Saturday, July 31, 2010

baby updates

Updates on the little tot ...

At eight months he's got an appetite like a one year old kid. He eats solid food and no longer enjoys mashed fruits and veggies. He enjoys table food like pasta, fish, shrimps, soups with rice! His sleeping patterns almost normal like an adult, with less fuss in the wee hours of the morning. He can sleep eight hours or more straight without waking up for milk. He loves afternoon naps as well as his bath and play time. Playtime for Migo includes going out for afternoon stroll with yaya within the village, and practice walks using the traditional walker or "andador". He loves to crawl and walk so much lately which is why I need to get him soft and comfy shoes that is ideal for walking.
And speaking of walking, I've been checking out the web for possible baby walking shoes that is sturdy, comfortable, and durable for outdoor walks. And so far, I found mbt shoes which is great in the pocket. Almost perfect, unfortunately, the mbt shoes not for his my little tot's age. Anyhoo, more update on the little boy to follow next weeks ... for the meantime, enjoy these cutie little pics I took last week. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

mid-year budget review

Half of the year gone already, and it's almost mid-July. Before you know it, it's already December and this means a lot of Christmas shopping and expenses. It also means need to review the household budget as we need to to save up not only to accommodate our holiday shoppings, travels but of course time for renewal of life insurance quotes. Aside from setting aside budget for our premium insurance, we are also paying for our fire-protection insurance and even upgraded our health plans with the arrival of our new baby. Plus the monthly amortizations of the house and cars ...whew, bills are never-ending! Good thing the husband and I conducts mid-year household budget review excercise. This way we know which bills to settle and prioritize for full payments. Otherwise, will end broke just before the holiday season.

my preggy sister

My sister almost lost her baby, she's into her second term of pregnancy and I worry about her. She was admitted late last night at Polymedic Hospital due to strong contractions . Good thing her contractions stopped today, and the baby is ok. No bleeding and so far, mother and baby both normal and alright. She was advised by her doctor to take it easy. Preferably less work, bed rest for the next months and to continue her pre-natal vitamins. She was even prescribed additional vitamins which I read at as a must to achieve healthy, normal baby. Sure hope she'll follow doctors orders and her medications. Anyway, praying that she'll have safe pregnancy until the baby comes out.

The Bbag Hunt

F/W 2009 Balenciaga City in Silver Giant Hardware - Raisin

Lifted this article from The Purse Blog Forum and I must agree with the views shared by author of the post. As for me, It took me two years before I plunge on my Balenciaga color-madness. And happy to say, I am proud owner of Bbags. My first conquest, a Day Bag in Silver Giant Hardware - Sang from S/S 2010 Collections. And seven months later, the City SGH in Raisin color. Check the post below:

5. The colors! The colors! We’re talking about Balenciaga, after all. They make everything from blacks, browns, and beiges to the brightest (and best) brights in the business. Jewel tones, neons, anything you want. They’ve made it all, and they give us a half dozen or so new colors twice a year, every year. Sometimes they’re throwbacks to past favorites that are no longer available, but usually they’re a fresh crop of hues to build new outfits around. Everyone has their favorite.

4. A shape for everyone and everyone in their shape Balenciaga makes their classic motorcycle bag in almost as many sizes and shapes as they do colors. From coin purses to clutches to overnight bags, no matter what you need to carry and how you prefer to carry it, there’s something for you. Hobos and satchels make up most of the line, but even then, there are a variety of sizes to pick from.

3. Light as a feather, but not stiff as a board Even in the iterations that have giant hardware, Balenciaga bags are still the lightest that I’ve ever carried. The leather is cut thin instead of the clunky, thick material that many brands prefer, and it makes them easier to carry for long periods of time than most other bags. Even with the thin leather, I’ve never had a ripping or durability problem, and I carry my bags to death and do them no favors. For my purposes, they’re the perfect combination.

2. Even when they’re girly, they’re still edgy Balenciaga is the only brand that has legitimately forced me to contemplate spending money on a bag that’s neon green or bubblegum pink (and I hate pink), and that’s because that in any color, they still manage to look modern and a bit tough. But not too tough! They’re not entirely covered in studs or buckles, just a few, and it’s just enough to balance out any color choice (or to make something like black even better).

1. Not everyone owns one, and they never will I’ve heard people say that the motorcycle bags are played out, or that everyone has one, or whatever. It’s simply not true. The brand is harder to find both online and in stores than almost all of the other major brands that we cover, and the much-sought-after colors are made in relatively low numbers. Past favorites sell for over (sometimes well over) retail on eBay, and unless you live in one of the world’s most fashionable cities, it’s likely that you almost never come across another woman carrying one. I’d wager that the percentage of Americans that are even aware of their existence doesn’t come close to double digits. When you compare that to signature looks from other brands, they’re still relatively exclusive bags.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

big kids

Just want to share the recent pic of my fourteen year old son, Ico and my five-year old girl Samantha. This photo taken inside Hershey's store from Universal Studios Singapore last month. I love this shot as you can see how playful my kids are. Playful at the same time, big already. Yes, I can't believe my kids grew so fast. So fast, right before my eyes. They are no longer my babies. They have their own friends, own activities, mood swings and in fact, they have a mind of their own! I can no longer dictate and force them to do things. Oh, if I can only stop time, so they'll be forever my babies. With the kids growing up fast ... no need for hgh, eh? What do you think? :)

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