Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogging 101_ update 2

Blogging 101 update ...

1. Page Layout
For some unknown reason, my blog page seemed ok now. I was panicky last Wednesday when I lost my original page lay out. Imagine, finding my widgets/page elements at the bottom of my page..huh, really unexplainable! Yes I admit I did some tweaking on lay outs, and should have known better...not to play around with my templates since I am no-pro at this area. Hehehe! Lesson learned.

2. Changed my page look
If you noticed, I've changed my Christmas-y colors from red and green to pink and purple fonts. Though I wanted a different variation of pink but with no luck, I can't find the right shade of pink...that is, bubble gum pink! Oh well, for the meantime will settle on these colors.

3. On paid blogging
Yes, I officially started putting paid ads/entries last Thursday. I think I've already posted 4 blog ads since then. All pending for approvals and with 3 projects awaiting for my completion. Not that big moolah ... but it did provide me a lot of practice.

I can't believe I'll enjoy doing paid blogging. Should have started months ago pala. Hahaha! Paid blogging reminds me of my highschool days doing book reviews. You just need to read a little and summarize the novel for your book report. Oh to be honest, since I am lazy to read novels back then ... I just read my classmate's book report and submit summarized report of her work! Really bad. And I was able to get away with it! Hahaha!

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M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Jacqui! Good job. Ganyan lang talaga sa simula.

Sorry kung ngayon lang ako naka reply. I've been busy lately. So ok na yung recent comments widget mo?


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