Thursday, June 24, 2010

computer upgrade

It will take quite a while before I can get my new laptop. Sadly, company opex budget quite tight lately as we need to priroritize investments that would yield high revenue returns in a short period of time. Naturally, one of the major cuts includes non-urgent sales tools such as cars, desktops and laptops.
Thus, despite all the slowness with the office applications, ICMS and CRM tools installed in my current laptop, I have no choice but to wait for unit upgrade. It may take long as it needs budget approval which I believe will be part of the 2011 planning already. But as an interim solution, our IT group suggested for quick upgrade approach at less cost , do computer memory upgrade. It sounds a viable solution for now, as most of the sales people already complaining of slowness that affects their productivity but nevertheless, it is still an upgrade. I welcome any possibility of improving my work performance and I sure do hope so this will be the practical and economical solution for the company.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Profile of Frontline Plus

Taking care of your dog or cat can be an exhausting process. After vet bills and other costs, the expense of having a pet can soon rise. Luckily, one of the most common forms of disease your pet can face, namely fleas, can be dealt with cheaply and efficiently. Frontline Plus is one of the most versatile and cost effective methods of curing your pet from fleas.
Fleas and other bugs can be dangerous because they not only infect your pet, but also can spread to humans. One such illness is Cat Scratch Disease, which causes few ill effects in cats but can result in large lumps and irritated areas of the skin in humans. Rickettsiosis is another illness that is not easily noticed in cats but can spread to other members of the family.
Once you apply the product to your pet, Frontline Plus works by storing itself in vital oil glands in the skin and becomes distributed throughout your pet’s body. The product is waterproof (especially handy for dogs who love to go in the water) and will provide protection for up to one month.
There are different doses and sizes of products available for different pets. Depending on your dog’s size and weight, you will need to buy a different version of Frontline Plus. Larger dogs obviously have different size bodies and organs to small pets, so the product will be distributed differently.
There is only one product for cats as most cats are around the same size.There are even offers and special deals available, ensuring that you can purchase Frontline Plus for a bargain price. For example, one offer that can be found is that you can receive one case of the product free when you buy six or more of a certain size. This makes Frontline Plus a cheap and easy way to cure your pet of fleas.

birthday treats ...

It's my birthday today ... and I am another year older, wiser, and more grateful. And I thank the Lord for giving me another year, another year to be productive at work, to share my life, spread love and laughter to others.
I've been celebrating my birthday since last week. I've had parties and small gatherings to welcome my birthday.
1. Thursday, June 10 : Surprise birthday party at Music Banks Videoke given by my colleagues
2. Friday, June 11 : Lunch treat to my C&P Team at T.G.I.F Trinoma as my big thanks for the surprise party.
3. Friday, June 11 : Party-proper. Joint-birthday celebration treat with Oye for my Bayan colleagues.
4. Sunday,June 13: Joint-birthday treat together with my blogging friends Joy, Jane and Jody which also coincides with the baby shower of Joy and Abie.
5. Monday, June 14 : Dinner with my family at TGIF Glorietta.
6. Tuesday, June 15: Filed for birthday leave to enjoy my ME time. Spa and shopping time today! :)
7. June 19-22 : My birthday travel treat to the kids c/o the husband. Will be celebrating four wonderful days in Singapore. Part of the itinerary includes Universal Studio, Night Safari and Sentosa Park.

The Well Dressed Bachelor

One hundred years ago, being classy was a requirement. Getting "dressed for dinner" and "dolling up" were part of everyday life. Even the bums wore coats and hats.

Enter the present day. A guy can go to a wedding reception in a short sleeve shirt and baggy shorts with three days worth of scruff on his face and only get a sniff or two of disdain.

However, dressing down is passe. The '80s style of nice clothes worn badly is history. The '90s dress down world order is dying: It's time to put on the ritz again.

So, here's the correct way to walk through the door at the next reception.

Start with shoes that look the part, but are comfortable; you may have to show off your dancing skills. Socks are a must, but keep the weather in mind. Wool in summer is a bad idea.

Next up is pants and the jacket. Solid color, pinstripe, or patterned--choose the design that works for you, and put it to work. You can't go wrong with a smart looking suit. Go dark, because bright colors are for those who are brash and want to show off. If you're really willing to go for the next level of snazzy, leave the coat unbuttoned and add a slightly garish vest; it's a subtle clue that there's more to you than meets the eye.

The shirt is next, and the rules are the same as with the suit. It's got to be a complimentary item: black suit, white shirt. Maybe a quiet blue for a gray suit. Wrap it all up with a tie--again, don't go flashy because you're better than that.
Lastly, consider the extras. Cuff links show that you're a man of higher breeding. A ring with some hidden meaning adds a dash of mystery. Top it off with a classy watch, something fancy like Roberto Coin.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perhaps, Delightful?

Welcome the newest offering from Louis Vuitton - the Monogram Delightful. It's slated to be released in June 2010 I was told that LV Guam store already has a stock. I wonder if it will be released to other LV stores within the next few months. It's so beautiful - a combination of Artsy and Neverfull. Its extra supple hobo shape makes it a joy to carry as it molds to your body. And the price is really great - $760 for the PM, $855 for the MM and $1100 for the GM. The PM and MM versions do not have the zippered pockets in front thus, the big price difference. Of course, I want the zipper type as my Neverfull has no zipper at all. Now I am thinking ... And since it's my birthday week, perhaps I can get someting DELIGHTFUL as birthday treat! Hahaha! Let's see.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

another baby shower ...

for the MBAPs group.
For 2010, we have two preggo members, both about to give birth anytime this month. Our blogger friends, Abie and Joy. Thus, we are rushing for their baby shower as they are about to pop anytime. So tomorrow, Sunday, we are off to Conti's Greenbelt 2 for an afternoon party. We've booked a separate function room to accommodate the MBAPs including our families. So that's a total of thirty adults and kids. Whooaa! :)
For the baby shower gift, I already bought a small token for Abie's baby, a baby boy this time. While for Joy, I got her some girly stuff since they are blessed with another baby girl in the family. The husband told me aside from getting the babies some cutie stuffs, he told me to get the preggo moms prenatal vitamins too. A must, as it helps the babies development while inside the mother's womb. And he's right. Now I am seriously considering the husband's suggestion.

old stuff

I am de-loading some of the bratinella's old stuff. As she's getting bigger day by day, I need to clean her closet almost monthly to give space to her new clothes. Some of her old clothes given to her cousins, while some of it sold online. This month, aside from discarding some of the clothes below, I am also selling some of her shoes. Mostly, sandals and crocs.

Look at how pretty and girly some of her clothes above. And I wonder if how long she would wear these all girly-frilly dress. Lately, I noticed she's developing her own fashion sense, more of cute tops paired with jeans or leggings, matched with jelly shoes. It's fascinating to see how she develops her own style. I am sure in a few years time , she'll go for mature outfits, and who knows probably she'll ask me to get her some hip hop clothing. That will be soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

unwanted fats

Seriously, the husband should lose weight too! Just look at his recent picture from Miami South Beach at Florida. He badly needs to shed off those unwanted tummy-fats. I've been trying to remind him for months now that he's slowly gaining weight, but he's very adamtan that he can easily lose weight if he wants to. He's gifted with strong will-power and determination to do it, that is, if he put his mind and heart to it. But lately, with his busy travel schedules with work, he can't squeeze gym time. Hah! And he thinks losing weight would be easy. I've been trying to lose weight ever since I gave birth (and that was six months ago!), and believe me really challenging and difficult. Especially with all those food temptations around. Yay! And to lose weight fast, I've been searching the web for top diet pills that is effective and affordable. So many pills, endless options ... and I am confused which one is effective and true to it's promise for weight-loss. Any suggestions?

baby's eczema

Any suggestion where I can find information on eczema treatment? I am bothered with my baby's small patch of skin discoloration on his cheeks, and I wonder if this is eczema or just part of his skin changes. He's six months old only, and the blotch is very evident on his face. It's not itchy, and no reddish mark ... but the blotch is quite noticeable. Although my pedia assured me that nothing to be alarmed, as it is just normal skin changes and he advised me not to put any cream as it will go away eventually. But the OA mommy me really bothered. Have you experienced this on your child? Please let me know as I want to get much information as possible.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

on acne treatment

Have you heard about acnepril ? It was highly recommended by my friends based in US who switched from proactive to this new acne treatment solution. Any suggestions where I can find this? ? My son is experiencing total acne break-out and I need to find a cure as soon as possible. He will be attending his first back to school dance ever and naturally, he's so concious with all the acne on his face. Believe me, major acne-break out! Blame it on his late night sleeping caused by downloading and surfing the net, busy playing online games. And of course, since he's a teenager .. he loves to eat fatty and oily food such as burgers, pizza and fries. So I need to find a treatment that will stop over production of oil production that causes acne. And with one week to go, need to look for natural acne treatment that is safe, relieable as well as affordable to solve his zits problem. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Migo's 1st Bday updates

It was decided, Migo's 1st birthday party would be on November 14, Sunday. It will be a joint-celebration with his Ate Samantha, who will be celebrating her 6th birthday of the same month.

For the party theme, it was initially Pirates. With Migo as Peterpan and Samantha as Tinkerbell ... perfect choice! After searching for decors and give-aways on the web, I changed the party theme. You see, having a Pirate theme not applicable for a one year old birthday party. With all the skulls and bones design, not appropriate. Thus, for second option ... jungle animals. Generic and applicable either for boy or girl celebrant.
Anyway, three months ago I already started my party preps for my son's 1st birthday party. I thought it would be easy since I have ample time to prepare for his big birthday bash. Well, with nine months planning time ... still acceptable.

Unfortunately, I was dead-wrong! I was able book my favorite caterer (who happens to be in-demand always!), but had a difficuly getting a nice venue. Yaikees! Getting a party venue was oh-so difficult. Most of the clubhouses I wanted already booked on my scheduled party date. Darn! I tried booking Valle Verde 6, Acropolis, Northeast Greenhills, Forbes, Corinthian's and The Grove, Rockwell. All booked, reserved and paid for Sunday, November 14. Though I tentatively booked Fully Booked Rooftop and St. Francis Party Hall, I am still half-hearted. I am not happy with both of the venues. Parking, especially at St. Francis Hall will be a big problem. It will be very inconvenient for my guests.

Thus, after deliberating and checking all the clubhouses left, I ended up getting Valle Verde 2. Not on my top five choice for party venue but still ok. As I wanted a clubhouse with a high ceiling for aesthetic (or decor) purposes. Already booked and paid the fee and still hoping I can still find better venue next months to come. Otherwise, I am stuck and have to make do with Valle verde 2. Not bad at all.

The last days of May proved to be very stressful for my party venue hunt. I dont know if my diet pills worked but I lost around three pounds for my venue hunt. Pure stress, maybe. It may sound over-acting, but believe me I was already in panic if I can't get the right place for my kids party.

And to proved my point that it is indeed difficult to book for 2nd week of November, I just tried booking for my daughter's 7th birthday for 2011. Yes, you read it right ... for November 2011. And lo and behold, as I called Valle Verde 6 ... again, my preferred date already booked! Incredible, eh?

fun at Cebu

Just arrived from our recent summer get-away, Cebu. It was a relaxing and all-fun three day trip together with my sales team. It was our first time to go for an out of town trip, all girls this time! Our trip was short but it was well-spent vacation. Aside from swimming and basking under the sun, we went for boat ride exploring the beautiful islands of Cebu. Our day trips were spent enjoying the sun and the sand, but come night time, we had fun bar-hopping and enjoying the city lights of Cebu. It was a hectic and tiring three day vacation, and I am glad that I came prepared as I brought along my fool-proof over the counter sleeping pill. Thank goodness I came prepared. It was difficult for me to sleep during the entire trip since my body is not accustomed with too much activities. Hah, blame it on over sun-exposure. Hahaha! Anyway, despite the lack of sleep. It was a great summer get-away for the team. Truly memorable.

month of June

It's June already. Half of the year over, and on our way to the next half. How time flies. It seems that it was only yesterday when we celebrated the start of the year with a big bang, and now we are about to celebrate the holidays again. And just like the holidays, and other important family dates ... it is the time of the year again to re-visit and review the husband's insurance policy. Yes, one year already lapsed and now I am about to ask for renewal of his life insurance quote from his agent. And with the one year advance payment, I hope our insurance company will provide good rebates and discounts as a loyalty program for their members.

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