Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Extended Summer Holiday Break -- to the max!

Summer Holiday was extended to the max this year for me. Despite the rains experienced this June, summer vacation ain't over yet! I just arrived last night from HongKong after a 5-day vacation get-away with my family and now... I am packing my things again for a summer boracay trip courtesy of our company. Wow, great!! We will be at Boracay for the next three days! Yipee! No work, all play!! It will be just the sun (hopefully, no rain!), sand, beach and party all night! :)

Will post our family HK trip and Boracay company trip next time...

For the meantime, back to packing my summer gear! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Girl Samantha

Haven't posted Sam's pictures recently... Grabe, big girl na! My baby is gone :( I now have super likot, bratty girl :) but cutie noh! I really love and adore her!

See Sam's different poses and facial expressions this month :)

Party Planning Fever

Yup, got bitten again by the party planning bug from N@W :) I am starting to do my party planning for Samantha’s birthday party this coming November. Time really flies so fast…she’s now on her 3rd birthday! I can’t believe my itsy, cutie, little, cuddly baby already gone! :( Well, she’s still cuddly and cutie but a little bit bratty na din!

Anyway, party planning has started. Party suppliers already short-listed, party-budget already allotted. This year’s party theme is Lilo and Stitch/Luau party! Really excited about it that I am planning to source out leis and tiki poles pa! Aliw noh! :) Though, it’s just a simple party to be held at our house with our family and close friends. However, I am quite surprised ha, party expenses and suppliers already increased their prices na din. Gosh!! :( I am doing some pencil tweaking for my party budget and I can’t believe that I will go beyond my set budget as early as now! :( Haayyy…I need lots of moolah !! Hahaha!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thankful at 33

Today, I am already 33. Gosh!! I can hardly believe myself saying "I am 33". Still in denial but well, it's the truth. Can't do anything about it but accept that yes, I am getting old. Time really flies fast. I promised myself when I was young (years ago) that I would accomplish my wishlist before I turn 30.

... learn new language (Japanese/Mandarin) -- yes, I am half-Chiinese but don't know how to speak Chinese language :(
... learn to dive
... do something crazy like bungee-jumping or sky diving
... have my own condo
... US and Europe travel
... have my own family
... retire, and have my own business

Well, not all my wish list happened before I turned 30. But slowly, it did. Now at 33 I was able to

... have our own house (better than my condo wish!)
... travel to US (NO Europe travel, yet!)
... have my own family (got loving husband and adorable,cutey daughter)
... for the crazy stuff like sky diving and bungee jumping! Not sure if I still want that on my wishlist now. I am no longer young and adventurous to try :)

Kinda short from my wishlist. But hey, I can't have everything right? Probably I can have everything..In HIS own time. Can't complain to the BIG MAN up there! God has been so good to me that He continuously blessed me through out the 33 years of my life. I am so grateful for all the blessing He has done for me and my family. Can't wish for more!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My 5 Favorite Things..Tag from Jane

My 5 Favorite things...

1. Chocolates, choco chips, chips ahoy (chunky), my comfort food!! - one of the reasons why I gained weight for the past 4-years :( My grocery list will not be complete without a bag of Chunky Chips Ahoy! hahaha!

2. Food delivery - Wow! this is our instant answer for late night cravings especially while watching 24, Heroes and CSI series . I even memorized each fast food delivery hours. (and yes, another weight contributing factor!!)

3. My car - super love my car because it brings me anywhere! Very compact, stylish design ,reliable and most of all fuel friendly car! Can't imagine my life without my car :)

4. Bathroom Shower - I love bath time! My favorite time of the day. I love how the water trickle on my head. It is so soothing, relaxing and very refreshing! I love our overhead rainshower-style that makes me enjoy bath time more!

5. My laptop - It's an old IBM version that is very,very reliable and dependable through the years! My laptop and I been together for more than 5 years, and I am happy to say that it never let me down. Very durable, too! ( it was battered, and fell countless times and yet, still working!) We've been partners both at work and for play but it never failed me. Although lately, I've been epxeriencing real slow down but still happy and contented with my laptop.

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