Saturday, January 31, 2009

birthday wishes

Got this nice tag from MM.

Here are the rules...
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Here are my wishes:
1. good health for the whole family
2. US travel with the kids
3. one Chanel bag in my lifetime ... yes, one lang happy na ako!
4. Rolex oyster perpetual lady datejust (two-toned)
5. 1c diamond pendant.
6. new set of catering or food warmers -- 6-8 pieces, glass chaffing dish.
7. parcel of lot beside our house ... kahit wala na yun wish no. 2 to 10 (hehehe!)
8. back to boracay and enjoy stay 3D/2N staty at two seasons hotel.
9. half day spa treatment complete with milk bath and body scrub.
10. enrol in a culinary class, learn asian cooking. yummy!

Passing this birthday wish tag to Abie, Aggie, Alpha, Mich, Tet, Joy, JoyD, Farah, Eds and Jesse. Enjoy the tag girls!

Monday, January 26, 2009

school mba

Last January 11, I officially celebrated my tenth year in our company. Whooaaa! Can’t believe I stayed loyal for ten years. Of course, I am happy that I’ve reached my tenth year with the company, wherein I am qualified for early retirement program and career growth-wise, I guess I can say I’ve already moved up the corporate ladder.

So what’s next after ten years working in a telecommunication industry? Probably moved to higher learning by enrolling to school mba graduate program. Though I’ve almost completed my MBA degree few years back, busy schedules and the demands of my work hindered my desire to complete the program.

But after ten years, and already stable in my present job I’ve got time in my hands to finish what I’ve started. Thus, I am looking at possible options of of going back to school by enrolling online at Capella University. It would be a great opportunity for me to earn a degree while keeping my present work. Since the university offers MBA courses in business, information technology, psychology, human services and education, I think it will be ideal for working professionals like me to balance work, family and studies with the online education system of Capella University. I can finish my business degree at the comfort of my home and going back to MBA school problem no more.

If you are interested to get a graduate degree like me, visit for more details.
"This post was based on the information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit"

anything goes.

Found something very interesting from Peachy. A welcome break from my lunch break.

1. What song is stuck in your head right now? - Shining Star by Get Far ... from my officemate's cubicle.
2. If you turn on your TV, what channel would it most likely be on? - Nickelodeon. All our TV tuned here because of Sam.
3. what were you doing at noon today? - currently eating (box of rice) while blogging.
4. if you could move somewhere else, would you? - Yes... probably Hawaii just like home.
5. what are you saving your money up for right now? - parcel of lot we are negotiating with the owner now (wish*wish)
6. who is the last person you texted? - hmmm..client, asking confirmation of meeting on thursday.

Well, that was easy ... now back to blogging.

LV happy again ...

and again, and again ...

Yes ...everytime the husband comes home from Hawaii, I am extremely happy with that magical brown box in his hands.

Last year he went home with these...

But for 2009, he brought home LV Damier Neverfull MM as I've requested. So sweet and generous! lol. Actually, we haven't settled if I'll pay him in full. I still owe him the bag (and I don't intend to pay him! sshhh!). The husband still insists this is not my new year present. He got me my LV Vernis bag last Christmas. That's it.
But I am still haggling with the husband. This would be perfect as pre-anniversary gift, don't you think so? Hmmm... already proposed this but got no comment yet from him. Let's see ... do you think I can pull it off? lol.

Cancun All Inclusive Adults Only

For our honeymoon anniversary get-away this coming February, I am thinking of going somewhere romantic and exotic this year. I heard good reviews about Cancun All Inclusive Adults Only, white sand beaches of Riviera Maya. Since we are planning for Baby No. 2 this year, I think the Karisma hotels will be ideal for our romantic escapade. I've read that the hotel offers Karisma's new gourmet inclusive concept perfect for foodie and demanding traveller like us. Of course we don't want to settle anything less for our once in a year adventure, thus the gourmet inclusive promises sensual dining which I find it very exciting and daring to try. With Karisma's five signature resort (El Dorado Royale Spa Resort, El Dorado Seaside Suites, Azul Beach, Azul Blue and Hidden Beach Resort) I personally favor the Azul Blue in the Riviera Maya, tagged as the world's first stress-free resort. Interesting eh? Everything about the resort has been created for inner peace. With full time butler to pamper your day, great spa treatments and multi-course romantic dinner ...truly invigorating. I just wonder if they offer body-cleansing diet and meditation classes to truly satisfy thy inner peace. If yes...then it would be just perfect.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

... means Congratulations and Be Prosperous in Cantonese. Often mistaken as Happy New Year greeting.

Tonight, all the festivities and celebrations will be observed by the Chinese community. Ang-pao's will be given to kids and the tables will be full of mandarin oranges or quiat-quiat to symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Fireworks and dragon dances will be displayed on the streets to ward off bad spirits of the previous year and attract the good fortune of the Year of the Ox (Ji Chou). For this year, Lucky number will be the flying star No. 9.

So to my dear friends, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Royce chocolates ...

indeed a melt-in-your mouth chocolate sensation.

So smooth and creamy.

Absolutely yummy.

Thanks Beng for the New Year's gift. So sweet and thoughtful of you to remember my wish.

Finally, was able to satisfy my Royce chocolate curiosity.

Now I am hooked and craving for more!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

all waiting.

Just as I've posted on my other blog.

One more day ... and the husband will be home.

Gawd...I miss the husband so much. I can't wait to see him especially now, the little girl is sick due to throat infection. Need him badly. We can't wait to see him.

Our relatives from Illinois are waiting. Waiting for his arrival in Manila. They've been waiting for days for his email about the Chicago accident attorney referral. They need to consult an accident lawyer ASAP for their minor involvement in a motor vehicle collision. They too are waiting.
Our friends are waiting too. For they asked the husband to get some items from Hawaii. Some ordered through amazon online site, while others asked their relatives to deliver to the husband's hotel.
His office staff waiting too. They can't wait for hubby's decision about a hardware equipment to be purchased. They need hubby's approval too prior implementation of a new software system. All of us are waiting. And just one more day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

diet plan wish

As I prepare for our summer plans this year, I can't help but wish that I should have started by diet plans months ago. I could have lose some of those unwanted fats that would make me "more appealing" in bathing suits. Yeah, yeah I know you've heard this from me over and over again ... but I really can't stick to my diet program. I find it very difficult and frustrating to cut down my food intake especially with all the holiday celebrations last month. I hate to admit it, but I guess I am just plain lazy to stick with all the excercise programs. I always find an excuse of avoiding my diet. I can't simply escape and say NO to all the tempting foods that I love like sweets (cakes and chocolates), soda and rice. And now, as summer season just around the corner ... I can't help but wish that I should have seriously considered taking Anoretix. Or probably started using my gym membership full-time, or start eating healthy meal like protein and veggies, or probably limit my carbo intake. And now, all should-have beens. Should really have sticked to my diet plans ... do you think there is still hope for me?

toy sale

Received an interesting email from yesterday, they are offering clearance sale up to 70% off from its orginal price. Naturally, I grabbed the chance of getting sale items for the bratinella. Since most of the charatcer toys on sale, I've decided to get the little girl her new fave nickolodeon item -- the backyardigans! Really great deal at 50% price off. From the original price of $50.00 to $24.87. Excluding shipping charges of course! I am thinking of having the toy shipped to hubby's hotel in Hawaii next week, just not sure if this is allowed. If this will work, it will be an awesome pasalubong present for Samantha. Well, just hope it will arrive in time while hubby still in Hawaii. To make this work, need to have it shipped overnight and have the correct barcode scanner to avoid any delays. My only problem, hope the toy site allows shipping to hotels. Otherwise I'll be forced to shipped the toy to my aunt in NY. And that would mean waiting for a long, long time for the package to arrive. Anyway, still crossing my fingers.

Check this out ... Backyadigan's Bobblin Big Top Circus Playset

Friday, January 9, 2009

off to Bangkok

For our upcoming anniversary treat on February, I've already arranged our travel plans for Bangkok, the City of Angels. I've never been to this place and I am very much eager to set my foot in Bangkok. I've heard so many good things about the place and I can't wait to see (and taste) the real thing. For 4D/3N, hubby and I will explore the enchanting city. Thus as early as now, I am busy as a bee checking the web for fab places to go, must-see tourist destinations, list of shopper's haven and yummy places to eat. From the fascinating Buddhist temples, busy flea markets like the Chatuchak, Authentic Thai restaurants, cabaret show and of course, cruise at the Pattaya River. I just can't wait!! Of course, since there will be a lot of eating here in Bangkok (love their spicy food!), must bring with me weight loss products I bought on the web. Hahaha! I think this will come handy especially with all those yummy thai food I plan to eat! Haay, Bangkok... just few more weeks to go.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

shopping for the husband

Don't you just love post holiday shopping? Sale items, clearance sale can be found almost everywhere. From malls, to supermarkets, and even online websites. Items are on sale! Truly a haven for thrift shopper like me.

Just this morning, I saw good sale items for the husband. A famous clothing website offers sale items for their winter clothes. This includes slacks, suits and jackets. I am tempted to buy almost everything on sale since they all look really nice on hubby. Good thing I was able to stop myself and just got him a couple of shirts and polos for his office use. Though I am happy with my online purchase, I can't seem to find formal wear attire on bargain. I need to find the husband a decent suit or tuxedo for their black tie corporate affair in Japan this coming February. If I can't find one soon, I am afraid the husband will be forced to wear his old suit again for the event. Any shopping ideas?

Welcome 2009!

Another year ... another beginning.

I have so many things on my mind now, so many plans and dreams for 2009 and I don't know where to start. Got big dreams, big plans for the family and I am hoping this will all materialize this year. HOPE is the word. After all, new year brings new hopes and dreams.

Last night, I am thinking of drafting/posting my new year's resolutions. But again, why bother. I am a no good sticking to my resolutions anyway. Sadly, everytime I draft my resolutions at the start of the year, I always end up forgetting, cheating, or not accomplishing anything at all. This makes it even worst.

This year... I vowed it would be different. (hah, is this another attempt for resolution?) I'll just make it simpler this time for me. No more attempts about my diet, being organized or living frugally. Hehehe! Di naman nangyayari eh! lol.

Thus for 2009, I'll just ENJOY LIFE as it is. NO to pressure or imposing pressure on myself. I'll try to live a relaxing and stress-free life. No more OC me. No more worrying too much. Time to take it slow and see the beauty of life. Think this is enough for me to start the year ... and to begin with Baby No.3 :)

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