Monday, February 4, 2008

RBS 6 nations website

My husband came from all boys siblings. Sport is one of their favorite pastime and bonding moments next to eating. Every weekend, you will catch them hooked on watching ESPN and Star Sports channel watching any available sport games. Games or tournaments from basketball, billiards, soccer, F1 racing, rugby game or any games possible you can think of. They’ll never get tired watching either live or replay tournaments… which is something I don’t understand with men, Hah!!

Anyway, rather than wait for their usual weekend tv games, I happily shared with hubby rugby game official website I stumbled upon in the net. The site provides Europe’s six official RBS nations’ latest game updates, tournament schedules and game news available online and anytime he wanted. It also provides an updated RBS 6 nations game standings, complete with photos and video game highlights. It’s a simple and convenient site access for rugby game fanatics in our family. Oh what is really amazing, you can even catch the rugby game on mobile video and view via podcast for all the RBS fans. Now that is really keeping the viewers updated real-time

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