby I'll just throw a simple party this year for Sam. I want her to blow her birthday cake with lots of kids around. Thus, Mc Donalds is a perfect budget party place. I told hubby got no plans to be the OC party mom this time. I'll just make it short and sweet for the kids and will work out within the budget.

Read more about Sam's Mc Donald's party plans here....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bonding time with the family

Ahh … it’s a long holiday once again. It’s the perfect time to spend “home time”. Usually, I set aside this time for the home. Rearranging the furniture and fixing things. And most importantly, this is the time my husband & I detoxify ourselves after a long stressful week.

But ever since my hubby availed of the NFL Sunday Ticket, our Sundays have been invaded by NFL! I am telling you he’s hooked! And this I don’t understand … big brutes beat each other up and everyone seems happy with it! I really don’t get it!

Much more, with Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket, suddenly the whole gang is in the house! Let alone my hubby spending more time in front of the TV all Sunday … he has his entire friends howling like baboons thrashing up the place (formerly, our living room). The NFL TV package not only allows the guys to watch “a game”, but practically “all the games”. Now, I not only have to contend with NFL TV but rather with DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket … it’s a mismatch. How can I compete?!

But at the end of the day, I thank God that these long holidays. Makes me enjoy my ME time, family time and bonding time with the kids.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

curious Joy wants to know ...

Got this fun tag from Gracie.


1. Be spontaneous and have fun!

2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag and take out all the stuff inside. Take a picture of all of your stuff. Everything….even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper. We might see something amazing in your bag.

3. List all the things inside it.

4. Make sure to link back to Aussietalks and leave your URL.

5. Pass this on to your friends and tell them to link back.

Just came from a family dinner last night and this is my hand bag for the weekend.

Inside my Neverfull MM Bag : my bag organizer, zippy wallet, kikay kit, pens, mobile phone, Bayan wireless landline phone, calling card case, small plastic envelope (orange) for receipts, Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume, hairbrush, tissue, Manor confirmation note and signpens (purple, black and blue)

Inside my clinique kikay kit : clinique pressed powder in natural matte color, clinique eye surge gel, clinique compact eye shadows, 2 body shop lip and cheek tint in different shade, body shop liquid eye liner, body shop silver shimmer eye shadow, body shop cocoa butter lip care, maybelline double lash mascara and rose red lipstick and mascara

Passing the tag to Abie, Peachy, Tet and MM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

4th Birthday Plans update

After blogging Samantha's upcoming 4th birthday party last month here, I am now more determined to complete my party preps. As of today, the guest list expanded and the party plans become bigger. Blame it on the excited Dad, who initially disliked the idea of another "big" party. But after learning I plan to extend my invites to some of my close colleagues, he wanted to do just the same especially with the party venue just a stone throw away from his office.
My goal this week is to look for nice invite that would match my party theme and venue. I've been searching for party ideas on the web and I found site truly helpful. The site offers customized invitations and stationeries for any celebrations or occasion you can think of. From birthdays, baptism, wedding invitations, baby shower, bridal invites and even Quinceanera invitations! No more worries thinking about party themes, invite wordings or budget, all these can be viewed from the site with an optional eproof reading. Hmm...truly great offer. Now my next problem is finding a bigger party venue that can accommodate our expanded guest list. Wish me luck.

4th Birthday Plans update

After blogging Samantha's upcoming 4th birthday party last month here, I am now more determined to complete my party preps. As of today, the guest list expanded and the party plans become bigger. Blame it on the excited Dad, who initially disliked the idea of another "big" party. But after learning I plan to extend my invites to some of my close colleagues, he wanted to do just the same especially with the party venue just a stone throw away from his office.
My goal this week is to look for nice invite that would match my party theme and venue. I've been searching for party ideas on the web and I found site truly helpful. The site offers customized invitations and stationeries for any celebrations or occasion you can think of. From birthdays, baptism, wedding invitations, baby shower, bridal invites and even Quinceanera invitations! No more worries thinking about party themes, invite wordings or budget, all these can be viewed from the site with an optional eproof reading. Hmm...truly great offer. Now my next problem is finding a bigger party venue that can accommodate our expanded guest list. Wish me luck.

spread the blog love tag

Thank you Tet for this blog love tag.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

to hongkong or macau ...

still undecided.

Until now, our marketing team still unsure whether the Bayan sales team will push for Macau or Hongkong. Though we have a definite travel date, Sept 12-14 ... we haven't finalize any bookings yet. This is our sales incentive for hitting our quota 1H 2008. Imagine, booking 65 pax at this time (less than a month away) with a pre-determined budget ... kinda tough, don't you think so? Add the fact that we are mostly "pasaway" or really difficult to handle sales team. Some of my colleagues prefer to stay in Macau, while others would like to stay in HK and tour Disneyland. Hmmm....tough decision. I guess the deciding factor would be whatever beneficial or would give big cost-savings for the company. lol. With the all-in package, I just hope they wont forget to include travel medical insurance too! Our company HR requested that we travel by batches. Separate planes and different travel time. This is for security and safety purposes. They won't allow the enitre Bayan Corporate sales team to travel together. Hahaha, I can imagine if we got stranded or something happens to us..the entire sales team will be wiped out!lol.

Personally, I don't have any qualms if we go to HK or Macau. Been here last February with my family thus, I really don't mind. But this time, my upcoming travel will be both business and pleasure. Pleasure because I'll be spending bonding time with my colleagues. We can eat, drink, shop and party 'til wee hours without thinking of kids to take care of. Business, since my HK trip will be extended for two more days to meet up our foreign clients. So if ever we’ll push for HK, I’ll be gone from Sept 12-16. Five days!

Oh not just five days away for my family. Technically, I'll be gone 7 days! Prior leaving for HK (or Macau), I will be attending the annual Asian Carrier Conference at Shangrila Cebu. The conference would last for four-days but I'll be joining for two days only. Enough time for me to catch up with our sales team in Macau (or HK). And if ever, my itinerary goes like this ...

Sept 10-11 Shangrila , Cebu
Sept 12-14 Macau (or HK)
Sept 15-16 HK
Too sad I'll be away from Sam for one week. And Daddy will be gone too! Since hubby works in a telecommunications firm, he will be attending the Cebu conference! He will be gone for four days. No, he will not be joining me ... but he will represent his company. It's gonna be our second year together in a same conference --- on a separate hotel, on a separate travel arrangements, separate client meetings and with different colleagues. Hahaha! Believe me, we really look funny! Sometimes we even meet same clients and when we do exchange our biz cards, we do get the common question ... "how are you related to mike (or jacqui) soriano? " hahaha! Good thing we don't work on a competing telecoms firm...otherwise, it will be very inappropriate for us to be seen together. Hahaha!
So now that I've shared my travel plans ... I am now busy as a bee listing my shopping items too! I told hubby I'll buy my early Christmas present and that is, another bag! I badly need a good and nice black bag for office use. I've outgrown my black bags: Esprit, Lacoste, Nine West and Coach and I think its about time to get something serious. Really serious. Hmmmm...Let's see.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam's busy school week

Aside from being busy with work lately, I've been extra busy teaching and preparing Sam for her "paper game" activity this week. This is how St. Paul introduce the assessment or examinations concept to kids .. a paper game . I guess they don't want to put pressure on the kids by introducing the big "E" at nursery level. Aside from the paper game which covers ( L, T, and I ) , colors, numbers and shapes , they have a one-on-one oral exams too! I am very confident she knows the subject matter. But what I am afraid of, is her lack of "listening skills". You see she's not good in following directions ... she prefers to do things on her own. Simply pasaway! For example, if I ask her to circle the correct answer, she'll beg me to color it instead. If I insists, she'll stop doing her work. Haaayyy...
Sharing some of the pictures I took last week during their morning assembly.

See how she obediently follows her teacher than me! Sus... I can see how she loves her school principal so much, Sister Teresita. The sweet principal is really close to the kids. As a matter of fact, the kids adores her. You can see them hugging and kissing their school principal whenever they see her along the hallways or corridors.

By the way, on August 28 the nursery kids will dance Itik-Itik as part of their Linggo ng Wika celebration. Kids are asked to dress up in baro't saya complete with bakya or abaca slippers. Parents are invited to watch on this day too. My MIL was so excited when she learned this, so excited that she bought Sam her Filipiniana costume last Monday from the Pasig market. Buti na lang...because I am really busy to get her the outfit. Hahaha! Will post Sam's pix after her performance. I can't wait to see her perform the itik-itik dance. This will be their first school activity with parents. Haaayyy... the joys of parenting talaga!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Shoe Tag

Another overdue tag from Kelly.

{Start Copy}
What’s your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom’s feet? How about your sister’s feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy. Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends. Don’t forget to drop a line in this blog when you’re done.

Jenny and Belle ; SAHMdom and Beyond ; The Journey Continues… ; Mommy Talks… ; When Mom Speaks ; Walk On Red ; 100% Kelly; Life's Simple Pleasures

{End Copy}

Passing the tag to seven (yes, my shoe size is 7") bloggers : Gracie, Pat, Chat, Yvelle, Jesse, Nol and Melisse.

I don't usually buy shoes online since I usually hear several horror stories from my friends regretting shoes they bought online. Most of the time, they regretted buying it because it may look good or lovely on pictures but once delivered and tried on, the shoe won't fit! Thus, despite any sale items ... I am still having second thoughts of buying online.

But last June, I ordered a new pair of Alice crocs (choco) for myself. I so want the choco Alice crocs to match my daughter's Alice choco shoes. Aside from the comfort it brings, I love the idea of wearing matching shoes (or clothes) with my daughter. Too cute, don't you think so? Thus, despite promising not buying online... I ordered the Alice crocs and have it shipped to my aunt in NY who will be here in Manila next month. I am sure the shoes will perfectly fit since I tried same style and size at Crocs Trinoma. :)

But still I am tempted ... I saw lovely branded luxury shoes online such as Manolo Blahniks, YSL, Chloe and Valentino. Designs are too tempting ...price worth spending! I so want to own those be-jeweled shoes from Manolo Blahniks. Really, really pretty! Fashionable shoes to die for! And I bet these stiletto sandals would look fab on my feet.

Baguio Trip

Day 1 : 08.07.08 Thursday

Arrived at Baguio by 8pm. We took the steep, winding and zigzag road of Kennon going to Baguio. Since there was a landslide at Marcos highway a day before we left for Manila, our options either take Naguilian (2 hours more drive) or Kennon Road. Bravely, we opted to take the latter. After checking-in at the Manor Hotel, famished and tired we went straight to Cafe by the Ruins along Otek Street. Despite the heavy downpour, we chose to have our romantic (and yummy) dinner here to enjoy the sights, smell (of pine trees) and taste of Baguio! :)

the Partner's angels ... moi, ruth, beng and coleen

pandan iced tea with lots of honey

hot biscuits with butter and strawberry jam

carbonara with bacon slices (not bits ha!) and garlic bread

since I am a rice person, I ordered this yummy treat : tapa flakes with garlic rice and soup. best choice!

Day 2 : 08.08.08 Friday

Woke up early and went to Session Road for breakfast and ukay-ukay or wag-wagan madness. This is Baguio's thrift or bargain stores wherein you can buy second-hand branded clothes or bags like Gucci, LV, Prada at very cheap price. Actually, not so cheap anymore ...I was able to check an old Gucci bag and was surprised with its tag price, P10K for a second hand bag! No way will I pay for 10K old bag! Checked some suits and coats, but not satisfied with the selections. I guess I am too lazy to check out those racks for good finds. Decided to leave the ukay ukay of Session Road and went straight to John Hay's Mile Hi or commissary (near the Manor).

At the Mile-Hi (commissary), was able to get good knitted coats for Sam. I was told that the items sold here are usually export over runs of Marks and Spencer's. Actually one of the knitted jacket I bought has a M&S tag on it. Got really good warm knitted coat for Sam in pink, and another short overlay coat in dark blue. Enough to protect her from the cold aircon inside her classroom. I got the knitted coats at P250/pc. Not bad.

Lunchtime spent at SM Baguio. Because we need to prepare for the afternoon wedding, we decided to book at David's Salon for some hair fix. Surprisingly most of our Bayan colleagues (and their wives) also at SM Baguio for some beauty preps.

By 4pm, we were all good and ready to attend Anne's wedding at Our Lady of Fatima, Benguet. For wedding kwentos check out here

Day 3: 08.09.08 Saturday

After partying the night before (and watching the Olympics opening at the cable), we woke up early and left the Manor for some pasalubong shopping. As early as 10am, we were eating breakfast (inihaw na pusit and mais) at Mine's View Park. Bought some goodies here like choco cornflakes and oatmeal cookies, peanut brittle, walis tambo and Ifugao oranges. Then we proceeded to Good Sheperd Convent at Gibraltar Road and bought jars of ube jam and strawberry preserves. By 11am, we were all busy at the Baguio market for some fresh veggies and more pasalubong shopping! Got brocolli, cauliflower, sayote tops, lettuce, green pepper, garlic, sitsaro, carrots and potatoes at a very low price. Unfortunately, no strawberries available during this time. :(

Our last stop before leaving Baguio, we went to Petron Station near Kennon Road. We were told that freshly-baked breads from Baguio Country Club can be bought here. Same price that of BCC without the hassles of securing the signature of club member. I bought their yummy banana and raisin bread. Real yummy! I was told that their carrot loaf bread was good too, sadly I was not able to try it.

Officially, we left Baguio at 1pm after having lunch at Pancake House. Still raining .. but what the heck, we enjoyed our short stay at Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines! We had few stops but the travel from Baguio to Manila was less than six hours. No traffic.

Our Baguio stay was short but sweet ... and I vowed to be back by end of the month. I tentatively booked at the Manor for another Baguio trip and I am hoping it will push thru. This time, I want to bring Sam along so she can enjoy the cold weather of Baguio. Tried booking during the August holidays, sadly... no more available rooms. 101% fully-booked! Darn...sayang promo. Anyway, still hoping by EO of August I can get a suite and the weather will be cooperative (not rainy) by then.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

back from Baguio

Just got back from the Ciy of Pines, Baguio. Despite the rains and cold weather, we enjoyed our short Baguio vacation. We came and attended our dear friend's wedding at Baguioand enjoyed our two-stay at the Manor. Very relaxing! I've got so much stories to tell and pictures to share, you may view it here. Need to sort my "pasalubong" shopping first and call the office. I received an alarming call from one of our IT support engineers and told me our HP back up drivers, had some trouble. I hope they were able to fix it. Otherwise will be getting another tape drives which is not part of our CAPEX budget this year. Big trouble! Really praying just minor problem and they were able to something about it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

baby things as investments

This post taken from the point of view of my husband. A first-time and hands on Dad to our loving daughter, Samantha ...
I am a Dad. I provide for my family. And when my first born was on her way, my wife and I prepared frantically for the things that would be needed (mind you, would emphasize on the “needed” part). This involves preparing the cute baby clothes, feeding bottles and most importantly, the accessories.

The accessories make up the most of the “investment” for your child’s first years. And this includes the baby cribs, feeding chair, pushchair, prams and travel cots. And these things pretty much covers the bulk of the investment … say about 60% of the entire budget. At first, I do not really see the value of such especially the baby pushchairs! Told my wife that it better to carry the child in your arms while malling or going out of town. And oh boy … was I ever wrong! Thank God for these inventions! Imagine we have to go up & down several floors while shopping?! That will certainly take its toll on you especially if you have stand in line paying … and all these things you have to do “holding your child” in your arms. Even though it feels good at first, but when the duration takes it toll, your baby will certainly become heavier & heavier.

Another underappreciated investment is the high chair. Several times you’ll say that it’s not that frequently used since you normally feed while carrying your baby, right? Wrong! If you look at it closely, the passive high chair is a very integral part of your child’s growth progress. It helps you child to naturally develop the proper sitting posture while eating. The exercise for patience and discipline starts with the high chair. This develops your child’s sense of time (to eat, of course!). And most of all, fun times are found mostly at the dinning table! And you won’t miss it for the world to see your child share that moment with the family!

Traveling cots with accessories really organizes things for your baby and you. No more leaving behind small things that your baby will need. It’s like bringing a mini-baby cabinet! So, that means you have enough space to get your things in as well.

So, are these bad investments? Not a chance! Not only it exemplified the real meaning of the word investment, but also made your child’s childhood meaningful. And now you know why your grandparents and parents keep the old baby things treasured like a family heirloom! Who knows? Maybe you can save up these investment for your child’s family.

stylish frames

Ever experienced having problems with your prescription glasses? Or ever wanted to upgrade but afraid of the high cost? Then you have not been to ZenniOptical. I was amazed by the range of eyewear they offer. From the vast selection of frames, it is impossible that you won’t get one. And I am talking about only of the frames … wait until you see the various types of lenses they have.

From single vision to tinted lenses, to bifocal and progressive lenses. Most of all, my favorite is the sunsensor lenses. Its equipped with the “potochromic” technology that filters out the harmful UV rays. Talk about the very essence of wearing an eyewear! And most of all, products are Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and ensure absolute protection. And with its website popularity, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

With all these this said, now you must be very worried on the price … guess again! These eyewear products from Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses truly affordable! Main reason for which is that it does not pass thru middlemen … therefore, dropping the price further. So … what are you waiting for?

Snack Time Tag

Got this tag fun from Aggie


I want all mommies to share their kid’s favorite snacks.When you are done with the tag link me up here so I can add your blog(s) to the master list.

Sam's favorite snack:

1. Pizza
2. Oreo Cookies and Jolly Biscuits
3. TJ Hotdogs
4. Chicken Nuggets
5. Popcorn

Passing the tag to other Mommy Bloggers : Tet, Vina, Yvette and Chat

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

early Christmas wishlist

Yes, as early as August 3 .. Kuya Ico already signified his Christmas wish list. More than four months ahead ... and to think we are not yet in the -ber months! As per Ico, the earlier he tells me, the earlier I can save up! Wa-is!

His Christmas wishlist are as follows:

1. Since his computer quite old and been slow lately, he's asking for new computer desktop with higher memory and RAM capacity. I guess this is for his online gaming, downloading and videos.

2. new PS3 that he's been eyeing for months now.

3. MAC book --- Still thinking about it. Very expensive toy for his age. But I was surprised that he was able to plan out how to get this gift! He told me he's thinking of asking cash gifts from his aunts ($100 each), lolo and lola's, his dad, from me and hubby. He computed how he can get $1K to buy his MAC book by asking us rolled-into-one gift for christmas, birthday and graduation gift.

No promises yet ... I told him the gift will depend on his grades. Though I never had any problems with his academic performance, and I am confident he'll graduate gradeschool with flying colors ... I still believe in giving gifts in moderation. Item 3 is too much! Even if he can come up with the $1K to buy the MAC book..still think its too much for his age. Hehehe!

Anyway, let's see ... it is still five months away.

Monday, August 4, 2008

a perfect tag

Got this tag from Jody, a self-confessed shopaholic blogger like me.

~Start copying here (no need to right click the image)~

Credits: Paper & Elements Created by Kim Jensen / Layout by JennyL

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5. Come back at BARGAIN.SALES.DEALS.and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority.
6. Enjoy Shopping !!!

SHOPAHOLICS : 1.) A Slice of Life 2.) Jenny Said So 3.) Simply Jen 4.) This and That 5.)Bargain.Sales.Deals. 6.) Me and Mine 7. ) Little Peanut 8.) Creative in Me 9.) Pea in a Pod 10. The Shopaholic in Me 11.) Life's Simple Pleasures

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Passing this tag to other shopaholic bloggers like MM, Abie and Apols.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baguio Wedding_ 08.08.08

I am off to Baguio this Friday to attend the much-awaited wedding celebration of my colleague, Anne. It's a perfect wedding date, August 08 2008 (08-08-08) which is believed to be lucky for Chinese. We've already made hotel accommodations and travel arrangements, but I haven't decided what gown to wear. Since it's kinda rainy lately, I am thinking of wearing something warm to protect me from the cold breeze of Baguio. I already browsed the web for gown designs and I saw the perfect gown for me. Since I am on a slightly heavy side, I saw plus size dresses to fit my body too! Really perfect!
Look at th fab gowns I so want to buy online ...

Lovely designs, don't you think so? Really worth checking it out. Aside from evening gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and bridal gowns, the site also offers accessories to complement the look like designer shoes , jewelry and evening bags. Price really affordable too! I just hope I can get the these gowns on time for the wedding this Friday.

The Longest Breakfast Menu List

Been very busy lately ... and I almost forgot this tag from Jody.

The Longest Breakfast Menu List

Everyone likes to start their day with a comfort food for breakfast. What kind of food do you take? This would be a good way to find out your blogger friend’s favourite food for breakfast.

All you need to do is to put your name down, the country you are in and your favorite breakfast meal. Let’s see how we can have this breakfast ‘menu’ travelled all around cyberspace and learn what each blogger living in different country and what they eat for breakfast. This meme was created by a little lady with a penchant to spy around little baskets while marketing. Her favorite breakfast of the day is none other than Roti Prata, an indian flat bread. What about you? What is your favorite breakfast meal of the day?

1. Spymama, Singapore - Roti Prata 2. Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey, Philippines - Ham and Hotdog with Rice 3.As The World Turns, Philippines, Milk and Biscuits. 4.Just Me.. Eds, Philippines- Sausage and Egg with Garlic Rice/Fried Mash potato 5. KATHYCOT, Phils, Fried Spam, Chicken and Scrambled Egg paired with Fried Rice 6. Alpha, Philippines ~ McDonald’s Big Breakfast 7. Aggie, Philippines ~ Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 8.Jane, Philippines ~ Caesar Salad and Egg Mayo Croissant 9. Jody, Philippines - Tapsilog. 10. Jacqui, Philippines - Hotcakes and Sausage by McDonald's 11. Your Name, Country, Food

*End copy here*

Since I am a working mom and mostly on-the go, I usually have my breakfast via Mc Donald's drive-thru (Libis) or food delivery. I so love their hotcakes and sausages with lots of maple syrup and butter! Yummy! Then add hash browns on the side and OJ ... perfect breakfast companion for office meetings.

Care to share your fave breakfast foodie Pat and Annette?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Saturday Checklist.

This tag started ast Monday checklist from Aggie. But, Jane tagged me as her Wednesday checklist. And since I am super busy with work lately (and not with blogging), I am passing this tag to MM, Vina, Em and Chat as SATURDAY CHECKLIST.

So here's my to do list:

* do market list , market day today for the helpers -- DONE!
* list our menu for the week ( Saturday - Friday) -- DONE!
* prepare breakfast for Ico and Sam -- DONE!
* cook lunch for the family
* call our aluminum window supplier, need to open up windows for the family room.
* call my Mom re: her birthday plans next week
* do my bi-monthly grocery.
* bring Kuya Ico home at Mandaluyong. Two weeks sked with his Dad.
* pick up my gown from the boutique. asked them to do minor alterations.
* buy another Kung Fu Panda DVD for Sam. Get new DVD again for hubby.
* look for old baby clothes of Sam for yaya Jenny (her last day today, she will surely be missed!)
* visit my dermatologist for my monthly facial cleaning and acne treatment.
* blog .. blog hop... online shop, do tags and post my weekend kwento.

Anniversary Ticker Countdown

Daisypath Anniversary tickers