Wednesday, February 24, 2010

minor scratch

I just noticed this morning that my car has a dent on its fender. Actually, the dent on the front left side of the car is no longer a surprise, I accidentally brushed it from the road gutter two months ago ... while the scratch on the right side of the bumper ... well, blame it on my miscalculations from our garage. Hehehe! It's just a minor scratch, but noticeable. The husband is quite pissed, but he can't do anything about it. He knows how bad I am when it comes to driving. I've been driving for almost ten years now, and still I am bad when it comes to parking. He calls me, amateur driver. Hmph.
Anyway, because of this, he's eager to renew our present insurance term and get the maximum coverage for our car. He's looking for free insurance quotes online. Probably, look for cheap and flexible insurance with maximum benefits for all our cars. A must requirement for us. Especially with my impeccable driving skills, we really need insurance. LOL

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Snaged this tag from Jane. My friday fill-ins ... here it goes.

1. I know there's always raibow after the rain.
2. July for me is the longest month.
3. You can't help but jump for joy, especially if your prayers were answered!
4. Bags and shoes; bring it on!
5. Where have you looked to find the best eye cream in town, try hydroleyes.
6. My baghag shop site is now available.
7. And as for this weekend, I look forward to gimik nights with my friends, tomorrow my plans includes attending a children's party at Jollibee Bluewave MOA and on Sunday, I want to go to SMX Travel Fair to finalize our Singapore booking.

on hair loss

Recently, I do experience quite drastic hair loss. Very alarming, I know. My aunt told me that probably one of the reasons for hair loss is that my little boy can now lie on his belly, and starting to crawl. It's just a phase, and natural occurence after giving birth. Du-uh! An old wive's tale. As if there's a connection between baby's development and hair loss. But whatever it is, I really do feel that I am losing healthy, natural hair around fifty to hundred strands a day from brushing and daily shampooing. I don't know how to prevent it, but I am hoping my new hair shampoo will help minimize my hair loss. Do you think I need to get hair treatment as early as now? Need your advice please.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

acne break-out

Any suggestions where I can find natural acne treatment ? My son is experiencing an acne break-out and I need to find a cure as soon as possible. He will be attending his first highschool dance ever and naturally, he's so concious with all the acne on his face. Believe me, total acne-break out! Blame it on his late night sleeping caused by downloading and surfing the net, busy playing online games. And of course, since he's a teenager .. he loves to eat fatty and oily food such as burgers, pizza and fries. And with one week to go, need to look for natural acne treatment that is safe, relieable as well as affordable to solve his zits problem. Any suggestions?

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

it means ... Congratulations and Wishing you Proseprity!

In my side of the world, we are not only celebrating Valentine's or Heart's Day on February 14, but we are celebrating Chinese New Year as well. Very rare conicidence, in fact.

And since this year is my year -- Year of The Golden (Metal) Tiger, I checked some Feng Shui experts post what the year has to offer to me this time. Read on:

The year brings competitive pressures and intense politicking, and you may get drawn into a situation where you are put in a difficult position. The year also brings ill health, so take more steps to stay healthy. The Tai Sui resides in your location this year, so you must display the Tai Sui Plaque in the Northeast to appease the Grand Duke and also to bring good luck. Whenever possible, carry the Tai Sui Talisman with you. To protect against falling sick, wear the Antahkarana Signet Ring and display the Dragon & Tiger Wu Lou on both sides of your bed. Further subdue the bad energy of the year by carrying the Precious Ring Talisman. Mature Tigers or those with existing medical problems should wear the Double Wu Luo with Infinity Pendant in Gold to ensure continued good health.
*excerpt above lifted from Lilian Too's To read more about your luck, check here

shedding off few more pounds ...

proved to be quite challenging. I've been reding a lot of quick weight loss tips but so far ... was not that successful. Only few pounds loss after giving birth. Could it be because I am deprived of sleep lately? Probably. I've read that irregular sleeping habits also not good if you plan to lose weight. Too bad. I've been sleeping quite late lately. Blame it on my late night habit of surfing the net. After putting the kids to bed, my next agenda... surf the net. It's my ME time. I love doing this late at night since I get to enjoy quiet time with no kids to screaming in the background. Moreover, my connectivity is much faster, my mind clear as I am more focused with my personal tasks with no work-related to disturb me during my surfing time.

Anyway, enough of all the diet excuses. If you do find quick weight loss tips , please share. I am desperate to shedd off few more pounds in less than two weeks time for our summer company travel.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

This is a long overdue post ... almost a week later but will still post it anyway. Yes, bad wifey! Been very busy with Migo's baptism preparations that it over-shadowed the husband's 35th birthday days before the party. We didn't get a chance to celebrate his natal day, but I vowed to the husband will make his day ... an unforgettable and special one. Nope, didn't get him any gadget-related to computers but got him a much better toy -- an apple iphone 3GS 32GB this time. He's raving about it lately, and I think this is the most practical and useful I can give him. And so the husband is now happy ... really birthday happy!

To my dearest honey, happy happy birthday!! we love you and thank you for being the best dad, ever!!

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