Monday, December 28, 2009

on ski vacation plans

Though we live in a tropical country, my dream is to spend white Christmas abroad with my immediate family. You see, it has always been part of our travel plans to enjoy ski vacations at Aspen . And ever since I was told by my relatives from US that it is an awesome experience especially seeing the white capped mountains, snow falling and simply enjoying the ski ride, I’ve always dreamed of bringing the entire family to experience a different holiday thrill. Just as I’ve experienced few years back at Lake Tahoe. I would never forget how my colleagues and I spent the entire day goofing under the snow and enjoying my first ski ride. Despite being hurt and getting bruises that day, it was totally an unforgettable experience which I hope to share to my kids. Next winter season, perhaps. Let’s see.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

home care project

Have you heard whirlpool's 4396508? This water filter replaces the old whirlpool and kitchenaid refrigerators filter 4392857 and 4396509. My online buddy shopper,Tina highly recommends to use this unit to eliminate bad taste, icky odor, lime scale buildup, chlorine, dirt and rust that can be found in water and ice. The great thing about the 4396508 filter, it does not remove fluoride from the water. Great huh?! Actually, her recommendation to change my water filter is very timely since I have plans of replacing our existing water filters now. It's been more than six months, you know. Time to change.

So off to kitchen filter home care ... next in line, bedroom improvement project.

Perfect Match

Been waiting for quite some time now for the Balenciaga Spring/Summer Collection 2010. And when it finally arrived at Greenbelt 5, of course together with my bagaholic shopping buddy, Jody we wasted no time to check out the newly-released colors of Balenciaga.

And since I've been wanting for the perfect red shade of Balenciaga bag for months now, finally ... my prayers were answered. The Sang color. Bright red and not the maroonish or dull-red type of shade. So happy. Finally, I've found the perfect shade for me. Now the waiting starts ... hehehe!
My choice : Balenciaga Day Bag with Silver Giant Hardware

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Planning for US Family Trip by 2010

As the husband busy checking for best airline deals available online for his upcoming Hawaii trip, he's also busy checking possible orlando vacations for the family. You see, the husband is keen on bringing the kids to US by 2010 since we've received several invites from our relatives particularly from Hawaii, New York and Florida. They promised to give us a tour and even invited us to stay with them for weeks! All we have to prepare and worry would be our airline tickets (for 2 kids and 2 adults) and of course, our outlet shopping money! Really excited about our US travel plans. If ever, it will be the kids' first time to travel and see our US-based relatives. Now all we have to check is our budget for 2010. Hope we have excess moolah! :)

Migo's First Out of Town Trip

Last Sunday, we went for a short trip to Tagaytay Highlands. It was an impromptu trip, as always. We just decided the night before that we want to bring out Baby Miguel and have breakfast at Antonio's. And since it was Baby Migo's first out of town trip, naturally we want to capture all his firsts via our new Sony digital camera. LOL. Check out how we enjoyed the sun and cold weather of Tagaytay below.

Monday, December 7, 2009

on losing weight

After giving birth three weeks ago, I surpised myself that I already successfully shed off 18lbs. Yes ... 18lbs in three weeks, and still counting. My friends were asking me what is the secret formula of my drastic loss of weight but I don't know what to say... Really, nothing special. Though I eat less, by skipping breakfast and midnight snack (since I sleep a lot!) and taking some weight loss supplements I think I was able to successfully lose weight quite easily. Well, with a home to attend to, raise two kids plus the new baby, my hands are now full! No time to sit, munch and be a couch potato, eh? Just check out my recent photos below. That is my post preggo body ... still big but believe me, a whole lot improvement from my past months body figure. Hehehe!

gifts for teens

So after getting toy gifts for the kids few weeks ago for Christmas, next shopping agenda ... gift for the teenagers for godchildren, friend's kids and family. You see, buying gift for tweeners (in between kids and teens, which is aged 10-12)and teens, the most difficult age group to please. Well, aside from teens tends to be choosy nowadays, there are so many nice (and pricey) items available online for their picking. For girls, buying fab items like statement shirts, designer bags, dressy shoes always the "in" or preferred gift item. But for boys, really difficult! There are so many nice, updated gadgets available on line such as MP3s, camphones, digital camera, ipods and CD/DVDs which makes buying and choosing even more difficult. Well, I guess to save me with all the shopping trouble (and buying useless and unwanted presents), how about giving them money envelope or gift checks instead for Christmas. Wouldn't that be a better option? Gives them more freedom to choose and shop for items they like. What do you think?

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