Sunday, January 23, 2011

cigar accessories

Any idea where I can get cigar accessories? The husband is looking for one as he plans to give his Cuban boss a birthday token. Last year, he gave his boss premium tobacco and this time, he's thinking of giving something different. Perhaps personalized lighter or ashtrays. The local stores can't provide nice quality accessories and the husband is thinking of getting it online. Any site you can recommnend?

special screening - Yogi Bear

And will be off tomorrow morning watch Yogi Bear Special Screening at Glorietta 4. Our cousin gave us free tickets to include pre-screening cocktails too! Great. Really excited for the kids especially for Migo, who will watch a movie for the first time. I just hope he will enjoy the movie and will not be scared inside the movie house.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

back to heaven

Simply counting the weeks and we will be off to Bora-heaven. Yes, the excited beach girl in me would like to go back to the pristine beach of Boracay. Almost exactly after a year from my last visit. But this time, I will be in Bora not for work but, for a complete R&R with my family. Yes, ultimate heaven! As early as now I am preparing our beach gears, buying suits for the kids including rashguards to protect them from the heat of the sun. As for me, I have a month to lose those unwanted fats so I can fit perfectly in my tankinis. Hahaha! Yes,not only by taking proven fat burner daily but, I also do watch my carbo intake too! Hoping I can shed off ten pounds ithin a month ... Wish me luck.

insurance policy change

Would you know where I can find cheap car insurance quotes? I badly need one as our four year old SUV car due for insurance renewal by next month. Our previous agent no longer works with our existing insurance company and I am not happy with the present agent handling my account. She lacks knowledge (and experience!) in handling claim policies and I am not satisfied how she handled my last claim case. Instead of getting a fair deal from the car company, I ended up paying more. Tsk..tsk..Anyhow, if you have suggestions or recommendations, do let me know.

Friday, January 14, 2011

happy at work

It's the time of the month and paychecks already here ...everyone happy at work today.

Aside from our salary and usual allowances, received my performance bonus also today. Weee!! Thanks to my overwhelming 2010 performance, and my boss gave me a performance bonus. Yes, aside from hitting my set target last year, my projects were all implemented and returned a good revenue for the company. Aside from being monitored by performance appraisals and performance management software, the company also implemented a 360 feedback from our internal support team. Hence, happy that I passed all these metrics with flying colors. And the end result ...more shopping moolah for me! Hahaha! Thank you, Bayan.

food delivery

Yes, we are big fan of food delivery. Our nights will not be complete without our usual midnight snack. And our top favorite midnight snack food --pizza! In fact, my six year old daughter knows the pizza delivery hotline by heart. All top four pizza delivery: Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, Shakey's and Greenwich. And if she's craving for chicken and spaghetti, Mc Do delivery at 24 x 7 availability. Perfect snack food for hungry peeps like us. Fast and convenient. And I heart them all. Too bad with all these great foods, I don't think I'll ever lose weight. Despite all my diet pills intake, I am surrounded by oh-so yummy but fatty foods. And I can't say NO! I am weak ....Blame it on the kids' cravings. Harhar!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

camera upgrade

I believe we are ready to upgrade our old point and shoot camera. The husband decided to go PRO this time with our photos. Thus, from our trusted compact touch screen camera for years, to high quality Single Lens Reflex (SLR) or Canon camera. And to be precise, we want to get Canon 400D EOS series. Hahaha! Well, I learned from my SLR owner friends, the Canon 400D is easy to use for beginners like me, high quality with 10MP, smaller body size and less expensive too! What do you think?

end of season sale - coats!

Zara end of season sale!

Yes, the much-awaited end of season sale from Zara finally started. From January 6 to 18, enjoy great items from Zara at a discounted price. Of course, the shopping addict like me won't miss this fab sale . As I am keen on getting nice coat for our next spring/winter trip in Beijing, I've got all excuses to shop and splurge eh? Tee-hee! On my first day of sale, was able to get nice pair of slacks and skirts. Second day, fab coats. Check out my good finds below.

Coat no. 1 - black over coat ; love this! very pricey with minimal discount only. From P6490 to P5990. Still waiting for Zara to slash down further discount. Probably by last day of Zara sale period. Still waiting. =)

Fab find no. 2 - black jacket ; very stylish with adorable scoop neckline. From P5990 down to P4990. P1,000 slash-off from original price. Grabbed this instead of Item 1 since this is limited stock only.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

post holiday gift

Holiday rush already over. Gifts given and already opened. But have you bought something for yourself this holiday season? If not yet, then why don't you reward yourself for a job well done for 2010. Hahaha! Yes, justfying all the reasons to buy something for myself. This time, I am interested to get something as investment. Thinking of buy gold online as my initial investment for 2011. What do you think, will this be wise choice?

new baby in the family

Hooray for my sister! Finally, after nine year she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl during the holiday season. Her name, Secret Dannica. Yes, my sister has this knack of naming her kids with funny names. Hahaha! Anyway, as I am helping her plan the baptism party, I am now in full charge of her party preparations. This includes baptismal venue, catering, food and even to the mintue details of baby thank you cards. Of course the party animal like me once again excited for party planning. And as a start, allow me to share photo of my new niece ... baby Secret Dannica.

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