Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy news again

As I've blogged here ... I am again pregnant. For the 3rd time around. I am happy, excited and of course, a little bit apprehensive for the coming of the new baby. A mixed feelings because finally, the little girl will have a baby brother (or sister). She will no longer be the center of our universe. No longer the reigning bratinella of the house. I look forward to see Samantha's transformation to a caring, loving and responsible big sister. But despite all the excitement, I am a little bit afraid and apprehensive. Afraid and unsure if I can still be a good mom to the new baby. For I don't know if I can equally distribute my love and affection to the three kids.
As I sleep tonight ... I anticipate (an accept) the responsibility of Motherhood all over again.

money matters

If money is not an issue, I would have been away travelling, enjoying the rest of the world. I would instantly booked for a US Tour together with my family in an instant. I would probably bring the kids to Anaheim or Florida for Disneyland Tour or enjoy the great sights of LA. Book at a lavish hotel in San Diego California hotel or probably indulge in the famous JW Marriot Hotel. I've always dreamed of bringing them to US to simply enjoy the sights at Fisherman's Wharf, see the magnificent Golden Gate and walk at Napa Valley vineyard. That is, if money is not an issue. But with the impending economic crisis in the US, I don't think this would be possible now. Not wise to spend abroad especially with my condition now. Need to save up, you know. Since something big coming next months. Oh well, if money is not an issue.

Girl Power

This is the Carriers and Partners sales team. Ladies with attitude and style. Don't let our looks deceive you ... despite our innocence and all-girly built, we mean business. As in serious business. In a male-dominated industry like the telecommunications industry, we compete head on with others. As a matter of fact, we are in equal footing with them. Though, once in a while ... we do get special treatment. We can get away with our pa-cutie charm and our helpless look. You see this is the power of human touch … most especially, "female touch". It works wonders you know! LOL. Totally girl power!

Now enough of the all girl power talk. I am task to find affordable LCD TV for our upcoming corporate event in May. Aside from laptops and ipods, need to find complete home theater package which includes TV wall mount as our grand prize for the raffle. Good thing I saw great affordable packages from Otherwise, I'll end up getting these items from our local supplier with no discount or freebies at all.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I survived the CROCS mega sale in Ortigas! Unbelievably crazy sale. Hundreds of CROCS lovers came and took advantage of the huge slash-down prices of CROCS. Almost 80% off from its original price. Good buy, huh?! I can't believe I was able to endure 30 minutes waiting outside the tent, 2 hours of looking for CROCS sizes, and another 1 hour just to line up for payment. Really crazy sale... but believe me, it was worth it! LOL. Just check out my CROCS loots.

CROCS loots: Cayman, Mary Jane, Athens, Scutes (purple/cotton candy) for kids and my Athens slippers.

Above: Mary Jane P590 and Cayman P590 each; Scutes at P875 ; Adult Athens at P875, Kids Athens P855.
Below : Sizes 10/11 Mary Jane (purple and ruby) and Cayman (purple) for Aggie and Joy.

Jibbits at P200 per pack (5 pcs per pack assorted)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten! (bring back your W@Wie memories)

Instructions: delete my answers and fill up with yours.

Then tag 10 of your W@Wie friends to pass. Pls tag John & Benz all the time if possible. Just send an add friend request.

1. your W@W tenure (indicate the year and/or month) : January 2003
2. best W@Wie idea you picked up & used for your wedding : Pwede ba supplier, Alex Franco for cake and cake tokens for principal sponsors. Tipid eh. P200/box lang dati, yummy pa! Hehehe!
3. most active W@Wie Groom in your batch : Oh I am sooo bad with names. Sorry.
4. funniest/most memorable W@W eGroup moment : Hmmm... I think when hubby and I became part of the W@W anniversary/bridal fair. Was interviewed by a morning show back then from Ch 2.
5. Most active/helpful W@Wie in your batch : Hehehe! Yes, I am bad with names.
6. Favorite W@W event (event year)- Same as item 4. Bridal fair at NBC Tent.
7. Favorite W@Wie wedding (aside from yours) : From my officemate na W@W din siguro, Tricia and Joey.
8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e books, calendars, shirt, buttons) : I still have their W@W supplier handbook. Version 2 na ata yun.
9. Your W@W BFF(s) : Jody, Aggie, Apols, Joy, Alpha ... mga kasama ko nag-evolve from W@W dati..pero naging friends ko at N@W to MBAPs ngayon. Hehehe!
10. your W@Wie signature :
Mike & Jacqui
Samantha Gabrielle

Not sure who to tag na W@Wies before : Jane, Jody, Abie, Kelly and Peachy. Hoping W@Wies din kayo. Hehehe!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Travel To Guam by June

Yes, after enjoying our short BKK get-away .. we need summer vacation as a family. Thus, after searching the net trying to book for Boracay trip, I've finally decided...will travel to Guam instead by June. Wohooohoo! Yes, together with the little girl this time. So, I am giving up my plans for birthday party for a short summer get-away to Guam! I just can't wait. Really excited this time.

Never been to Guam ... I don't know what to expect. I am sooo excited. I even called the husband for this great travel idea. He's kinda hesitant because I might be preggy by then (assuming! LOL) but he thinks great idea too. Oh this will be a good time for the kids to try their US Visa, you know.

Anyway, I need to research more about the Guam trip. Wish me luck this travel plan pushes thru.

*Agana Bay and Alupai Island

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