Tuesday, September 22, 2009

acne alert

As I've blogged here, I badly need safe and effective acne treatments that will help me cure my acne problem in three days. I have an upcoming corporate event by Friday and I need to eliminate this unwanted zit fast! Of course, with my condition now (at almost eight months preggy), I need to find not only an effective cure for my acne problem but also safe and with no harmful effects on my baby. I was able to find a promising acne treatment product, acnexus, a one step treatment that exfoliates, penetrates and hydrates in every use. In fact, it's one of the fastest selling acne cure on the internet. Now I am excited to buy! I hope it makes true to its promise.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

surprise baby shower

Just had my surprise baby shower last weekend. Yes, it was really a surprise one organized and given by our beloved Ate Glo who was home from Indiana US for a few days. It was actually her despedida dinner cum surprise baby shower and boy ... was I really surprised! You see, the husband brought me out for dinner that night to indulge me to my Japanese food craving. Together with some friends, he brought me to a fine dining Japanese restaurant at The Fort, Toki restaurant for a night of sushi, sashimi and of course, wagyu steak!! I ate so much that night, pigging out to my heart's delight on wagyu beef. Not knowing surprise party awaits me at home, I even requested for scoops of green tea mint ice cream to cap the night. Very bad! LOL.
Anyway, after eating so much, hubby and I went home a little past nine. I was surpised to see the lights at our garage were on and hubby's family patiently waiting for me. As soon as I entered the gate, they all greeted me with gifts. Oh, it was my surprise baby shower that night. Hahaha! And I felt bad that I can't eat all the food they brought. I was so full from dinner.

Happily, I opened the gifts they brought for my baby. Baby Miguel received set of blue onesies from Ate Glo, pair of PJs, receiving blankets, door hanger, bib and a toy. Though I have almost all baby stuffs (all hand me downs from Ate Samantha), I still wish to receive steam cleaner as a gift.. This will make my ironing easy especially when the new baby arrives. The delicate cotton material of the baby dress would require extreme care, and the steam cleaner will be a perfect household gadget. Let's see. I still have couple of baby shower to come and I hope my friends will heed my plea. :)
To hubby's family: Ate Glo, Gen, my MIL, SIL, BILs, cousins, tito and tita's ... thank you so much for the baby shower! Truly appreciate the gesture and love for me and baby miguel.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

back from Cebu trip

Yes, I am soo back after a three-day conference at Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu. It was hot, sun-shiny weather at Cebu. Perfect for swimming at the beach and soaking under the sun. Total opposite from the cold, rainy and floody streets of Manila. Sadly, was not able to enjoy the good weather here. I was so busy meeting clients for three-days!

My original plan for a little R&R before I give birth did not materialize. In fact, I even booked airfare and accommodation for two, that is for myself and my daughter, Samantha. Availed the low-fare promo from PAL and Local Resident's Package Shangri-la Resort. But at the last minute, I've decided to go alone because of hectic work schedule. Hotel booking cancelled, but the airfare was non-refundable. Too bad.

Anyway, despite working ... still enjoyed my stay. It ended up as bonding time for me and the husband together with our friends from the telecom industry. Of course, despite all the fun and partying ... we are still working! LOL.

I was able to get copy of my picture from the last night party of the ACC event. Looking at the picture, you'll see not only that I am in need of weight loss supplements , but the husband as well. Hahaha! With all the buffet food (and Cebu lechon) during our three-day stay, I strongly believed he gained few pounds from it. Even our friends can attest to it! Now he's desperate to go into crash diet. Poor husband. He's trying to cut down his rice intake lately and I hope (and pray) it'll work. Really wish him luck. Hahaha!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hello Kitty Mania

Finally decided. As of last night, the husband and I decided to give the little bratinella a simple birthday treat for her upcoming 5th birthday on November. This year's party theme ... Hello Kitty!

Anyway, since Hello Kitty is celebrating her 35th year existence this year, allow me to share some facts about the most well known and loved character of all-time, Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio company and designed by Ikuko Shimizu. She has several friends, Mama, Papa, Mimmy, Tim and Tammy, Mory, Cathy, Jody, Thomas and others. Hers is a world filled with family, caring fun, good manners and polite friends. Hello Kitty lives with her family, her mama, papa, and her twin sister Mimmy. She is one of the most popular fictional characters created by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty started out by becoming very popular in Japan amongst school aged girls, and then made her way to Britain and America.

Despite being born in Japan, Hello Kitty is British and her family lives in Suburban London. Her weight is described as being that of three shiny apples and her favorite food is Apple Pie made by Mama. Hello Kitty likes traveling, music, reading, yummy cookies, making new friends and collecting lots of cute items like sweets and goldfish. Hello Kitty is still a kitten despite being born on November 1, 1974, such is the luck of a fictional cartoon character.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Linggo ng Wika Presentation 09

Last August 27, the SPCP Kinder 1 class showcased their talent in dancing with their own dance interpretation of singkil. They danced the traditional singkil movements with a twist this time. Instead of dancing using traditional gong and kulintang instruments, they danced using Apo Hiking Society song, which I forgot the title of the song at the moment. LOL.
Anyway, sharing you some of the bratinella's pictures during their Linggo ng Wika Presentation

While waiting for showtime : Mommy and Samantha
Dancing Singkil

Inside the classroom ... and goofing around with Daddy after the presentation.

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