Saturday, March 20, 2010

in a wrong industry

Have you heard about vig rx? I saw this article in one of the men's magazine and the reviews quite interesting. It's all about male sexual enhancement product. Apparently it's a safe and powerful formula that helps eliminate sexual difficulties of men who are quietly suffering for years. As I read the article, I find it quite interesting and amusing at the same time. Never was I aware that men inadequacies such a big money-making business that over hundreds of pharmautical companies strive to address this market niche. Hmmm...think I am in a wrong industry. Hehehe. Anyway, try reading more about vig rx , you'll be surprised with the reviews and men's revelations.

on weight loss

Is it working? I found a new way to quick trim burn and cleanse and so far, I've lost couple of pounds since I gave brith four months ago. I am slowly getting there ... of achieving my desired weight loss. Mind you, it's a double digit target weight loss. Hence, very difficult for me to achieve. I've been trying to avoid sweet foods like cake, chocolates and ice cream , and also rice intake. But, I am guilty of too much soda in a day, particularly coke light. I can't live witohut my daily dose of caffeine. Very bad. Anyway, here's the new me with my little daughter at the salon. So, what do you think? Is my diet really working?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

summer look

Before I search effective adult acne treatments for the husband, allow me to share the little bratinella's summer hair do here at my blog.

This is her new look. Very refreshing, isn't it? Brought her last week at our local salon and I am happy she obliged to sport a shorter hair for summer. Though I want to keep her hair long, unfortunately it's too hot to have one. Thus, the husband and I decided to keep the little girl's hair short and simple ... for easy maintenance. And voila! Just fits her perfectly. Pretty-ness eh? What do you think? Are you ready to have this summer look? :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hooked on G bags

Yes, I am crazy with Goyard bags lately. So crazy, that I can't get enough of it! LOL I simply adore their fab and eye-catchy colors which I believe a big hit to baghags lately. I just got my black/tan St. Louis GM last month, and now I am torn if I'll get yellow, white or pink. Hmmm... the yellow so fab and stunning with any plain outfits, white looks hot, hot, hot for summer while the pink ... oh, a limited edition color of Goyard. Really torn.

And before I go bag crazy on these colors, need to check out available doorbells online. Our old doorbell now busted after two years, and the husband insists on getting a replacement asap. Wish me luck, I sure hope I can find a replacement before we leave by end of the month.

Happy 4th, Migo!

The little squirt turned four months last March 11. Yes, four months already. Time flies so fast.

At four months, Baby Miguel:
* sleeps regularly (thank, God!) during the night.
* his feeding cycles already determined and established.
* very curious with his surroundings, enjoys loooking at people and things.
* so playful and responds to people around him. He loves all the attention showed to him.
* more active and can now play with his toys.
* can hold his head up high, and can raise his body while lying on his tummy.
* he babbles, laughs and screams.

And to capture these special moments of my little boy, I am thankful that I have with me my ever-dependable point-and-shoot digicam with me all the time. Keeping memorabilia is now easy and convenient especially with the available picture printers locally. Now I need to check out Flexo ink cleaner for the printers, for a safer and more environment-friendly checmical formula.

Friday, March 5, 2010

school is out

No more classes ...No more books ... No more teachers with dirty looks! Hooray...School is over! Well, this is what I've been hearing from my little school girl since yesterday. Naturally, she can't contain her happiness and delight with the end of classes. It means no more sleeping early, no more fight scenes in the morning, and no more force-eating for breakfast. It's all sleep, sleep, sleep ... play, play,play ... tv, tv and more tv time for her! Perfect world for the kids ... and I am so green with envy. I wish I am still a child.
And to make the most out of summer, other than the planned vacation trips, or enrolling them to summer sports program, I am thinking of getting them new game tables for recreation and play. Of course not only for the kids' enjoyment but for adults too! Fair enough ... so it's summer fun, fun, fun not only for kids but for the kids at heart. :)

Summer is here

Summer is definitely here. You can feel the scorching heat of the sun, and everybody is getting ready with their vacation and summer plans. Despite the above 30C weather tempeature, everyone is so looking forward to relax and laze around the pool area or beachfront.
And of course, I've already tasted the first summer outing for 2010. Where else, but at the famous vacation spot in the Philippines -- Boracay! But mind you, not just havin' fun at Boracay beach ... but at THE Shangri-la Boracay! Yes, THE ultimate vacation spot here. Will post more about our recent trip at Boracay, but for the meantime, allow me to leave you with my fave beach photo at the pristine waters of Boracay! Enjoy you summer! :)

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