Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things to think of when modifying your car

It's a guy thing to buy a cheap or classic car and modify it. Most of us have either done it, or dream of doing it. When women talk about "men and their cars," this is what they mean - those endless, happy hours under the hood of your classic car, tinkering with the engine for just that extra rev that will separate you out from the crowd, or adding that loving shine to the trunk that will give your car added oomph, pizzazz, and class.

But have you considered the car insurance premium factor when modifying your car? If you own and live in a large private estate, then modify all you like. As long as you drive within your estate, you don't even need a car insurance. But supposing, like most people, you love to tinker with your car but drive them on public roads anyways? Then you need to worry about insurance premiums, because then insurance premiums go up.

The reasoning goes like this: you can modify your car in two ways - you can either modify its engine or whatever else that makes it go at a greater speed, or you can modify its decorative and comfort providing parts, like seats, polish, whatever. If you modify your car to make it go at a higher speed, it is reasonable to assume that it will be made to go at a higher speed; ergo, it is more prone to accidents and your premium goes up. In truth, any change you make to your car engine will certainly increase your premium.

You can modify the other parts of your car as much as you like. You can polish, draw pictures, add bumper stickers, whatever you like. Oh, but wait, there was a recent study by a psychology professor from some Midwestern university which claimed cars with bumper stickers are more prone to accidents!

online shopping rush

Yes, I am on a rush mode to purchase online loots for my kiddos. The husband left yesterday for DC to attend a conference, the International Telecoms Week (ITW). He will be staying at DC for six days, and because of this, I need to do my online shopping fast. Need to beat the shipping deadline to ensure that the husband will receive the loots before he leaves his hotel.

Found nice items at Old Navy and Gap, mostly on sale. Perfect summer outfits for kids. Check out the cool items I got ...

Making Calls: The Individual Challenge of Poker

There are some people who think that poker can be played from a purely mathematical perspective, and that it can be beaten. There are even those who have gone so far as attempting to program software that tells people playing at casinos like Caesars Online the best moves to make. While there is a massive mathematical aspect to poker, this is not the limit of the game. There won't always be a right answer in every situation, and if you're constantly trusting the feedback of math and software, you're bound to lose.
In poker, making a call or not is really your call. Because of the strong psychological element to the game, you will be required to stay aware of your opponents as they play through hand after hand. Learning how other players play the game will allow you to make predictions about what their moves actually mean within the context of a hand.

Take, for example, the prediction of a bluff. The pot odds of a player who raises twice the pot size against you will almost always be terrible. However, if that player has shown frequent bluffs and you think that you're reading that person right, sometimes the best thing you can do is make that call. Even if the math speaks against it, trusting your gut and analyzing the other players is a major key to the game.

You will also need to make predictions about how opposing players will act, and no software can accurately tell you when it's a good time to try to bluff opponents. If you think an opponent has you misread, or if you've worked on developing a tight player persona, your options are far different from someone who has been making risky moves all night, no matter what the math might say.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

work at home job

The husband recently resigned from his corporate work, and decided to avail the offer of an international telecommunications company based in Florida. He was tapped as the regional manager in Asia, and he will be most of the time out of the country for business trips, and tele-commuting. Of course aside from the good package, and travel perks, he will be working from home. And given this new work-freedom, we discussed the possibility of re-designing our house to accommodate small office space for him. Aside from adding an extra room, will be shopping for office furniture, computers and copier machine. We need to get his communications tools such as fax, phone, internet connectivity to equip his small office. The works! It's really a new work environment for him and he's very much excited.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy and Bubbly at 6th!

The little squirt turned six months the other day. How time flies fast! At six, I already started feeding him solid food. Yes, few weeks early as his upper incisor teeth already showing, he now has four teeth. Two lower incisors which erupted when he was four months old, and the upper teeth just a week ago. Physically, he's big at six months. He's already over ten kilos, a little chubby but healthy.

With Migo at six months, He's half-way near his first birthday. And I haven't accomplished anything yet for his upcoming party! Well, except for boking the caterer. LOL. I am too, not ready yet. As I want to be back to my pre-preggo weight by the time he turns one. I've been busy searching online some quick weight loss tips as I need to be back in shape too by the time Migo celebrates his first birthday. Yay! pressure on me. LOL Wish me luck.

preggy health

I am surrounded lately with pregnant moms. Six people I know are pregnant now. Three from my office, two from my online blogging friends and my dear sister. As a non-first time mom, I always remind them the importance of buy prenatal vitamins. A must, and should be diligently taken by preggy moms to ensure good health of the baby while inside the womb. I can still remember that my OB even prescribed different sets of vitamins with the different stages of my pregnancy. Vitamin C is part of my dosage, iron and calcium to prepare my body during pregnancy, as well as folic acid for the baby. Together with prenatal vitamins, I can celarly remember that my doctor asked me to drink milk to give the baby nutrients he also needs, it also helps with the baby's fetal and brain development. Thus, my usual tips to moms ... never forget to take prenatal vitamins and milk.
Anyway, with six people I know who are pregnant this year, could it be 2010 a baby boom year? I don't know, but one thing for sure, these babies will be born coinciding with the year that our country will have a new president. I just hope they won't name their babies "noy-noy", LOL.

Monday, May 10, 2010

booked finally

Remember my post earlier re: PALs Midnight Sale Promo last weekend? Despite the server glitch, I am happy to say I was finally able to book and get a good rate for our family trip this coming June. It will be Singapore this time with the kids. Yiiipeee!! Good thing PAL was able to address their online booking problem last week. The first time they launched the Midnight Sale promo, it was bad. Their website sucks bigtime. People can't access and the server was down most of the time. Good thing they've learned their lesson. The recent promo launch was a success, booking online was easy, in fact even the credit card processing was ok. No glitches. Within ten minutes, transaction was completed and booking already confirmed, email was sent for confirmation and booking reference.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

more health supplements

This is bad. You can see from my recent pics above, I am losing my weight battle. I am getting bigger day by day. And sadly, I am not getting any younger. With a new baby in tow, I need to find ways how I can improve my health being. I am seriously considering taking health supplements such as hgh supplements to improve my stamina, body metabolism and of couse, if possible to defy-ageing. Will this be possible? I've seen a lot of reviews for possible health supplements, but so far, the hgh supplements I've read online proved to be cost-effective and efficient. Sounds promising, eh? Do check out and be the judge.

a quickie trip

Before I check for another Samsung HDTV for our little bratinella's playroom, allow me to post our recent Tagaytay Highlands family trip last Tuesday.

It was a perfect day spent with the husband's family who went home all the way from Winnipeg, Canada for a short vacation. As we are all pressed for time, and with all our busy work schedules, we just did what is possible for us to do on a short notice ... go on a short trip to Tagaytay. Though as much as we want to go to Boracay, we didn't have any time to plan for a longer and better trip. Very bad! But nobody complained that day, it was simply perfect. We are all glad that we decided to finally had a break and enjoy each other's company on a perfect Tuesday afternoon.

The Bugnot-Bunas-Camacho-Soriano Family

Enjoying the good pizza from Toscano Restaurant at the Clubhouse.

Enjoying the pool at Highlands -- Migo's 1st swim with the cousins

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