Friday, October 30, 2009

legal assistance

So far, so good … despite the alarming news received yesterday for a possible major typhoon, Santi finally the typhoon subsided. Strong, gush winds experienced early this morning but after a few hours, the typhoon already left the country. It was quick, few damage created but so far, not as major calamity we experienced last month from typhoon Ondoy.

Though the typhoon left, some of our power lines and cable not yet fully restored. As a matter of fact, as I type this entry, internet connection still intermittent. Very bad. I am on a rush now. Having difficulty browsing the web for possible Tennessee injury lawyers for my cousin based abroad. You see, he emailed me the other day for financial help since he badly needs assistance to cover his medical reimbursements. The medical bill was extremely shocking, and I don’t think the money sent to him by the family will be enough to cover all the expenses. Hence, we all advised him to seek possible legal assistance as well. The family been sending him email on list and websites of injury lawyers whom I think can help him while he’s in the US. I just hope he finds one soon. With medical bills piling up, he needs to resolve his legal issues soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

bath upgrades

Oh, I so want this ... for our bathroom upgrade.

And since the husband is into home improvement mode after the Ondoy calamity, I so want to take advantage of extending our home improvements not only exterior and interior painting jobs, but to upgrade my favorite part of the house .. the bathroom! Wouldn't it be lovely and a dream to own a walk in bath tub with full air whirlpool spa with 24 jet spray! Totally relaxing comfort at your very own home. No need to visit the spa for deep soak tub body massage, but instead you get the royal treatment fit for a queen any day you want it. Great, huh! And I so want to get this. I just hope the Prestige model bath tub will fit just right at our present shower room set up. Otherwise, instead of bath upgrade, will be needing major home improvement to add more space to our present bathroom. And that is not part of the plan! LOL.

and more LO for the party

Here's more lay out sample pictures from Abie and Howell. True to their word, they were able to send the LO before they leave few hours for Singapore (thanks guys!). I was able to send the soft copy to our reliable printers and since it's a long weekend and a holiday ... tarps ready for pick up by tomorrow evening. Isn't that great! Now we are finally all set for the party.
5x8 stage tarp design

2x6 party tarps standee

Oh, let me correct that... Not yet fully ready for the party yet. Almost forgot one minor thing. The birthday gift! I checked the web for mini laptop gadget request of the little girl, and happy to say found affordable and reliable laptop for tweens at! And since my fave electronic gadget store, Circuit City has closed its doors. Happy to find a new online shopping website not only for my gadget needs but for other items like clothes and jewelry. Do check it out. Affordable price and convenient shopping made easy.

holiday tasks

This coming Monday, November 2 it was officially declared as public holiday. This is to celebrate All Soul's Day or day of remembering our loved ones who already passed away. Another long weekend hence the family is planning to go out for a short weekend get-away at Tagaytay. However, since most of the cemeteries will be filled by people, traffic will be very, very bad! Which makes us reconsider our wekeend plans, and instead prepare our long weekend hiatus by watching DVDs and doing some household chores. I've summarized some of the things to do this long weekend.

1. Prepare Samantha's party lootbags. Put all thank you tags and goodies on each loot.

2. Pick up party streamers and welcome tarps.

3. Give out party invitation to Sam's friends at home.

4. Prepare baby migo's bag since I am about to pop anytime this month.

5. Finalize birthing plans and brief husband do's and don'ts when the big day arrives.

6. Get the little bratinella her birthday outfit. Need to hit the mall this weekend for nice party dress.

7. Lastly, check the web for reliable Plano dentist for big brother Ico. He badly needs ortho-dentist to fix his over-bite problem. Target fix: on his 14th birthday by January.

8. Finalize budget and call home-fixers for exterior house repainting job in preparation for upcoming Christmas parties.

See .. so much to do this weekend. And it seems not a long relaxing weekend after all. Hehehe!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Travel Promo

I was informed by the husband that his trip to Hawaii this coming January will be a GO to attend the annual Pacific Telecom Conference. This annual event usually attended by the husband will be again held at the Hilton Resort and Spa at Ala Moana Hawaii and this time he's seriously considering me and the little girl to join him for some R&R time. Just like the previous years, it will be a four-day conference and meetings, but he's planning to extend his trip to enjoy the sights and beaches of Hawaii this time.
And because of this good news, I immediately checked the web for some great travel deals that we can take to save cost on hotel and airfare. And since the husband's travel expense will be paid by his company, it would be best if we book months in advance to ensure we get the best rates possible. Now I am one excited, busy bee ... hope we can get good travel package that will fit our budget. Not only that will include accommodations and airfare, but also awesome scenic sight-seeing tours and trips for our family.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

more LO sample

Oh, before I forget, allow me to share another version of Samantha's 5th Birthday Party Invite. This is her favorite!

Thanks to my ever-reliable online couple friends, Abie and Howell for all the party lay-outs (invites, steamers and gift tags), preparing my little girl's birthday party was stress-free and easy for me this year because of all your help. 'Til next year (and baby miguel's parties)!

Samantha's party invites ...

... already printed and distributed to some of my colleagues and relatives.

As much as I want to send the printed copy to all our guests, I am afraid it will be very impossible for me at this time. One, driving proved to be quite difficult for me lately as I experience having mild contractions once in a while. Two, we decided to spend our weekend here at our Greenwoods home and we miss our home so much. Three as we spend our time here at home, we need to complete some household errands (such as house repairs and maintenance) before we move back again to our rented condo unit. Thus, it's a full and busy wekeend for the family.

Nevertheless, I've already successfully sent soft copy of the invites to some of our friends through facebook, twitter, yahoo mails, gmails, flickr and to all my online social networking sites thus I think everyone already well-informed about the upcomnig party. Thanks to the wonders of technology, reaching out to people made faster, convenient and so easy. Isn't it great?!

Now off to Samantha's party invite updates, need to check out micro sd for our digital camera in preparation for the upcoming birthday bash of the bratinella. I need to find extra micro sd just in case we do get excited with the party and end up with picture overload!LOL

Thursday, October 15, 2009

party planning updates

finally, party all set for the little girl. Despite preparing quite late (yes, in my books party preps must be at least six months ahead), I was able to complete everything from party venue, party host (wacky the magician), decors from party boosters, cake and loots. And I am proud to say, despite being heavily pregnant at eight months, I was able to complete all these party details aligned to the little bratinella's wish of Hello Kitty theme.
With three weeks to go, few pending items which I am hoping for delivery by this week : prizes for balloon burst (from Toy Kingdom sale tomorrow), party invites design and tarps. Manageable delay and just minor glitch from my partyt preps since I am very much confident that my supplier (Abie and Howell) will deliver just in time. :)
Now off to my party planning updates, with few weeks to go until I finally give birth, need to prepare myself and search articles on how to lose belly fat. You see, I need to shed of around 15-20lbs post-pregnancy fats and crash diet will not be an effective method to lose those unwanted fats fast. Wish me luck.

on getting fit

For this coming holiday season, I am thinking of getting the husband fitness equipment like treadmill or incline trainer to encourage him to pursue his diet plans. You see, he's been trying to lose weight for months now but because he travels a lot due to work, he can't seriously pursue his goal of trimming down his weight. Aside from the fact that the husband loves to eat Asian food, he can't simply spend time to go to gym since he's on a back-to-back meetings. Because of this, the husband needs an effective machine that will burn calories fast. Luckily, I saw a good promo on the web for an effective incline trainer. It offers more than 5x of burning calories by simply walking. The promo is offered to online buyers for a limited period of time. As low as $27, you can own the incline trainer! Buyers have also option to own this fitness machine with zero down payment and no interest payments for six months! Great deal, huh! Do check it out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

on my 34th week

Before I pursue with my aunt's request for research materials on spine surgery Mexico, just an update on my present preggy state.
I am on my 34th week now, so far ... doing ok with my pregnancy. The pelvic ultrasound yesterday showed that the baby is doing well too. Baby size normal for his gestational age. No abnormalities seen. Placenta still high, and baby's position no longer in breech position but moved to cephalic position. Getting ready to move out! LOL. But seriously, hopefully Baby Miguel will stay the same position until I give birth few weeks from now. Of course I would prefer to give birth by normal delivery, much easier for me and cheaper too! Hahaha! Wish me luck.

Disney on Ice

Will surely not miss this one!
Thanks for my twittmates/mbaps friends Peachy and Abie for sharing the good news. Finally, will be able to catch the Disney characters on Ice live in Manila. The show will run from Dec 25-January 3, timely for the holiday season. And since the little bratinella adores the famous Mickey and Minnie characters, I am sure she'll love this one too just like Barney and Seasame Street Show from the previous years.
Anyway, I am hoping we can still get front-row tickets. Our target date January 3, Sunday at 6pm. The last and hopefully the best Disney on Ice show ever! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

GMAT online?

Everheard of Graduate Management Admission Test online? I came across Knewton's GMAT prep when my aunt from New York informed our cousins to reconsider taking online courses to improve their GMAT grades. You see, some of our Canada-based cousins thinking of studying Management program in New Jersey and I think passing the GMAT is a crucial requirement prior entering post-graduate universities. So far, the Knewton's GMAT program is the most adaptive online platform I saw on the web which provides students chance to ask questions, interact with instructors and review the concepts at the very comfort of their home at their own desired time. Really cool, huh? That's the power of online technology! Anyway, we've provided our cousins several online options for review and we are hoping they'll decide soon should they wish to pursue management degree in the US. Not bad to be doubly-sure, right? :)

on jewelry and insurance coverage

Finally, the chanel-inspired dangling earrings arrived after more than a month wait period. I fell inlove with this set when I saw this famous tv host-actress wearing it at her mother's funeral wake. Call it love at first sight, and after seeing it ... had sleepless nights and can't wait to get hold of it. Which is why I never stopped bugging my jeweler-friend to create an exact chanel earrings replica made of white gold and south sea pearls. Very bad of me. After my bagaholic madness, I am back to my jewelry madness! Real beauty, huh! Now I am hooked, I want matching pendant to go with it this time. Hehehe!
Of course, despite my current addiction to jewelry, I wouldn't compromise our existing life insurance policy. Especially now, with the coming of the new baby, we need to re-consider our existing insurance policy and probably upgrade our present coverage to ensure the future of our kids. With three kids to support, we need to get maximum coverage we can give to our kids... which I hope and pray, monthly premiums will be just affordable and budget-friendly for us. Wish us luck.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

back to party preps

Aside from the upcoming wedding party next Sunday at Tagaytay Highlands, I am also busy (actually more of cramming) for Samantha's 5th Birthday Party on November 7. Though it's just a simple party with few guests, and I vowed not to be OC this time, but the two weeks after effect of Typhoon Ondoy in our household stopped all my party preparations.
Anyway since it seems everything back to normal now, and with no threat of upcoming typhoons, need to finish all the lay-outs within the week especially for the party invites. You see, need to distribute the invites by 3rd week of October since ther will be another long holiday by last week of October to celebrate All Saint's and All Soul's Day. Stage tarps and thank you tags may follow after the invites.

Sharing below some of Samantha's pictures I took this morning using my old point-and-shoot camera. These pictures submitted to our photographer/layo-out artist friends, Abie and Howell for their picking. What do you think will be the best shot for Sam's invite?

Looking at Sam's pictures above, don't you just envy her small body frame? I wish she'll stay slim (but active) until she reach her teens. I wouldn't want her to be like Mommy taking appetite suppressant pills just to lose those unwanted fats. LOL.

BIL's wedding ...

... would be exactly six days from now. On Sunday, October 18, the Soriano-Raymundo clan will all troop to Tagaytay Highland's to attend the much-awaited wedding of the family. Despite all the typhoons and floods that passed these past few weeks, finally ... this is it! Still a GO wedding. All wedding invitations sent, guests and suppliers confirmed, and everything settled. Yes, after almost one year of wedding preparations by my brother in-law and his fiancee, they'll be walking down the aisle and say their I do's. How time flies so fast!

And of course, my kids will play a vital role part of the wedding entourage. Samantha will be one one of the flower girls, while Ico will be one of the junior groomsmen. Really cool, huh?! I can't wait to see the little girl in her pretty, striking, fluffy red gown. And Kuya Ico, donning an all-black suit ensemble. The husband will be wearing coat and tie too. And as for me, since I am on my 8th month pregnancy, will be in my simple short black dress with striking red accent bag, fab red sandals and nail polish. Hahaha, still aligned with the color theme, right? Can't wait to have our family portrait after this.

So to my BIL and his fiancee, congrats! Wishing you good luck and more kids to come!

diaper fund raffle ...

... for Baby Miguel Inigo Gabriel Soriano or "MIGO".

The diaper fund raffle will be the ultimate highlight of my upcoming baby shower to be given by my colleagues few weeks from now. I am really excited! Can't wait to my little tot's first party. To know more, read here.

insurance protection

After the major calamities that hit the Philippines recently, everybody is thinking of getting property insurance. It's so sad that the recent Ondoy calamity (International name: Typhoon Kestana) claimed not only properties but lives of so many people. The sudden flash flood in Metro Manila was a surprise, and it hit all of us unexpectedly at the least expected areas... Metro Manila.
Luckily, we were spared by the flood. Our properties (house and cars) were safe, and nobody from my family was harmed. Though we experienced some flooding on our streets, it was nothing compared to some of my friends who lives in Pasig and Cainta, lost their properties from flood and was not able to save anything at all. The sad part, after this typhoon .. they need to re-build their homes, have their cars fixed and they failed to get insurance coverage that will cover acts of God calamities. Now it made me think, it's really important to include natural disaster coverage in the insurance quote. Be it for propoerties or lives of people. I never thought it will become handy or practical to add a premium rate for Acts of God coverage, but after the typhoon incident ... wouldn't think twice.

RL Loots

Happy ... happy! Finally, RL loots for the little bratinella arrived from our online friend, Glo. The yellow dress supposedly for our MBAPs Christmas party last October 4. But since we decided to re-sked it due to Ondoy calamity, the dress will be used for all upcoming children parties of the MBAPs kids. Just for the month of November, we have five party skeds (Sam, Dominique, Bela, Andie and Mateo) to attend! Whooaaa!! Obviously, the MBAPs ladies not only share common interests in blogging, but for parties and baby-making month too. LOL.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

car accessories upgrade

Few weeks before the super typhoon Ondoy hits Manila, the husband was thinking of changing our SUV's led taillights. He was keen on changing the car lights since he wanted to get that illuminated feeling when driving the SUV. Especially after our bad experience at C5 road last month, when we were hit by unidentified man with huge rock, the husband wanted to change our car lights to an ultra-bright light to ward off unwanted accidents. I checked the web for possible led lights and so far, I love getting these from CARID. Perfect make for our Toyota SUV tail light upgrade, right? Now Iam torn if I'll get the clear red light (left) or smoked (right). What do you think?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

weekend shoppping

Last weekend, I invited the kids to join me for some baby shopping. Since I am on my 32nd week, the plan was to enlist for Baby Registry at Rustan's Shang-rila for my upcoming baby shower this October. I was able to successfully enlist for some baby stuff such as blankets, playmats, toys and clothes for baby miguel, but the kids also begged me to get something for them too. Of course, how can I say no with those pleading looks of Samantha. Thus, as soon as I was done with my baby registry, we trooped down to SM Megamall for some toy shopping at Toy Kingdom and to get new ceiling fans for our guest room. Luckily, I was able to get the ceiling fan on sale, but the Baby Alive toy and Kuya Ico's Zoo York rubbershoes ... no disocunt at all! And these items quite pricey huh?! Hurt my wallet that day. LOL. Oh well, it's not everyday that I give them an extra shopping treat, right. So I gave in.

Samantha here happily showing her new Baby Alive Doll

Happy kids with their loots:
Baby Alive Doll for Sam and a new pair of sneakers from Zoo York for Kuya Ico

VAS as possible new revenue stream for Y2010

Recently, our company is looking for other alternate source of revenue for Y2010. And since I am working in a telecommunications industry, traditional transport services like dedicate private lines, frame relay and virtual private network no longer that appealing to our customers, but they wanted an end to end solution for their company use. Aside from transport services from telco, they wanted value added services such as managing their network from hardware equipment like routers, modems and PCs and even the applications running in their system. Hence, we are now looking for possibilties of creating alliances with software development companies to add to our product portfolio suite.

Now we are thinking ... will VAS be a another possible source of revenue stream for Y2010 for telco-company like us? What do you think?

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