Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Presents

This year, money is tight for a lot of people out there. With the holidays fast approaching, it's hard to find ways to get the essentials along with all the Christmas goodies as well. Here's some helpful tips to keep you on budget.

1. Wrap up everyday stuff
For kids, the best part of Christmas is opening up the presents. Sure, they like what's inside as well, but what could be better than seeing their little eyes light up as they see the pile of neatly wrapped presents just for them! To help the pile grow, don't just wrap up the toys and big items, wrap up the little things as well. Let's say your child needs new clothing or shoes. Instead of buying it and immediately letting them wear it, wrap it up and put it under the tree.

2. It's the thought that counts
We've all heard the expression "it's the thought that counts," but it is as true a statement as I've ever heard. If you put some thought into the gifts that you give, and try to get a little creative, it's easy to spend less money. For example, we've all quickly purchased a new release DVD for someone because we couldn't think of what to get them. If we, instead, take the time to look a little harder and get a little more creative, we could find something that costs far less than the $24.99 we'd normally spend. Plus, it makes the gift more personal and shows that you were thinking about the person receiving it.

3. You don't need bows, ribbons...
A lot of money goes into the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tags, and other such items that just get ripped up and thrown out. Bypass all that extra stuff, wrap the present, and be done with it. You'll be surprised how much you save!

Longchamp Limited Edition

New addition to my growing Lonchamp collection, the Miyajima of Shinto Shrine, Japan. It arrived just in time for the holidays. LC Limited Ed short handle, lilac with black print.Very nice!! =)

Finally, my Longchamp Limited Edition collection now complete with the arrival of Miyajima. Phote below shows my LC collection, from Eiffel Tower of Paris in long handle, with blue and navy color to Great Wall of China Cabas in Taupe color ; New York's Statue of Liberty in black and gold print ... lastly the Miyajima of Japan. It's the next best thing since I haven't been completed or toured all these great places... oh, except Japan and New York! =)

The Attraction of the Online Casino

What is it about the online casino that keeps players coming back for more? Is it the promises of cash rewards? Is it the draw of the competitive spirit of the game? Is it getting the chance to hone and develop their skills to make them better players?

Well, the most probable answer for all of those questions would be a "Yes!" Online casino game players, beginners and veterans, are all attracted to the gaming fun because it does in fact make promises of cash rewards, much of which has the potential for very large payouts. Depending on the player's skill level and his initial betting amounts, there is a lot of money that can be made from online casino sites.

Many online players have even made this "hobby" a full-time endeavor and draw a substantial income from it. In order for any player to do this, his skills must be excellent enough to increase his winning chances when he plays so that he can be sure to make the income he needs in order to sustain his lifestyle.

Other players are drawn to casino games for the sheer sport of the competitive nature that exists with it. For them, there is no better feeling than to actively compete and win against others who deem themselves as industry professional players. The competition spirit is heightened even more when the players don't know each other (personally), but only have a vague idea of their opponent's skill level.

Yet another draw to the casino game attraction is the discounts and deals that are sometimes offered by the betting sites. There may be two-for-one specials or other player credits offered by the betting site that intrigue and appeal to the players. All these things keep the players coming back to these sites to play the casino games.

Strong Family Ties

My sister Samantha is getting married in six months and many of my family members have been diligently planning menus, decorations, wedding attire, and entertainment to ensure this is a very momentous occasion for her. I love my sister and I want her to have the best wedding possible, which is why I gave her and her fiancé information on Tacori engagement rings that me and my husband also purchased before my wedding.

My mother is really emotional right now because the last of her four children will soon be leaving her home and she and my father will have to deal with another episode of “empty nest.” She does have comfort in knowing that my sister is getting a fabulous guy, and my mother’s future son-in-law really scored well with her when he made the announcement that they would not be moving out-of-state.

My sister is having a fall wedding and her colors will be fall green with some hints of burgundy. This time reminded me of my own fall wedding where Jeff, my husband, and I got married just six short years ago. Now with two kid’s under tow, I feel like an old married woman compared to my sister, but I am tickled pink since she finally asks my advice on subject like marriage, starting a family and raising a family. I love answering these questions for her and feel really honored that I can be here for her and really act as a “big sister.”

She has been such a good sister and aunt to my children and has also taken on the responsibility of being their God Parent. There’s nothing like family, and at these times it really is an opportunity where I can show my own children the importance of good family relations.

Happy Birthday, Migo and Samantha!!

The party was a huge success and I can't ask for more. Friends and families came despite their busy schedules to join and party with us. All my party planning efforts paid-off. 'Til next party planning ... that would be Samantha's 7th birthday with Migo's 2nd birthday treat, co-celebrating with Ate Samantha =)

sports betting sites

With the advent of the Internet, sports betting sites have become popular. As these sites let people place bets on sports without the help of sports books or going out of the house, sports betting sites have become hot favorites among the bettors. With an online sports betting site, you can bet for a match taking place in any part of the world while sitting in the comfort of your home. When you win the bet, these sites can reward you big time.

You need to do some basic research on the teams and the sports you are supporting, and then place the bet, in order to earn huge rewards through these sites. If you feel that you are not comfortable in selecting the best team to win, then you can get the help of professional sports book experts. You should select one you can rely upon in your sports betting experience with these sports betting sites. You also get a variety of betting options in these sites, like round robins, straight bets, parlays, teasers, exotic bets, and future bets.

You should be knowledgeable enough with various sports events and the participating teams in order to be successful in the field of sports betting. It will also be helpful if you read the sports column regularly to know about the strengths and weaknesses of different payers. There are few informative sports betting sites that present accurate facts, happenings, and figures.

However, you have to be careful in selecting only reliable sports betting sites. Plenty of bogus sports betting sites have come up, which fool participants and do not issue money. You can browse through sports betting directories in order to find the best ones. After careful analysis, choose a good sports betting site and continue playing with it to earn more money online.

Buying Maternity Clothes

When you are pregnant you will detest the thought of giving up trendy clothes for maternity dresses. You should know that there are plenty of fashionable maternity dresses. Maternity dresses are highly priced indeed. More than that, you only wear them for a few months. And then you give them away or keep them somewhere in the back of your wardrobe.

There is a solution for this. You need to check out re-selling stores for maternity dresses. Even if you do not get a perfect maternity dress, you can use your husband’s clothes. There is no harm in wearing shirts during pregnancy. Shirts have the size to accommodate your rising belly size. And they will not look odd on you. If you buy a shirt that has a hybrid look, then you can get a man’s shirt with a slight alternation in the middle.

If you don’t have enough money, and you can still get some payday loans from to supplement your rising expenses. Just repay the amount with your next paycheck. Another question that women ask themselves is when to buy maternity clothes. You can wear maternity clothes from the sixth month on, because from then you will start losing shape.

When buying maternity wear, look for elastic waists. Don’t mind readymade oversized clothes. Elastic clothing will be much better. Maternity clothing is important for moms who work. Stay-at-home moms do not need to worry about it. Don’t buy jazzy and ostentatious maternity clothes. Buy clothes with classic colors. You can also wear your pre-pregnancy clothes along with your maternity wear. So buy clothes that match that.

Don’t spend much on maternity clothes. This is because you are not going to wear them forever. It would be a great gesture on your part if you could donate them to underprivileged mothers.

Please Don't Ask Me

My mom joked not long after my dad got his new pick-up truck that he was going to need that bumper sticker that said "Yes, this is my truck. No, I won't help you move." Little did I know that friends of those who have trucks can be roped into helping as well.

A dear friend, who knows how much I hate helping people move, asked me if I could borrow my dad's truck and help her out! I don't mind spending an afternoon helping her unpack, and I did offer to help with that. But for the actual packing and moving portion of her journey across town, I gave her a website address where she can get moving quotes from reputable companies in the area.

I have never asked her (or anyone who is not immediate family) to help me move before, and I never will. I just do not think it is fair to expect a full afternoon of work out of friends and pay them in pizza.

Anyway, she thanked me for the offer and said she would let me know, but now I am feeling very guilty. Why? Like I said, I have never asked her to help me move before. Also, I would have to find a babysitter for Samantha to help her in any consequential way.

Well, I suppose I should sign off the computer for awhile and work on getting this house clean. I can hear Samantha babbling to herself through the monitor, but I doubt she will continue to be this good for very long.

So, leave me a comment. Tell me, what is your 'helping people move' policy? It may help my conscience, but will it help our friendship if I pay for part of her moving expenses? A gift certificate to the moving company maybe?

On Having Fun - What About Custom Poker Tables?

Do any of you play poker? Do you have a custom table? Lately, custom poker tables keep coming to mind. If you consider getting one, be sure to do your research. You want to get the right one for you. Of course, you'll also want to get one that you can show off to your friends and family members when they drop by for a game night. If you can't do that, it wouldn't be as much fun to have a custom table. Many of them are very beautiful, and they can be a nice addition to your home.

No matter what kinds of games you like to play, there are great options out there for you. Don't give up if you don't find just the right thing for you right away, or if you aren't really sure what kind of game you want to play. The choices are basically endless, so keep looking for the kinds of things that you find fun and enjoyable. Don't let yourself get talking into a 'hobby' that you don't really like, just because other people are doing it or they suggest it to you. You should do the kinds of things that you enjoy, no matter what they are. That way, you don't have to be too concerned about getting involved with a whole lot of things that you don't actually care for.

When it comes to having fun, that's what you're supposed to focus on. It's not fun unless it's fun for you, so make sure you take the time to think about the kinds of things you really like. Even if you don't have a hobby right now, that doesn't mean that you can't find one - or even a couple of them - and get started. Whether they're solitary or with others, they can be great fun.

more fun photos from the party

can't get enough of fun photos from the kids' birthday party ....
kids enjoyed amazing magic show performed by ricci

guests enjoying the fun party carts

with friends and family who joined us to party

prepared huge balloon burst for kids with twenty-four (4) ; one for migo and one for samantha's age group ...

Happy that kids came in their Best Safari costume

Know the Details of Your Auto Insurance Coverage

If you are going to enjoy as much of your life as possible, then you have to make sure that you are properly protected. Many people, however, don’t fully understand how much car insurance coverage they have. That’s a dangerous situation, especially when you and your family decide to take a road trip. Those who aren’t worried about their insurance coverage now will probably find something to really worry about once they get into an accident that isn’t covered.

Who Does Your Insurance Cover?

Insurance laws differ from state to state, so it is important for you to make sure you understand your local regulations. In many states, your vehicle is only protected when an insured driver is operating the vehicle. That means you take a big risk when you let an uninsured driver drive your car. Classic auto insurance coverage could turn you away, leaving you with a hefty bill, not to mention potential court costs.

Where is Your Car Covered by Insurance?

Where you take your car can also have an influence on how much protection you have. You should have equal protection within the United States. That means you are covered as long as you don’t leave the country.

Once you venture into foreign lands, though, your insurance protection might fly out the window. That’s not a big deal for most people, especially those who don’t live along Mexican or Canadian borders. Some people, however, traverse international lines regularly. If that sounds like you, then make sure you have insurance coverage that keeps you protected at all times. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck in another country with a busted car and no idea what protection the legal system offers you.

Once you learn about the details of your auto insurance coverage, you will know when you are protected and whether you need additional coverage for your lifestyle.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Migo and Samantha Jungle Safari Party_Supplier Reviews

And they thought Migo and Samantha are twins ... Not! It's just that we decided to have a joint celebration party for Miguel Inigo Gabriel and Samantha Gabrielle since their birthdates is just seven (7) days apart. Migo turned one year old on November 11 while Samantha turned six on the 4th. And since we will be celebrating with the family and same set of friends anyway, we decided to hold a joint party few days after their actual natal days, November 14 Sunday. Mas tipid din! Hehehe!

Party theme was initially planned as Pirates wherein Migo will be Peter Pan and Samantha as Tinkerbell. And us parents and guests, pirates and gypsies! However, after looking for some party decors online, decided to forgo the initial theme. Not appropriate for a toddler party. Too scary to use skeletons, red and black balloons as first birthday party theme.

Thus, we decided to do safari jungle party theme instead. Very apt and appropriate for babies and kids, non-gender specific too. Happy that I’ve chose this theme as everyone can relate with animal theme. =)

Venue : Greenmeadows Clubhouse, Quezon City
I thought I was early with my party planning eight (8) months prior. But I was dead wrong! My preferred venues (Valle 6, Acropolis, NEGA, The Grove, Corinthians, North Forbes Clubhouse and Dasma) already booked by the time I started calling and searching for venues. My only hope during that time, Greenmeadows Clubhouse which is under renovation for months and with no definite date of completion! Aaargghh!

And just to make sure I have a place for party during my party planning stages, I tentatively booked the ff venues: 8/F St. Francis Tower (P12K, Function 1-3 good for 120 pax) ; Fully Booked Rooftop at BGH (P18K for 4 hours, 200 pax) ; Valle Verde 2 (P7K for 4 hrs, 150 pax).

Alas, my patience paid off (or was it pure luck?), I received a call from Greenmeadows Clubhouse that they are open for party reservations by end of June. Immediately, I am at the venue and was really surprised with the huge improvement of the clubhouse. It was indeed beautiful. New tiles, spacious lawn/play area, wide entrance façade, lighting very modern-looking and the place is really nice! And as expected, with the place newly renovated, the rental price also fetched higher. From previously P12K rental fee for 4 hours, new rate at P22,500 with P10K security deposit. Yeah, the price you have to pay with the renovations! Hahaha! But got no other choice, I am left with no venue at that time. ( Tip: book your party venue 1 year in advance and you will never be sorry!LOL)

Over-all, the venue is perfect location for my guests. Easy to find, parking not a problem, staff (Miriam) easy to talk to for reservations. Not strict and very friendly too! =) Bathrooms very clean (a must for me!), amenities are top notch! Moreover, getting my security deposit (P10K) is not a problem too. After the day of event, my check already available for pick-up! =)

Though, some minor (but tolerable) matter: Village security. Very strict. You need to submit name list of suppliers and guests days before the event. Well this worked to my advantage! =) Since I am required to submit lists, guests are obliged to confirm and send me RSVP responses. This made my guest list and head count easy for the party. Hahaha! =)

Catering : K by Cunanan
I don’t think I need to give good reviews for this caterer. They are very much in demand in the wedding industry. Well-known for their classy set-up, extra-ordinarily good food, excellent service and a real value-for-money! =)

Guests enjoyed the food. In fact, guests loved it. We received nice compliments with the choice of food. Adult food served that day: crackling pork in hoisin wrap (appetizer), shrimp and mango salad, broccoli-cheese soup (the best!), baked fish topped with sliver almonds, rolled chicken in teriyaki sauce, lengua, carrot rice (best seller!), seafood pasta in carbonara sauce and kiwi pannacota (dessert), tiramisu in martini glass and raspberry iced tea. Kiddie buffet also served : spaghetti with meat balls, mini corn dogs and chicken lollipops.

Side kwento: on the day of my kiddie event, Kaye (the owner) was present to ensure everything in placed. I love her hands-on approach. Very personal. Be it just simple or small event, she’s present. In fact, one of the things I loved about K Catering, they only accept limited function per day. They don’t accept too much event in one day or mass produce their service.

And yes, because I am happy with their service, I already booked them for my daughter’s 7th birthday party by 2011. Happy with them! =)

Party organizer provided by Jelly Bellies Co (c/o Angelette)
Includes: stage set-up, decors, balloons, table centerpiece, balloon pops, game booths, entertainment (magic, face painting, balloon sculptor), storage boxes for give-aways, foodcarts.
My favorite and perennial birthday party supplier! Am always happy with JB services. They never cease to surprise me! For the party, she assigned a very efficient party manager and kudos to her team handled the entire party very well. I was totally relaxed and stress-free during the party as they took care of everything. I also appreciate how Angelette would always ensure that my kids’ party would turn out great as always. Other than being a friendly and efficient party manager, she provides helpful ideas and inputs on how to make the party great, without pushing us to spend more on unnecessary items. Side kwento: she stopped me several times form getting excessive food carts and other unnecessary items for the party! Love her so much =)

Party Host: Gene (by Jelly Bellies Co.)
Very good host with good diction and speaks fluent English. Patient and knows how to keep the kids entertained and well-behaved too! Games provided by Gene are not your usual bring me but instead he made it like a guessing game for kids to enjoy. I also liked the name that tune game for kids. Entertaining and challenging for kids. And since Samantha knows and adores all the songs used in the game, she enjoyed guessing each of the song. Obviously she’s well-verse with Nick Jr. iCarly and Disney movies.

Magic with Illusion by Ricci (by Jelly Bellies)
Two thumbs up!! Really amazing show! Kids and adults super liked it! In fact, this is not your usual magic show tricks. The illusions done mesmerized the kids, ad even awed the adults more with unending ooohhs and aaahhhs. It was my first time to see in real life contortionist inside the box, and the floating lady trick. Awesome and I simply love Ricci. Great recommendation by Angelette of Jelly Bellies.

Balloon Sculptor : Eric Uy (by Jelly Bellies)
Simple, soft-spoken and very quiet Eric Uy. Availed his services for unlimited balloon for the duration of the party. So that would be 4-hours =) He provides not your usual dog and bird balloons for kids but instead, creatively balloons sculptures in the form of a ballerina, sponge bob character, little mermaid, spider man and more! Very talented guy! Will definitely get him on my next party =)

Actually I was thinking of getting different ice cream cart for my party but the food cart I wanted already booked on my party date. Too bad. Thus, my only options to book what is available ice cream cart. It was a tough choice between FIC and Champola Blast, but since I want to try something different, decided to avail Champola Blast instead. This is not your usual ice cream in a cup or cone. Champola Blasts are served on a wafer stick with a different toppings or flavors. Cool eh? Kids loved it. Sadly, I was not able to taste it. Too busy with the party. =(

Food Carts: NY Fries and Dips (from Jelly Bellies Co.)
I was not able to taste this too. As I am busy with the party. But my son Ico told me he liked NYFD (who wouldn’t?) Love their dips barbecue and ranch. Best-seller to guests. Unfortunately, I noticed that the mini cups are all half-filled. =( Neverthless, fries served hot and cooked well, add the tasty dips makes the perfect french fries treat for everyone!

No, did not avail the Krispy Kreme booth … too pricey for me! I don’t see any reason why I would pay P10K for donuts alone with just one staff giving donuts from the racks. It is not even baked on the spot. Hahaha! Thus, I came up with an idea of setting up a Krispy Kreme corner (did this from my previous parties) wherein guests can have free access on assorted donuts. Self service style! I just simply placed a tarp indicating Krispy Kreme corner, and asked the caterer to set up a table beside the Starbucks booth (naturally coffee and donuts should go together). Bought twelve (12) dozens of donuts in assorted flavors (spent P3K+), asked for wax papers, KK napkins and even party hats for kids and voila … have my Krispy Kreme corner -- the tipid style! =) Love, love this idea! =)

Cake : Veronica Ngo of Les Sucreries
Learned about Les Sucreries from one of my blogging friends, Gracie. Saw the cake design from her son’s 1st bday party and I immediately fell in love with it. It was my first time to deal with Les Sucreries and my initial encounter not that good comparing to all my suppliers I had for this party. Response kinda slow and we had little misunderstanding over limited design LO for cakes. I was informed quite late that there’s a limit of 3 x LOs only for cake design. Of course not aware of this, as this was not discussed PRIOR my downpayment/reservation of cake. No contracts even sent to me at an earlier stage of negotiations despite providing downpayment around June.

Anyway, after informing Les Sucreries regarding my disappointments, much attention then given to my order. Our next transactions went smoothly and everything went well. Les Sucreries provided beautiful cakes (yes, got two cakes) for my kids. One cake for Migo and another cake for Samantha. The cakes provided really moist and yummy … love the taste! Got chocolate cake and the choco-carrot flavor, her best-seller flavors =)

Food Carts: Chef Tony’s Popcorn
c/o Medal Elepano

Love, love Chef Tony Popcorn. The sales manager, Medal Elepano was prompt, responsive, accommodating and easy to do business. In fact, when I asked for bonggang-bongga set-up, she indeed sent me a bongga set-up! Hahaha! Love it!! One of my best tokens/food carts during the party. Adult and kids loved the popcorns. And for my kids’ party, I availed Chef Tony’s 180 pcs at 16 oz with two classic flavors: cheddar cheese and caramel. Something sweet and salty for my guests! =)

Check out their party packages! Highly recommended.

Booked directly through Starbucks store (any branch possible)

Need I say positive reviews about Starbucks? Hahaha! The husband’s one and only request for the party … get Starbucks out of store booth! =) This is the 2nd time we availed the Starbucks booth for our party, and of course with the husband coffee addiction, this is another permanent must-haves in our party.

Though the option for Starbucks coffee very limited (availed milk-based drinks for the Frappucino) since they can’t bring their huge espresso machine … guests don’t seem to mind at all. Regardless if their only option choco, caramel or vanilla frap … what the heck, it is still free coffee anyway! =)

And the good thing about SSI, since the husband is a valued client of Starbucks Emerald branch, he was able to choose specific barista who joined us for the party. Naturally he chose the Emerald branch baristas to join us. Cool people! =) And the best part, since the party was held in November, we got free holiday planners too! For every P5k = 1 limited edition Starbucks planner! Weeeee!! No pressure to collect 17 stickers! This is the fastest way to get those limited edition planner cover variants! LOL

GIVE-AWAYS, PRIZES - storage boxes ordered through Jelly Bellies. Prizes all safari-themed bought online through and loot prizes from balloon pops bought at Toy Kingdom. For the giant-animal mylar balloons, purchased through


Happy with this photo booth supplier. In fact, I am very satisfied with their services that I booked them again for our corporate function a week after. They are very professional as lay-outs for the photos submitted on time and very accommodating with special requests and revisions for LOs. No questions asked. At the day of the party, the team sent was very friendly and accommodating. They are prompt, efficient and were able to set up the booth on time. No glitches at all. For the rates, I am lucky to get the premium rates on a discounted price. Thanks to one of my blogging friends MM, who booked her daughter’s event months before me and we were able to get the best discount from the published rate packages. 2010&fname=20101114_04_Samantha06&currpage=1

Photographer: Howell Laguerta
c/o Abie Laguerta : 09175842934

My favorite suki for our family party photos. I think he has seen all of the kids’ birthdays and even Migo’s baptism. I love, love Howell’s photos. He captures life, laughter and every minute details of the event as it is! No missed detail. And since he’s also a good friend, posing or smiling infront of his camera seemed so natural to us. We are comfortable working with Howell. In fact, since he’s our constant supplier/photographer of the family, guests also familiar with Howell and works comfortably with him. Love his works as always. And yes, will be booking him again next parties to come …

Photographer : Gats Uy
c/o Kelly : 09175960095
Since we had joint birthday celebration for Migo and Samantha, we’ve decided to get two (2) photographers this time. The new photographer of the family, Mr. Gats Uy. Like Howell, we love the photos taken by Gats -- another perspective, another angle from the party. With the additional photos from Gats, no action missed. His work captured all emotions of guests during the event. His shots, very personal and we really love it! =)

Sound System : Kids Haus/Judith Tabaquin
Sound system was the last item on my list. I am not very particular with big production sound system as I just need simple, audible sound system for my party host. Just enough to cover the venue with music, and for the host to use during games. Posted my search at N@W for possible sound system provider, and was happy that Kids Haus was the first one to reply on my mail. Described my needs (including preferred animal/safari music) and my target budget, Judith (the owner) immediately granted my request. Love how flexible they are and accommodated all my request. Thanks, Judith! =)

Food cart stubs/Tarpaulin Lay-outs : Melisse Avellana-Baylosis of Perfect Pixels
One of my favorite supplier too! Melisse of Perfect Pixels also became my perennial supplier for all backdrop lay outs, tarps, thank you cards etc. And ever since I started doing my kidde party planning, she became my constant design/LO provider. She has seen my kids grow up. From Samantha’s baptism to her 6th birthday, to the birth of another child Migo, she covered them all. Her works really nice … beyond your usual expectations, prompt in delivery and very easy to deal with. And like my other suki suppliers, yes …she will be forever part of my kids’ parties.

Invites and Name Tags : Adworks
Tel No: 6365570
I always believe that the invite is a sneak preview of what to expect in your party. And Adworks never fails to awe me with every invite they’ve provided to my kids. They always have fresh, nice concept or ideas to make the invites really stand out. Like most of my suppliers, Adworks is one of my essential must-have party supplier. They’ve witnessed how my daughter Samantha grow up, and now with my second child Migo. Though their rates are kinda pricey compared to other invite makers (requested for 3D pop-up invite), but their outputs are truly works of art.

This is also my first time to do food stub for carts. It took me quite sometime to decide if will proceed with food stubs or not. It was a quite a lengthy discussion between the husband and me if will implement the food stubs for control measures. The husband prefers a free-for-all food carts while I, the OC in me wanted to give each guests (whether late or not) chance to enjoy the food carts.

How did I implement the food stubs? It was easy. As I need the confirmation of guests and family for security requirements of Greenmeadows Clubhouse, I was actually able to name and list the family members who will attend the party. Whether they confirmed or not, I prepared food stubs per family. Upon registration, each family given an envelope with their names which corresponds number of food stubs inside. Starbucks given to adults, while NYFD, Chef Tony Popcorn etc are for kids or vice-versa. I told people who man the booth to be strict with food stubs. No food stubs, no food treats! =) This is also for control measures. =)

Many of my friends liked the idea, it was very organized. Every family get to taste all the food …and we never ran out of supplies. In fact, food carts lasted until 7pm wherein only a few quantities left. Upon seeing some extra, we opened all the carts last thirty (30) minutes of the party.
If you will ask me if will do food stub again next year, definitely YES! Proven it really works! =)

Thank you for reading my uber long supplier post … ‘Til my next party post … Samantha’s 7th and Migo’s 2nd birthday treat, Rockstar-themed at Valle Verde 6 (yes, booked na …learned my lesson the hard way this year. =)
For more party photos, you may refer to my FB album which will be available for limited period only.!/album.php?aid=2097169&id=1311382438 - Gats Uy : 0917-5960095 (c/o kelly) - Howell Laguerta 0917-5842934 (c/o abie)

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