Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happily Joined Smorty

I've always been fascinated how paid blogging actually works. I am one of those who is so curious why my friends are so hooked on blogging as well as busy doing some blog advertising at their own blog. First step was to read and learn more about the blogging world and sign up with a good paid blogging site like Smorty.

From my readings, I learned that Smorty is a very dynamic tool that connects advertisers to bloggers like me. It is an avenue for advertisers to reach thousands of bloggers to advertise or post their opinions on different products, services or websites while linking back to advertisers site. On the other hand, bloggers get paid by simply doing blog advertising. Isn't that great?! Getting paid while blogging.

Thus with this good webfinds, it's easy to share this with my fellow blogging moms who might be interested to find new great products from the web. And at the same time, do something they love...blogging! With less effort and blogging at your own time, you get paid while doing some reviews and providing product, service and website insights. Ain't that cool? You learn and you get paid! Truly great benefits done by Smorty...a different medium for advertising on the web, blog advertising.

With this great news ... I am happy that I joined Smorty too!

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