Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting-To-Know-You Qs

Snagged this Tag from N@W online group. Interesting and fun to answer.

1. Name: Jacqui Co-Soriano
1a. (If you're a lady) Did you change your last name, hyphenate, or keep your maiden name? YES, I hyphenated my married name to retain my maiden name. Since I've established my name in the telco industry, for easy recall.
2. Spouse's name: Mike
2a. Your spouse's nickname when he/she was 6 years old: Glenn
3. Child/Children' s name/s and age/s: Ico (13 years old) , Samantha Gabrielle ( 4 years old)
3a. Pet's name/s and breed/s: NONE.
4. Wedding date/s: February 21, 2004
4a. Your wedding colors: Spring Color - Shades of Yellow to Orange
4b. Your best wedding present: Rustan Gift Checks
5. Your birthday: June 14
5a. Celebrity ka-birthdays: Che Guevarra, Boy George
6. Spouse's birthday: February 4
6a. What you'll give your spouse on his/her next birthday: No idea yet. iPhone perhaps.
6b. What your your spouse REALLY wants for his/her next birthday: new cellular phones ; an iPhone.
7. Address / General location: Pasig City
8. Your job / company / line of work: Sales/ Telecoms Company
9. Your spouse's job / company / line of work: Carrier Relations/Telecoms Company
9a. On a scale of 1-10 (highest), how much your spouse enjoys his/her work : 10
10. Your school & course (& batch if u like): UP Diliman, Hotel and Restaurant Administration
11. Your spouse's school & course (& batch): DLSU , Business Admin/ Political Science
12. Your interests: Blogging, Surfing and Shopping
13. Business: (if you have): Part-time Retail Business
14. What part of the Philippines/ world are you from? : Mandaluyong, Manila
15. What part of the Philippines/ world is your spouse from?: Pasig, Manila
16. Social networking or blogging chuva you're part of? Facebook. Blogging, Twitter, Flickr
17. (Got this from a NaWie's Twitter) Favorite mushy or bagabag song: There's no easy way - James Ingram
18. Ever sent a text message to the wrong person?: Yes. Several times. Mostly work-related.
19. Any body parts which are aching right now? None
20. What's for dinner tonight?: Dinner with the family tonight. Not sure if Cyma or Sumosam.

This is an open tag ... feel-free to snag f you like! :)

MBAPs June Party Treat

The MBAPs June celebrants had a birthday treat last Sunday at Jody's residence in Cainta. Though the party treat a month late due to conflict of skeds and our demanding Mommy work duties, it was finally celebrated last Sunday of July. Anyway despite the rain, the MBAPs came in full force together with their husband and kids. The Mommies had a grand time with chika and picture moments at the dining area, the Daddies busy drinking beer and playing poker games at the grage area while the kids ... the kids busy playing inside the playroom. Ideal set up don't you think so? Over all, the MBAPs ladies had so much time bonding together. Shared so much wifey stories, shopping wish lists, weight loss pill secrets and laughter. Believe me, it was a great Sunday spent with fab ladies!

The MBAP ladies in our relaxed and oh-so full of dessert state

Striking a pose a.k.a family picture with the MBAPs

The Pretty June celebrants : Jane, Jody, Joy and moi

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

property buying at NC

I received email today from my cousin in based in US about a North Carolina property they are interested to buy. She told me that they found a great deal from The Dean Agency offering, Outer Banks foreclosures on the net. They've been considering getting a quiet place to relax, preferably an oceanfront condo-type of property as their retirement retreat from the hustle and bustle life in the city. I think they found the perfect place for them at Corolla NC at Whalehead Beach complete with golf course and shopping malls to suit their lifestyle. Based on the description and picture of the place, it looks heavenly and very relaxing. Truly happy for them and I hope their bank loan will get approved soon so they can move to their dream house.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

thankful with the happy news

Another happy news for the family ... and more reason to celebrate and thank HIM for all the blessings. Just had my ultrasound result and I am happy to say,so far I am doing well with my pregnancy. Everything ok and ... the best part, we will be having a baby BOY this time! Oh a baby boy! Just what the husband had wish for! Now, he's uber excited and can't wait to see his little chum. He started browsing the net for sample birth announcements and so far, he's keen on getting these themed samples below. Really cute, don't you think so? Well ...few more months more, and Daddy will be happy to see his champ. :)

To know more about the happy news, read here .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

good news for the family

Received good news from my aunt based in NY that her research paper was selected for oral presentation in the Gerontology Congress in Paris this July. We are really proud of her! Imagine, not only she'll be able to do some sightseeing and shopping in Paris, she'll do her case presentation in the study of Geriatrics (for the elderly) which she truly loves. Really, wow! I was told geriatrics is a booming field in medicine in the US. This is one of her reasons why she decided to focus her studies on elderly. As per my aunt, the US government prioritizes the health care benefits of the senior citizen's or elderly. As a matter of fact, they even encourage individuals, not only elderly to avail social security disability in preparation for their sickness or retirement. Like Allsup,a leading provider of financial and healthcare service to people with disabilities. It boasts a record of 98% proven success rate for individuals who comppleted the SSDI process. Wish our government and private health provider be as active with the geriatrics and disabilities benefits like in the US.

Anyway, congrats Tita Glo! Really proud of you ....

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