Friday, April 23, 2010

Midnight Special

I am one eager-beaver again ... excited and eager to check out PAL's latest airline promo, Midnight Special. I just hope they will include International Flights as a surprise treat! As I look forward to book our family trip to Singapore or Guam trip. Or if domestic promo, probably another Cebu trip for the family. Anyway, looks promising ... and I hope it will be worth the wait. Let's see.

diet plans

The husband and I made a pact that will try to watch our weight and be conscious of our food intake. You see, we are not getting any younger and we need to be fit and free from any possible sickness to be able to work, and take care of our family. Aside from watching our diet and being conscious of our food intake and lifestyle, I am also thinking of taking other supplemental products such as colonix , a colon cleanser supplement. Though not sure about the effectiveness and affordability of this supplement, I just hope it is budget-friendly for me to reconsider and include it in our diet plans.

in search of cream

I've been searching for an effective day cream for months now, from very expensive products available in the market to the most affordable one. So far, I can't find a face cream that truly delivers what it promises. Thanks to prevera I stumbled on the web. A face cream that helps moisturizes the face but doesn't clog the pores. The good news, instead of paying over $300 for a face cream with flashy packaging and endorsed by big celebrities, the prevera cream is just $30. It contains same ingredients and produces effective results. Now I wonder if it will deliver as it promises. Let's see.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

another wedding in the family

Another close relative of the husband will soon be hitched. We are so happy for her. It's been quite sometime since we had a wedding in the family ... and this time it will be from the bride's side. Thus, making it more exciting!! As early as now I am helping my cousin in law to check out available suppliers online. It will be a dream wedding though to be held in Canada, which is difficult for me to organize. But nevertheless, thanks to the availability of wedding suppliers on the web, facilitating overseas wedding will be problem-free! And as an added gift to my cousin-in-law, I told her I will personally handle the bridesmaid gifts. It will be something sweet, pretty and memorable for the bridesmaids, definitely.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

on night creams

Ok, I admit. I think I badly need a good night cream to eliminate those dark circles under my eyes. Been sleeping quite late lately, especially prior to our travel. Sadly, can't help it. I've been very busy finishing some tasks to ensure worry and travel-free Tokyo trip. Deadlines must be met, tasks to be submitted for approval. And all for money! LOL. Well ... need moolah, you know. To fund all my recent online purchases and my other "dirty" deed Paris shopping thru a friend. Hahaha! I just hope all my earnings will be enough. Oh not just hope, I pray dearly. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tokyo travel plans

Traveling to Tokyo proved not difficult at all. As I was preparing for our travel itinerary weeks before our travel, I was having a hard time understanding the directions and even instructions.It came to a point I was lost in translation, and doing our travel itinerary proved to be troublesome. I've wanted to do everything during our short trip. So many places to go and see. I've patiently done some research, asked friends, read some reviews and even read some blog posts thru free directory submissions ... just to prepared for the Tokyo trip. And happily, all these research and readings paid off. As we came to Japan, everything planned and mapped out. Thus, our recent travel went like a breeze. No hitches. Everything just fell into place as planned. Laaveet!! Because of this, I officially appoint myself the travel planner of the family. Tee-hee!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

billiard kings

Before I post more of our Tokyo trip, allow me to share one of our best shots from the trip. Photo taken together with The Philippine Billiard Kings: Efren "Bata" Reyes and Django Bustamante.

On our way back to Manila, we saw these two hotshots in one corner of Narita airport. Humbly chatting and eating noodles away from the crowd. You see, the husband is a big fan of billiards. Hence, when he spotted the kings ... he didn't think twice of approaching and to request for a picture together with his billiard idols. Hahaha! Great timing, eh? Apparently, the kings told the husband that they just came from a big billiards game in Tokyo wherein Efren Bata got the runner-up award, while Django Bustamante won the game. Tee-hee! Galing ng Pinoy!! These super billiard kings sooo down-to-earth! Best champs,ever! Just simple guys with no paparazzi around.

Anyway, can you see how the face of the husband glows beside his two idols? I dont know if the new face cream I shared with him was effective but definitely it's a different glow from the husband. Starstruck glow, perhaps? Hehehe! I don't know. But one thing is for sure ... he was really lucky to meet his idols up close and personal.

tokyo loots

And we are back ... from our five-day trip in Tokyo, Japan. It was a short but all-fun trip. I enjoyed Tokyo so much. From the good food, nice people, amazing transportation services, huge malls and all the lights and sounds of Tokyo. Everything is so amazing and beautiful. I've wanted to explore more of Tokyo, but got too little time. And as I was saying to the husband, I want to go back. I love Tokyo to bits and will not grow tired of exploring this city. I want to see more ... the traditional side of Japan. Probably go to other parts of Tokyo like Nagoya or Osaka. Heard it's equally beautiful here too. Hahaha!

Though we want to do some shopping in the city like trying to find nice and authentic Japanese-inspired outdoor rugs , everything is sooo expensive. My plan to get my dream bag did not materialize. With almost 40% mark-up from Paris price, of course it's a no-no buy for me! Went home empty-handed from my Ginza trip instead ... oh not so empty-handed, went home still with Japan best buy loots.

The authentic Hello Kitty items for my little girl: bags, lunch kits, utensils, pencil case, wallet, pins etc.
Oh so yummy Royce' Chocolates. Chips, Nama and chocolate bars. It is cheaper by 30% here in Japan.

Monday, April 5, 2010

summer plans

for the little girl ... still none as of the moment. I've already provided the husband several options for Samantha like ballet and swimming. And it's always a NO. As I've told the husband several times, Samantha should do something to keep her busy than just letting her watch TV all day.
Last year, we brought her to ballet class, she's ok with this though after half of the semester, she got bored and decided to go malling instead of her ballet class. Besides, our saturday skeds usually hectic with parties and family outings. A year before this, we enrolled her at futbol funatics (soccer summer camp), at first she enjoyed all the running and throwing of balls... but in the end, she hates the sun and decided not to play. LOL. This year, I want her to try theater workshop like Trumpets. Sadly, the sked is quite rigid at 3x per week. Our next problem would be her transportation. Anyway, I've tried persuading the husband to at least reconsider. Will still talk tonight.

For the meantime, instead of looking for other possible summer fun activities for the little girl, need to check Murray Feiss lighting. One of my girlfriends recently moved to a new home and I am thinking of getting her nice lamp as house warming gift. Think this will be a great add-on or accent to their lovely home. Hope they have sale items on night or bedside lamps. That would be uber-lovely! Hahaha!

Friday, April 2, 2010

migo's cutie pics

Sorry guys, but I have to post these pictures ... I can't get enought of my Baby Migo. He's just soo cutie at four months! Yes, love your own noh?! LOL

Do check out his charming, giggling and heart-warming pictures below. It will truly make you smile and say "aaaawww"...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

new toy for my birthday

Since I bought the husband an Apple 32G 3GS Iphone from his last birthday, I've been hearing so much raves about his new toy. He's so amazed with the capacity of his new Iphone in terms of application and games. He loves his unlimited music power, and how he can easily be online with the simple touch of his fingers. And since the husband is so happy with it, I've been dropping hints that I want the same toy as well on my upcoming birthday. Well, he's considering it ... another Iphone for me but he prefers to give me a new gadget - netbooks instead. Hmmm... I wonder why? Anyway, he's now checking the web for the best netbooks supplier online and patiently reading each reviews and comparing prices. I just hope he can decide soon so we can have the new toy shipped before my birthday .:)
I heart this HP Mini Notebook

summer plans

It's summer here in manila, and as usual the kids enjoying the best of summer. And what better way to enjoy it but to watch unlimited tv and dvds. the little girl is watching non-stop nickelodeon as soon as she wakes up and until she sleeps. well, she can even memorize now the time of each show! LOL while my teenage boy, crazy not only with online gaming these days but watching his favorite anime cartoons on tv.

And because of this couch potato habit of the kids, the husband and I thinking of giving the family a vacation they truly deserve... that is by bringing them out on a road trip! it's just us, the road and with much more quality time with the kids. we've been planning aboout this trip for weeks now and i think it would be a lovely idea. of course, we have to bring our van to good sam rv repair to ensure travel and worry-free problems. how about you? care to share your summer plans?

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