Saturday, May 30, 2009

thank you ...

to my ever reliable and dependable black car. Thank you for being my secure refuge from the busy streets of the city. Thank you for keeping me safe from harm. My protection from bad weather. Thank you for sharing my joys and tears for three long years.

"The black car" as Sam coined this Honda City baby, to distinguish it from our other car. We used to call our cars by brand like Honda or Toyota but Sam changed all these when she turned three. Since she was able to distinguish things by colors, she started calling our cars by colors and sometimes by size. Kinda cute actually.

To know more abot the black car story, read more here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

family picture

This is our recent family picture. Taken by Howell (of Abie) after our summer get-away at Tagaytay Highlands. As you can see, I am already quite "big" at this photo. Big, by 14 weeks with Baby Miguel (yes, we are assuming it's a boy!LOL.) Well, whatever the gender of our little angel I just hope and pray that he (or she) will be healthy. Praying that I'll have a normal and safe delivery without any complications.
Anyway, I can't wait to see the new addition to our family. I can't wait to take pictures, document and record milestones of our baby. Oh dear, which I almost forgot ... I definitely need to have our system memory upgrade. It will be timely to get new harddrives before the coming of the new baby.

Monday, May 25, 2009

online purchase

I am thinking of sending nice birthday gift for my 5 year-old godchild who is now based in Freshmeadows, NY. It is a pretend and play cash drawer which I think will be fun for kids at her age playing store or restaurant pretend. The toy comes with play money bills, plastic coins, a pretend credit card and booklet for play pretend activities. Really cool, huh? Not only kids will enjoy playing pretend but will learn simple math at the same time. Price really affordable ($29.00) with free shipping promo within 3 days. Just in time for my inaanak's birthday next week. Great buy, don't you think so?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy Bloggers Summer Outing

Venue: Tagaytay Highlands Country Club
Date : May 16, Saturday

It was a perfect day for the Mommy Bloggers' Summer Outing. We were blessed with good weather for the entire day. Kids enjoyed the animal farm and the swimming treat, Daddies played basketball and the mommy bloggers busy eating, taking photos and talking. All in all, the summer outing went well. The plan for surprise party was executed and everyone went home full, tired but happy. Wishing we could do this as our annual summer tradition for the MBAPs.

8am : For early birds, Animal Farm visit
10am : Basketball Game at TH Sport's Clinic
1130am : Lunch buffet Country Club Poolside
12-4pm : Swimming for kids / Chika moments / Beer-drinking of Daddies
4pm : Fishing time
6pm : Pack up time/photo-session

Don't we all look lovely in our pictures? LOL. I don't think any diet supplement or fat burner will do the trick to lose those post-preggy weight. With kids in tow, I think running and taking care of our kids already enough to shed off those unwanted fats. A miracle drug-wonder, don't you agree. Hehehe!

Sharing some of our summer pictures (photo courtesy of alpha, aggie, thea and kathy)

Daddies after the basketball game

busy week ahead

I've been very busy lately with work, summer outings and social gatherings that I forgot to do some urgent household errands for the family.

Things to do this week :

1. grocery shopping : I just found out this morning that we ran out of household supplies like detergent and laundry soap, paper towels and kitchen essentials. Missed doing my bi-monthly grocery trip. Very bad wifey! Hehehe!
2. decide if will pursue family travel to Hongkong by June. With all the H1N1 swine flu scare, need to be prepared. 3. confirm hotel reservations : Marriot Hotel or Hotel Nikko HK.
4. bank chores : transfer funds, complete payment, request for bank certification.

5. confirm flight bookings of my aunt based in LA. Check out Stratosphere hotel or other best casino hotel for my aunt who will be staying in Vegas for three days.
6. finalize amazon order for Avent sterilizer. Need to have it shipped asap.

7. check out Johnny Air cargo freight charges for amazon bought items.
8. follow up my travel approval request for Singapore : June 15-18
9. if Singapore travel papers approved by management, check out Amara or M Hotel at Shenton Way, SNG.
10. request for Certificate of Employment from HR.
11. finalize house re-painting plans. short-list contractors to do the job.
12. check out current market price of my Honda car ... thinking of upgrading the unit by June as a birthday gift from the husband.

I hope (and pray) that I'll be able to complete all the tasks listed above. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

summer at the Highlands

As I sort some of our 2009 summer pictures, I almost forgot to post our early summer get-away at Tagaytay Highlands. We went for a quick trip at the famous Highlands clubhouse to finalize my BIL's wedding reservation for October.
Anyway, this is us, enjoying the sun and good weather of the city. Obviously, this picture taken weeks before the rain hits Manila, which sadly, officially ended the summer season. LOL. Looking at my pictures below, it made me wish I should have seriously considered taking the diet pill I found online. With those extra bulges, it would be difficult for me to lose all the post natal weight more. Hehehe!

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