Friday, January 29, 2010

travel plans

Before I search for an affordable and relieable video card for Kuya Ico's laptop (who has been complaining lately on his laptop's performance when engaged in online games), allow me to share latest update on my travel plans for the year. Yes, surprisingly I will be out for international trips more this year compared to previous years ever. I'll be doing what I love best ... and that is travelling. My passion and love! So here's my travel itinerary for the year (moving skeds)
Feb 19-22 : Kota Kinabalu, company sales incentive
Mar 27-31 : Tokyo, Japan with hubby as post anniv trip
May 2nd week: Singapore client visit (annual trip)
May 28-31 : Macau with my HS friends
June 9 -12 : Singapore with the family for the Universal Studios treat
July 2nd week : Hongkong for client visit - work related
Aug 27-30 : Beijing, China with Highschool friends
Sept 3rd week: Canada/US trip with the husband to attend wedding of cousin (TENTATIVE depending on budget availability)
Whoa! So much travel plans eh? Really exciting! Now, I need to save up fast. With all these travel plans, will be really really broke this year :( Wish me luck.

Friday, January 22, 2010

job search

My cousin, who is now based in Florida landed on a good paying job as Customer Service Representative (CSR) recently. She told me, she was lucky amongst the five people interviewed last month for CSR, she was able to get the job without a hitch. Of course, aside from her being smart, credit goes to Florida's leading job search website, Fort Lauderdale job search. My cousin told me that she just submitted her resume online, ticked her location and preferred work, and presto .. she was set for interview. Kinda easy (and lucky) since it only took her a little over a month to get a job. And so far good. She's enjoying her work for three months now and counting. I hope and pray she'll stay hooked for a long time. So to my cousin Anne, congrats girl for a job well done! '

online boots shopping

Eversince the husband said yes for our Japan trip, I've been very busy online. Busy not only to plan out our travel itinerary, but also I've been very busy checking appropriate outfits to wear for the spring season in Japan. One of the must-haves I've been lusting --- boots! You see, I don't have any boots. For obvious reason, I don't need one in a tropical climate like ours. However, lately ... I've been seeing a lot of women wearing boots inside the malls, and for their foreign travel. And with our upcoming trip in Japan this March, think this is the perfect time for me to own one. So far, these are the boots I found online:
Anne Klein leather boots

Steve Madden's slouchy boots design in Gray

Steve Madden's Tiara slouchy boots

Ain't they a real darling ... What do you think? Which one should I get for myself? :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

distance learning

Now that I’ve been a slave in the corporate world for more than a decade, sometimes I wish I can pursue my studies without my work or family to stop me from earning a bachelor’s degree. I’ve been meaning to go back to school for quite sometime now to finish my graduate school, unfortunately the present demands of my work won’t allow me to do so. My work schedule is hectic, most of the time I am out to do courtesy calls or fieldwork to clients.

Good thing I found bachelor’s degree online that would make my dream come true. Through Western Governor’s University - an online university I found on the web , I can earn my degree at my own pace and at my own time. It is one of the most affordable education available online that caters to working individuals like me without sacrificing my time with my family and work. Moreover, the university offers learning based on competencies of individuals and not simply by credit hours inside the school. It is convenient, provides flexibility with my work schedules, and best of all … truly affordable. In fact, WGU is nationally, regionally and NCATE accredited. Sounds promising,eh? This is really a dream come true for a working mom like me. Do check it out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Migo's baptism invites

Got the baptism invites of Migo! Really cutie, eh? Got this from my new supplier and I am happy with the layout. My little squirt looks more a baby this time and not a biggie about to have his first birthday. LOL.

I am happy with my new supplier, cute prints. Totally accommodating, fast, efficient and reliable. I was able to get my lay out in less than 24 hours, approved it and on it's way to the printer as I type this blog. Hahaha, really fast. The artist did a great job, don't you think so? I wonder if she got home budget software online for this invite. I was told it is much better compared to other websites for software applications.

Anyway, please see attached draft invites below.

Finally set.

It's finally set ... Miguel's baptism will proceed as planned for February 6. So after all the travel brouhaha issue we had in our office due to our sales incentive trip,the Phuket trip was cancelled and moved to a later date. It means I am back again party planning and finalzing all my contracts with my suppliers. Also, it means that I need to trim down my excess preggy weight in three weeks time. Hah, wish that would be easy. Luckily, I was told by my best friend she chanced upon an effective new weight loss product that may answer my immediate requirement. Looks promising, though. Let's see if it really works.

Friday, January 15, 2010

migo's baptism schedule

So far everything ready for the upcoming baptism of my son, Migo. Venue booked at Sanctuario de San Antonio, caterers, food cards, tokens and party suppliers settled, and invites ready for printing. Everything ready and just waiting for the big day ... and that was as of January 13.

However, with a twist of fate, the baptism need to be re-scheduled. I received a call from my boss that the sales incentive trip will be moved to February 5-7, exactly same weekend date of migo's supposed baptism sked. Really bad. I am trying to figure out for days how to move the baptism date without sacrificing the husband's schedule as well. You see, he has several foreign trips slotted for the month of February, and I need to find one Saturday to hold Migo's baptism. So far ... no luck yet. Conflicting dates with the husband's trip and even with our family affairs. I am sooo stressed with these scheduling problems! In fact, having acne breakouts already and I need to find treatment for acne soon. Wish me luck. Not only to get successful baptism date, but on overcoming my acne breakouts as well.

on diet pills

After two months of giving birth, I really need diet pill that works ... fast! And since I will be back for work next week after my maternity leave, I need to get my pre-preggo body shape back especially with our upcoming Phuket trip. Yes, I am off to Phuket. I was told that this year's sales incentive will be at the famous Phuket beach for 3 days! It means nothing but all fun under the sun this time. And since summer almost here, Phuket trip would just be perfect to wear those skimpy bikini and get that glowing tan. Darn. I am so pressured with just three weeks to go before the trip. Oh, did I mention I need diet pill that works fast or I am asking magic to work overtime?! LOL.

on product demands

As I am doing some travel research for our upcoming Japan travel, a popular male website caught my attention about enhancements. I am suprised to see that so many products available already in the market. Demands may be high, and there may be a niche market for these products, which is why so many product options available for the customers.Then I wonder, why need for enhancements? And does extenze work? The review given were all positive. As a matter of fact some can even attest the reliability and effectiveness of the product since it works as herbal supplement. Though not sure if the reviews were 100% accurate, but customers may check out the male bloggers site for more details. And as for product demand ... I guess so. It already created a stir in the market and I am sure there's indeed a product demand for enhancement pills like extenze.

travel bag

I think 2010 will be the year of travel for the family. We have so many travel plans ahead of us, not only because of our work, but family travel as well. And since we will be travelling a lot this year (both domestic and foreign trips), I can't help but wish to get myself a perfect travel companion. For months now, I've been eyeing these particular Louis Vuitton travel mates:

1. Keepall 50 with Strap : Perfect hand-carry luggage for our trips. Easy and practical use especially if you travel light. The size simply perfect for the overhead luggage bin.

2. Bloomsbury PM : Another fashionable bag for everyday use. Very practical especially if you are travelling and always on the go. Leaves your hands free while shopping or holding a baby. Very true. Hahaha!
Obviously, I love damier print, don't you agree. If ever, these bags will be part of my growing mini damier collection. Anyway, no definite plans to buy yet ... haven't talked to the husband on the budget for my new LV bag. He will be leaving for Hawaii on Sunday evening and I need to decide which one ... fast. :)

Japan travel treat

To celebrate our upcoming 6th-year anniversay this February, the husband finally said yes to my pleas ... a trip to Tokyo, Japan! Wooohooo! Finally, he agreed to grant one of my dream travel destination. Though our target trip will not coincide with our anniversary date this time, but it will still be perfect in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We shall be in Tokyo for five days, from March 26-March 30.
Of course our travel itinerary will include Disneysea and Sanrio Puroland as must see destinations as well as the Asuka temples. Dine in and experience authentic Japanese food from hand-rolled maki's, sushi and yakisoba galore! A trip to Tsukiji market and enjoy the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival. So many things to do with so little time! And I hope I can squeeze everything with a little time for shopping since I need to get anti aging face face creams too. Oh, just can't wait! But before anything else, need to complete my Japanese visa requirements. Wish me luck that no hitches on my visa application. :)

nothing is impossible

As I was about to search famous business entrepreneurs for my review, I came across a material about richard willich. A famous entrepreneur, philantrophist and patriot who came from South Chicago. As I was reading his humble beginnings, I admired his business acumen which led him to one of the famous businessman in America. He worked hard, successfuly climbed the corporate ladder and became the CEO of MDI Holdings, a multi milion dollar Florida based company focused on health care services. Immediately I showed this site to my son, Ico and asked him to read the humble beginnings of Richard Willich. Appreciate the kind of life he led, and let him be an inspiration to achieve his dreams and goals. Nothing is impossible ...even in America.

Monday, January 11, 2010

online review

I can't help it. I am distracted. I can't focus on checking about LSAT prep for my niece while doing some serious online shopping on the side. I've heard good reviews but too bad, can't open the site. Though from the last time I heard from my friend, the review site highly recommendable since they provide effective teaching program from competent instructors, money back guarantee for the courses as well as the option of financial assistance. Ain't that great online review program?
Anyway, since i can't focus much on my research might as well take a break ... more online shopping to clear my head! Hahaha! Well, winter clearance sale items from RL and Gap store already available. and this is the best time to shop :)

Miguel at 2 months

The little squirt turned 2 months old today. Time flies so fast. From 7.3 lbs to 8.5 lbs. Quite a biggie,right? His appetite is growing and can finish 4oz. of milk every 3 hours. His sleep patterns still erratic, normally he wakes up in between 3am to 5am. Urgh! Believe me, I am like a walking zombie. My only consolation, I get good number of hours of sleep every morning since I leave baby migo to his yaya to catch a wink.
As a two-month old baby, Migo can lift his head and can hold it longer when lying on his stomach. He's starting to communicate by cooing and smiling. Aside from sucking or placing his fingers inside his mouth, he moves quite a lot especially waving his arms and stretching his legs. He also loves to gaze around, tilting his head from side to side and easily responds to my voice. I noticed he loves listening to people around him especially if you talk to him directly. He's a real cutie! Less cries heard but unfortunately, he's a spoiled baby and demands to be held most of the time. Happy 2-month birthday baby miguel!! :)

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