Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday gift choices for hubby

My ever-patient, loving, generous and sweet hubby (Mike) is turning 33 this coming Monday, February 4.

Until now, I haven't decided yet what to give him as birthday present. For weeks now, I've been toying with the idea of buying him a new mobile phone. An Apple iPhone to replace his old Nokia communicator. You see, he carries two Nokia communicator phones everyday. One for his personal and the other unit, for business use. Lately, I want him to change his original and jurassic version, N9300. Aside from its bulky size, the outside cover looks old and battered. Kinda embarassing if he use it during business meetings... though according to hubby, this is his lucky phone since most of his business transactions were consumated here!

Anyway, any feedback on iPhone? How about compatibility with our current GSM network? Any idea how much an iPhone costs in Greenhills? I have a reliable company vendor that sells iPhone at P23K, is this acceptable?

My second option is to treat my honey on our upcoming vacation/anniversary at HK/Macau. Treat as in hotel accomodation and airfare ako taya!?! Waahhh... though I don't mind giving this as a gift. Mas tipid ito, but want to give him something tangible sana! Hahaha! Bahala na...But looking forward to our Macau anniversary destination. Can't wait to check out these great Macau spots...

Goodness...February is my most expensive month of the year. Hubby's birthday, Valentine's Day and Anniversary. Need all possible moolah-resources for this month. And I seriously hope my blogging raket can help me. lol! :)

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Vanniedosa said...

wow ur hubby's one lucky guy..ang gaganda ng choices ha!

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