Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Date Lines

Thanks for the tag, Kelly!

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

1. June 14, 1992: my 18th Birthday. Celebrated grand debut party complete with 18 roses, 18 candles and cottilon de honor (hehehe, uso pa non! lol)

2. January 14, 1996 : gave birth to Ico.

3. November 28, 2002 : the night hubby proposed on top of Peak Tower (di ba ang drama at sweet!)

4. February 21, 2004: Wedding day ... until night na yun!

5. November 4, 2004: gave birth to Sam.

I am tagging mellise, apple , jane and yen.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bed Weather Day

When I woke up this am, thought it was still dawn. I can see from our bedroom windows that the skies were dark and the neighborhood was very quiet. And thinking it was still early for me to get up, I decided to look at my watch and was surprised that it’s already 10:15am. Gawd!! Can’t believe I slept that long! I am not used to waking up late despite staying up ‘til the wee hours. Yet still I did … blame it on the cold weather outside! :)

As I looked at my daughter who was lovingly snuggled with her Dad, I am pleased from what I saw. She looks so peaceful and contented clutching her pillow and probably dreaming on a far away land. Hubby looked calm as well and in deep sleep after hitting the bed at 3am from a drinking spree last night here at the house.

I got up slowly and as quietly as possible, afraid to wake them up. I went to the kitchen right away and checked our menu for lunch. Hmmm… chicken afritada. Not bad. But I craved for different food this bed weather day. As I open our kitchen cupboards I saw something that made me excited. How about tuyo for lunch?!? I love tuyo and I miss eating tuyo so much! Perfect food for the rainy weather.

As I am typing my entry now, we haven’t decided yet if we will go out for dinner. For the past few days, we have been very lazy to move a muscle. We spent the long weekend watching videos, lazing around and just sleeping. Truly relaxing!

What about you, how did you spend your bed weather day?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holiday Season almost here!!

With just few days away...it'll be September. We are about to enter the -ber months and finally, Christmas is here again! I can't believe it! I am back to my holiday shopping spree, guilt-free! lol.

It is the time of the year to enjoy hot chocolate with bibingka and puto bumbong after simbang gabi, joyful carolers on the streets, twinkling christmas lights and parols on every home, happy shoppers (like me!) looking for perfect gifts for loved ones and of course, sale...sale...sale and midnight tiangges almost everywhere! Oh, plus the terrible traffic on the entire metropolis! :) Aren’t you excited again? Hahaha!

This Christmas, I’m planning to change my decors and color theme. It has been three years that I used the orange-themed decors on my tree, and I am thinking of using different colors this time. I saw last year an “apple-green” themed that looked great on Christmas tree. Purple is also nice ... and Sam’s favorite color too, which I might consider together with silver. Hmmm...nothing definite yet. Need to check out what is available this year at the mall.

For gifts, I wanted to prepare something special for my family and friends this year. Unlike the previous year, Mike and I have been very busy with the house construction that I ended up giving Becky’s Brownies as gifts! Though very yummy … but I find it too boring and quite impersonal. So, I was thinking of getting gift baskets this year with probably “kakaiba” goodies inside. I am hoping I can find good gourmet foods that can be part of my Christmas gift basket this time. Hopefully, I can find one soon so I can beat the holiday rush and prepare for budget this early. Any suggestions? :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Love Books!!

Reading books have been Sam's favorite pastime lately.

She loves reading (actually, skimming the pages) so much that she can't end her day without getting her favorite book.

Lately, she's into her Kuya's set of Life Books about Mammals. She loves looking, counting and naming each animals found in the book. She would sometimes even make funny sound imitations of these animals.

Her favorite animal ... the SKUNK! Whenever she reaches this page, she would do funny comment "yeeoow!" , while holding her nose and twtiching her face as a sign of disgust! hahaha! as if she was smelling one! :)

Anyway, I truly believe that parents should start exposing kids to books at a very young age. Though it may start with simple reading with them at night, and little skimming or scanning of pages to look at pictures as a start of stimulating their interest and love for books. Eventually, these little tots would start building the habit or their love for reading!

Samantha while reading one of her favorites : Bubbles, Bubbles with Elmo and Night, Night Book with Big Bird.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank Heaven for Food Take-out and Deliveries

Don't you just love food deliveries and take-out food?!

Since it's a long weekend break, we've indulged ourselves with food deliveries and take-out food. I've been quite a lazy cook for the past few days and my ultimate solution: dial food delivery! It makes mom's life easier and stress-free with simply dialling the magic delivery numbers and presto... food ready right infront of your doorsteps! :)

Note our weekend indulgences below:


While watching "Ocean's Thirteen" DVD, we called Mc Donald's delivery at 11pm. Mc Donald's is the only 24-hour food delivery near our place.

Anyway, look at Sam's picture happily munching her favorite chicken nuggets from Mc Do!


Due to typhoon, My mom and my sister's family stayed with us for the night. While enjoying our videoke concert, we again had sudden craving for late night snack. Pizza Hut delivery the only number to go! :) Got pizzas with stuffed sausage and cheese crust! Yummy! Don't you love Pizza Hut Palm Cards "Buy one, take one!" hehehe :)


We got call from my FIL that we will be hosting dinner for relatives from Canada. Hmmm... that was really spur of the moment advise huh!?! Again, since we got the advise quite late, I've decided to dial food delivery for dinner. I called Lola Idang's for 2 orders of kare-kare and crispy pata. Then I called the famous Ado's Panciteria for Miki Bihon Guisado pick-up. Bought pork barbecues along the way and MIL offered to bring ice cream and cake from Goldilock's. Express dinner feast ready in less than 1 hour.

Dinner went great with videoke party and bowls of Jollytime buttered popcorn re-capping the night!


We had late night snack from Jade Palace. While watching "Bourne Ultimatum" on DVD, we were munching on siomais, siopaos and beef noodles! Yum, yum!! Sam loves siomai so much that she finished one order (4 pcs) of siomai in one sitting. Grabe appetite!!


We had KFC chicken and rolls for snack at Megamall, but decided to buy Jollibee chicken for dinner. Grabe... Fast-food fanatics! Actually, it was Kuya Ico's idea to get Jollibee this time since he didn't join us for snack at KFC. Syempre, we can't complain!

Look how Sam loves Jollibee fried chicken! Pa-simple pa! hahaha!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weird things about me....

Thanks for the tag, Jody!

...At night, I would constantly rub my feet on the bed sheets to put me to sleep.

... I love the sound of water trickling from the faucet/shower. Every time I use the bathroom, I would open the faucet/shower to wash my hands/feet or just because I want to hear water trickling from the faucet. weird, huh?!?

...Because I love water so much, it pisses me so much if there’s no water! I can’t stand being at home knowing that there is no running water available anytime I want it.

...I am an OC cook.

* I am not comfortable if I have a missing ingredient in my recipe! If I can’t buy the ingredient I needed from the nearby store, I would rather change my menu for the day and re-sked the originally planned menu until I complete the missing ingredient.

*I am very particular how the ingredients like fruits and veggies are cut. Even the cut-size should conform how I wanted it to be on my food.

*The concept “clean as you go” clearly describes how I move inside my kitchen. I can’t stand seeing cluttered or soiled utensils while I cook.

... I prefer matching colors or set for the things I use at home. This goes for linens, towels, hand towels, rugs or even floor mats should be in matching sets when used. If ever one of the rugs got soiled, I would rather change all of it to achieve my desired quirk for matching sets.

Next in line...I am tagging Jane, Mich, Joy, Apple and Nice.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party_Lilo and Stitch/Luau Theme

I already got the invite design from ADWORKS!! :)

Again, as expected... design was really nice! It's a 2-D type of invite with no pop-up frills (haha! cost cutting kasi!). I've asked some minor changes on the design particularly Sam and Stitch's placement on the invite, and hopefully Adworks will re-submit the finalized lay-out within the week. This is the beauty of preparing the invites early, you've got plenty of time to re-design and do whatever you want :)

Aside from the invites, Adworks will also do the nametags and thank-you tags for give-aways. Matching lay out to follow as soon as I approve the invite design. Hopefully all the designs completed by this month so I have one less item to prepare for Sam's birthday party! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Little Hawaiian Girl

I just want to post Sam's picture in Hawaiian costume. Isn't she a real cutie?!!? (syempre pa, love your own! hahaha!)

My baby is no longer a toddler...she's already big and can be mistakenly thought as a pre-schooler already :( Oh my! How time flies so fast!

Friday, August 3, 2007

baby anecdotes

I Love You, three!

Short anecdote from my little girl last week…. As we are about to sleep and doing our usual “Mommy-Sammie” bonding , I heard this cutie outburst from Sam…

Sam: Goodnight Mommy, I love you!
Mommy: I love you, too!
Sam: (lovingly smiled at me) I love you, three!

oh, yes, she can count now…hahaha!


Sam’s Own Version of a Letter & Number Game

While playing at the garage one day, Sam, for some reason or another, got to the front of the car and started murmuring something … sounded like “two”, Sam said. And to my surprise she was pointing to the last numbers of the car’s plate number! She actually recognized the numbers. And soon after that, she was able to memorize the plate numbers of our car.

Got better end of the bargain…

My plan to get iPOD video was stopped by hubby the other day :( After convincing and persuading him for more than three days, my grand plan of getting 80G iPOD was put to halt! Can’t believe it! The offer was too tempting … MAC books and iPOD’s can be availed at zero (yes, zero interest!!) for 12 to 24 months thru our company loan program! Incredibly great offer!

I would really love to get the iPOD! BUT, I was weak on defending my case why I badly need the sleek gadget! Hahaha! Here are my reasons:

1. I can store lots of music and music videos.
2. Tons of pictures can be stored and can serve as my portable album.
3. I can download my favorite tv series thru my iPOD ie: Grey's Anatomy, CSI series.
4. I can use it as a back up memory for my files on my laptop.

Duh-uh! Not too convincing enough!!

4. Try this... I even tried rationalizing of getting the iPOD for Sam’s Elmo and Barney videos. Hahaha! literally, ginamit ang anak! :)

But I think he really saw my true intentions…I just want the gadget because it really looks so cool and hip, lol. He even asked me…”eh, you don’t even know how to download music!” Darn… he got me there!

Surprisingly, he suggested that instead of getting the iPOD (which will be under utilized, anyway!) he told me to get the Samsung LCD TV I’ve been eyeing for the past months! Aha-ha! Did I hear that right? The LCD TV?!!? Gosh… he knows…and he remembers…he was listening after all! :) He finally said yes! Of course, getting the LCD TV means I need to do some budget tweaking! Hahaha! Nevertheless…I got the better end of the bargain. I asked for an iPOD… and was denied BUT, won the LCD TV instead! Hahaha! Ain’t that great deal! :) Super thanks, honey! I love you!

Hmmmmm…next question, where should I put the new TV and Home Theater? Our Bedroom or Family Room? Uhhmmm... need to put some holes on our red wall to mount that tv! (lagot?! hahaha!)

See the Samsung LCD TV I've been eyeing for the past 6 months! :)

Imagine the art of expression

The S8 Series gives you Samsung LCD TV's classic and elegant design at its most affordable level. Yet it delivers the Samsung technology you want most. The High Definition (HD) ready display lets you enjoy vivid, lifelike detail.

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