Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pre-Summer Get-away ... Puerto Galera Beach

I am off for another quickie vacation tomorrow. Yes, quickie … since it is just an overnight trip with our sales department.

This time… I am off to White Beach Puerto Galera (cheaper version of Boracay) for a pre-summer get-away.

It’s kinda cloudy now and I hope the sun will not fail us tomorrow at the beach…otherwise, no fun, fun in the sand!

Well, if no sun …. then, I am hoping for great gimik night with tons of laughter, pitchers of mindoro sling and lots of moolah from gambling (hope lady lucky will be with me!).

Promise to be back with lots of pictures from my first summer get-away for 2008!!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Got this cutie tag from Yvelle

You are so sweet ... really, really love this one!! Aliw!!

Passing this big hug tag to all the mommy bloggers... jody, jane, abie, apple, apols, peachy, jane, alpha,aggie, thea, kelly, joy, mich, mm, em, erika, jen, yvette and chat. mmmmmm...... (*huggie*) - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

online education

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Anniversary in HK

Day 1 : Hongkong Trip and Ocean Park visit

Left early from the house to catch Cebu Pacific flight at 8am. Our flight experience with Cebu Pacific was simply ok...nothing spectacular but really convenient and efficient (not to mention, cheap) means of transportation. Despite no meals available on board, snacks were available on sale (ie: juice,soda and sandwiches) reasonably priced. Cebu Pac was on time and we arrived at HK International airport by 1015am.

At HK, immigration process went like a breeze. Sam enjoyed the candy jar from the immigration desk and I think she got more than two candies here. Still, the little girl was at her best mood. Smiling and saying hello to people around us. After taking the bus from the airport, we were immediately brought to our hotel at Metropark Hotel, Causeway Bay. The location of the hotel is very ideal... i love how connvenient from MTR, tram, bus stops, Mc Do and Cafe de Corale... my favorite tried and tested HK diner. Hubby and I loved the roasted duck and suckling pig rice toppings here. Price is very affordable at HK$30-50 per meal.

Sammie here singing and dancing non-stop BJ's airplane song .... and inside the Cebu Pacific plane after take-off.

At HK International airport... with Sam loving the walkalator and the MTR train ride.

After lunch, we immediately went to Ocean Park. The husband was very much excited and happy with all the rides. You see, he vowed that he'll take advantage all the wild rides with his brother...something he never had the chance whenever we go here. (takot kasi ako sa rides! corny ako!) He and his brother rode most of the rides more than twice such as the mine rail, log cabin, abyss and roller coaster. Too scary for me to join them!! While my SIL, Sam and I explored the A-toll reef, shark aquarium and watched the dolphin show.

Some of our pictures at Ocean Park ...

After the OP trip, we had dinner again at Cafe de Coral. Food choices here so amazing... I think I'll never get tired of their vast menu options! Hahaha! We all decided to rest early ... need energy for our Disney trip the next day.

Day 2: Tun Chung outlet shopping and Hongkong Disneyland

Trip to HK will never be complete without my quick visit to Tun Chung outlet stores. Since I was pressured by hubby to shop fast, I was able to buy few slacks and blouses from Esprit and UCB only. Got two Samsonite bags for Sam and was able to browse RL store. Was really disappointed here got no size at RL. Sayang! And since most items on sale for winter clothes, was not able to buy much.

Tun Chung stop is next to Sunny Bay MTR. This is the station going to Disneyland. Despite cold weather and little drizzle..nothing can stop us to enjoy the happiest place on earth! As soon as we arrived here, we immediately took advanatge of all the shows : Golden Mickey, Lion King, Stitch Encounter, Philhar's magic. No changes from my last June visit.

Sadly, due to occasional rain, the Disney parade was short. They presented Disney Parade Rainy Day special wherein the Disney casts aboard the giant float.

Sam enjoyed HK so much! She enjoyed the trip here in Disney especially the shows and the rides. She loves Donald from Philharmagic and it was simply divine seeing her shouting and reacting on the 4D magic. Sammie loved the Pooh ride, Dumbo lift and the Mad Hatter's Tea Cup. Never showed any fear and was all smile, giggling and screaming in delight. Haayy...really worth it seeing her enjoying the day at Disneyland. Sulit pagod!

Our HK Disneyland Pictures

Got lots of pictures to share but too tired to upload it! Hahaha! Blame it on my PLDT DSL connection here at home!! Will try to post more pics ....

Anyway, 'til my next post... Macau Trip

risk management jobs

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At 46% B*itchy!

You Are 46% Bitchy

Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out!

Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it

Thanks Kelly for this bitchy tag ... Super laavveett it! lol.
See, I am not bitchy at all ... just 46%! I think my "bitchiness" only shows once provoked.
So don't tempt me! Hahaha!

moving companies

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hotel Reservations

I love to travel.

Given the financial freedom, I would be probably spend my time traveling and exploring new places every month. I would love to see new places, experience different lifestyles and learn new cultures. I wanted to see distinct differences compared to other countries.

Though I’ve already made some travels in Asia and US, I haven’t explored Europe yet. It is my dream destination for vacation and I am particularly interested to see Italy and France. One of our travel plans this year is to visit these countries for ultimate travel and culture experience. Well for one, because of its rich heritage and arts, and Rome seems a great destination to re-new my faith and visit the seat of Christianity. I would love to be awed and amazed with the works of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo.

Next to museums and churches, I would love to taste the authentic Italian food. Eat pizza, cannelloni and pasta cooked the Italian way. Drink cappuccino or glass of red wine on the piazza. Wildly shop at Harrod’s. And for a truly authentic European experience, I would love to hang out in one of those al fresco diners with a good book on hand. Truly a tourist delight!

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Hot Momma Bloggers EB meet at Serendra

See…super sizzling hot and taray ng blog title!!

True not only the blog title depicts how sizzling hot we are yesterday (with Apols sleeveless bareback attire!) but our topics and conversations as well … From blogging 101 tips, wherein Apple and I gained a lot (as in a lot!) of information to paypal raket , philippine bank payment conversion, getting own domain, PRs stories, and online shopping and sale (peachy, we missed you here!)

Of course, we had mommy/wifey sharings, a common ground for all of us aside from blogging. Hubby and wife expenses sharing kwentos. And who would ever forget… the excel sheet household expenses and stories of Thea! (Bilib kami, girl sa pag-career mo dito!) Add up, Coffee Prince drama and “selos” ni Sherwin (nalokah na si Joy!)

But most of the time, chisisms galore! Imagine doing buzz express in less than 10 minutes! As in, daig pa namin Boy Abunda at Lolit Solis !!! Showbiz na showbiz…
But I think winner yun mga blogging world chisims and taray kwentos!! Bwahahaha… Mas masaya pala ito! Stroller kwento at the beach (bwahahaha!), blogger stalkers and Jody’s bride from hell! Oh, idamay ko pala fieldtrip sentiments ko with tourism college students I saw during my Macau trip (actually, inggit lang at di uso asian trip ng panahon ko! bwahaha!), then yun cutie brother ni Mich, the “gondolier” from Macau with good voice.

Btw, I missed that Singapore call… ano ito?! And Kelly…napaka-prim and proper, as always! Very soft spoken! Sorry ha...ingay ba ako seatmate?! Hahaha!

Lesson learned: Darn, never miss the hot momma EB! Otherwise, ikaw pag-uusapan !!!!! Bwahahaha… *wink*

*hay...really looked harassed and tired at this pix. obvious ba, just came from a very tiring (but fun) trip! diretso sa mommy EB agad! hahaha! Gaganda nila noh!!

Girls, really enjoyed the coffee date yesterday … really relaxing and different outlet from our usual blogging kwentos. Mas personalized and maingay!! And … ang daldal nyo pala lahat! Parang 300 words per minute!! Kung ano bilis nyo mag-type sa blog, bilis nyo din daldal! lol.

‘til next coffee date … or family summer outing?! Hopefully next time, ma-complete na tayo!

Monday, February 25, 2008

certified coins

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Back from Vacation

WE ARE SO BACK!!! Back from our short R&R trip and back to reality ....

Got lots of pictures and videos to share but still tired to upload and edit some of it. Of course, was too lazy and I opted to meet up and catch up kwentos from blogging mommies EB at Starbucks instead! That's prioritization! Bwahahaha!

Will definitely post Honkong and Macau travel kwentos, experiences and pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for all the blog visits!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy 4th year Anniversary, Honey!

As the years go by, I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to have you. You are a blessing from above - one that I do not take for granted. I thank you for all the things that you've done for me. For accepting me at my best and … most of the time at my worst! For loving me unconditionally and accepting my son, Ico. Not only are you a wonderful husband and a bestfriend, you're a great dad and generous provider too! I love you, Hon ... more than words, more than anything. I’ll be forever grateful for your love and really proud to be your wife.

February 21, 2004 Saturday : Caleruega, Tagaytay

Consecration Ceremony
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Soriano

And since we are on our honeymoon trip tomorrow (wishing…but with Sam in tow, I don’t think this is possible! lol.) I leave you this cutie song that tells everything from my heart!

More Than Yesterday
Spiral Staircase

I don't remember what day it was
I didn't notice what time it was
All I know is that I fell in love with you
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Every day's a new day in love with you
With each day comes a new way of loving you
Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wander
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But, darling, not as much as tomorrow

Tomorrow's date means springtime's just a day away
Cupid, we don't need ya now, be on your way
I thank the Lord for love like ours that grows ever stronger
And I always will be true
I know you feel the same way too

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But only half as much as tomorrow

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And we’re off to HK and Macau …

Woohoohoo! And we’re off to HK and Macau tomorrow! This time, for a quick holiday break and to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. So it’s purely R&R for me, hubby and Sam. Though hubby can’t resist to sked a business meeting (aarggh…super workaholic!) but definitely HK will be a treat for the little girl. Disneyland and Ocean Park will be our main agenda next to my outlet shopping! Hahaha!

Oh I am much more excited to see Macau! It’ll be my first visit here and I can’t wait to ride the gondola at Venetian Hotel, casino hopping at Wynn (LV and Gucci store here) MGM Casino and Grand Lisboa, enjoy the old ruins of St. Paul's Church and explore Senado square. Definitely will not miss to taste the authentic Portuguese egg tart ( favorite!), try the sumptous Lechon Macau and chicken piri-piri! Oh yummy!

And if we still have time, cross the border to Zhu Huai for bargain/tiangge shopping! Or probably, will just have to check out the Red Market at Macau. Oh my, our travel itinerary so full … so much to do, so little time!

Really excited and simply can’t wait! But first, need to plan our wardrobe! lol. I was told really cold in HK now. Need to bring jackets and warm clothes for the little girl!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

No Opps Weekend ... shopping time

And this kept me busy for the entire weekend... since no opps available for the past few days, I've been busy attending parties and malling for the little girl.

Friday: Was in the mood to do some shoppping for myself. Bought some kikay essentials and unexpectedly bought swimsuit for summer. Got this on sale at nothing but waters. Red-y and eager to hit the beach :)

Saturday : Had fun at Nikka's 7th Birthday Party at North East Greenhills Clubhouse. Sam enjoyed the Princesses party theme complete with all the party perks: magic show, activity/creative booth and games.

Dressing up at Diva for a day booth

keeping it pretty and neat at the hair braiding station

Dessert-picking with Daddy at San Fo buffet sweet treats

Busy at the cupcake decorating corner

with tita jody and margaux

Sunday: Met up with fellow mommy blogger Peachy at Little Gym for Sam's alice crocs pick up. Went to Podium for desserts at Crepes and Cream. Had few minutes chicka... but not enough ha! Next time and hopefully with Abie naman. ( btw, thanks peachy again for the crocs! Sam lavveet it just like her red alice!)


As previously posted, I joined Fairchild Leaning Center fieldtip last February 14 at Lucky Me Noodles Factory (Sta. Rosa) and Science Exchibit Hall/Planetarium at Mall of Asia. The fieldtrip is for junior nursery and senior nursery class. Parents and yayas were also invited to join the trip with their kids. Since it was Valentine's Day that time, I noticed a lot of parents joined the trip to celebrate the day and family date na daw. Hahaha! Really cute and kainggit noh! Anyway, for color coding purposes, kids wore their friday P.E uniform while parents wore red top...syempre, V-day nga eh! hahaha!

Sharing some of our fieldtrip pictures below ...

Despite waking up as early as 6am and traffic at SLEX, the little girl was in a very good mood. She enjoyed the entire bus trip so much. She was singing, talking, asking questions as she was very much curious with all the things around us. It was her first time to ride a big bus and she enjoyed the window seat view hence dami tanong at hirit ... "look, mommy..." "what's that?" (pointing at almost every object/billboard she saw)..."where's the the other bus?" .. "where are we going, Mommy?" ... "let's sing!" ... "I want chuckie..." She's so talkative! Very tiring .. fun but really tiring ha. lol.

At the Lucky Me noodle factory. No pictures allowed inside the plant. With her favorites: Teacher Wendy and Teacher Rich

I noticed when I joined the trip, Sam is quite tall for her age pala. She is currrently enrolled as junior nursery with age bracket: 2.5 - 3.5 years old.

Class pictures at Lucky Me noodle factory visitors hall..

at the Science Exhibit Hall and Planetarium at Mall of Asia ...

with the Rayos family: Enzo, Rachel and Emmy

Sam tired but happy face on our way back to school...

Anniversary Ticker Countdown

Daisypath Anniversary tickers