Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Change of name update

Remember my previous post on my change of name dilemma?

Well, got notification from my lawyers that I already got schedule of interview for petition of change name at QC local registry office. My sked is on March 13, 2008. Finally!

Problem, since I was moved to 2008 interview, I need to collect some docments again...darn! All my renewable documents need to be submitted with 2008 stamp and authentication. This means I have to take one day leave from work to complete my docs such as NBI clearance, police celarance, community Tax certificate, Baranggay clearance etc. And I need to travel to Nasugbu Batangas to get certified true copies of marriage certificate from the local registry (downside of being married at Caleruega, you need to travel to Nasugbu Batangas jut to get documents! waaahh!).

Lot of paper work again....Imagine, two pages of document list that I need to prepare in triplicate copies!! Haayy.. really looking forward end of my change name of problem. Wish me luck friends that my legal battle (actually, documents/official records mix-up) will end soon.

1 comment:

abie said...

good luck sis. Sana nga maaayos na yan.

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