Tuesday, March 29, 2011

with my girlfriends

Don't you just love hanging out with your girlfriends? Date night with girlfriends every Fridays, simply catching up over dinner, more talk over dessert, and still unlimited no holds barred girl talk during coffee until wee hours of the morning. Perfect stress-busters after a long work week. Wouldn't you agree?

MBAPs ladies with Kelly, Apols, Joy and Mich at Chilis, Greenbelt 5

with my highschool buddies : Kaye, Jet, Lani, Fe and Gladys at Sambo-kojin, Eastwood

hair panic

Any idea where I can get good reviews on best hair loss products? I think I badly need one for myself. After giving birth a year ago my hair seems not same anymore. Not as straight, soft, shiny and worst ... I do experience hairfall every morning, losing twenty to fifty strands during shower. Very, very bad. I tried having having treatment by applying hair spa, power dose, applying creams or hot oil, not working. Now I am worried that I might lose all my hair before I reach forty. Eeeeewww! Any hair care suggestions?

beauty SOS

Badly need beauty help! Lately, I am having sleepless nights due to my work. Stressed with the new team I am handling, and add the huge budget given to me. And with the back to back evening gatherings, late meetings for the past months, no wonder I am having dark circles under my eyes. Anyway, as an instant remedy, I usually put cold cucumber slices for few minutes before I sleep ... but the magic wonder seems not working at all! Any suggestions how to get rid of dark circles? Need miracle cream fast! =)

extra treat

Extremely happy! Just received good news from my MAC agent that the quote provided to me for my iMAC upgrade comes with a free ipod nano 4G. Coolness, eh? Now the kids may have iPod on their own. No more gadget-fight, no more music-sharing. The little girl can have her own Disney, Taylor Swift and iCarly music all the time, while the big brother ... can have all the pop and R&B music all day. Weeee! No more mommy-stress, and no more kids fighting! Perfect. All thanks to Mac super treats! =)


Oh my! So strong, bold and comic-cool. I was one of those super happy customer when I learned MAC worked in collaboration with DC Comics. Something fresh and cool ...and who could be better model ever, the super heroine herself in all prettyness and power, Wonder Woman! So cool ... I truly heart MAC's Wonder Woman Collection for Spring 2011!

Banish any thought of being a Plain Jane: M∙A∙C and Wonder Woman have joined forces! For Spring 2011, take a trip to Paradise Island with a legendary line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass, jumbo-big Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash inspired by the larger-than-life Bold Babe. Dashing and dazzling, the iconic super heroine reminds us that inside every woman is a Mighty Aphrodite full of courage, confidence and charisma. Kaboom! Mission Accomplished!

Wonder Woman has always known the importance of astounding accessories. For her collaboration with M∙A∙C, we’ve infused her sense and fantasy and wonder into a vivid collection of awe-inspiring accessories as fierce and feminine as the heroine herself. Bright, bold, superhuman designs in Makeup Bags – from radiant Red to Bulletproof Blue, Utility Belt Brush Sets, and exclusively online, the WW T-Shirt and Invincible Mirror. Shazam!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

summer plans

Summer here again. And now that the kids already off from school, I need to find ways how to make them productive and useful this summer. Aside from enrolling them to summer camp like basketball, baking, football or swimming, I would like to expose the kids with social awareness activities that would probably open their eyes with the realities of the world. Probably engage them with care for environment worthy-cause activities, such as tree planting or recycling campaign. Or probably expose them to home or nurse care awareness. One way of reaching out to old people and expose them to people with disabilities who are simply waiting for SSDI benefits claim. Though two of my kids still young for these awareness campaign, but I guess my fifteen-year old son would be interested as an outreach program of the youth. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HK bound for summer

Yes, we are HongKong bound this summer. Weeee, super excited to be back on the happiest place on earth! This time, more excited as we will be back with the youngest member of our family, Migo. Our travel will be perfect this year as we will catch the 5th Year Anniversary of Disneyland HK and see the new float parade --- Flights of Fantasy with Tinkerbell's fairies too. Really excited! And of course, aside from enjoying all the Disney rides, I also look forward to those cute souvenir items like bags, umbrellas, shirts, key charm and pens with the famous Disney characters. Weeee ...more excited. Few months to go and we are HK-bound summer.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

family heirloom

Seven years ago, the husband gave me diamond tennis bracelet made of white gold for Christmas. If I can remember correctly, it was one of the most expensive piece of jewelry that year next to our engagement ring. In fact, the husband (my boyfriend then) complained of not having any bonuses that year. Double whammy, as he claims! Buying engagement and tennis bracelet in one year Hihihi! Anyway until now, I still have my diamond tennis bracelet with me. Still beautiful and brillant. Perfect pass-on gift for my daughter when she turns eighteen in the next years to come.

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