Thursday, February 28, 2008

on merchant cash advance

We often hear salary cash advance or check advance, but merchant cash advance? Hmmm… not really.

When you find yourself in need of additional funding for your business or you would like to avail a loan for personal use, normally you approach a bank to draw up a business or personal loan. In banks, the borrower is required to give collateral as an assurance to pay-off his loan on the agreed time frame. A lot of supporting documents need to be submitted and credit investigation takes time before your loan be approved.

Instead of going through all the trouble for bank loans, you would be amazed with the new lending approach provided by Merchant Advisors. The company provides business funding to small businesses through merchant cash advance. How does it work?

Companies in need of additional funding for expansion may enter to merchant cash advance. It is not a loan program but it simply advancing your future sales though Visa or MasterCard receivable sales. Merchants may sell their future credit card sales on a discounted price and receive the cash advance they need for expansion.

Applying for the merchant services credit card processing is also easy. With no collateral requirement, no application fee, almost 95% approval rate, no hidden fees, low rates for credit card processing and fast approval within 72 hours. Best of all, there is no fixed repayment schedule unlike banks… the company gets paid when the store is also paid. Isn’t that a great funding option for small entrepreneurs like me?

This is another great web finds. Try checking how the merchant services credit card processing works and avail the 30 day free trial and free merchant programs.

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shannon said...

i've owned a business for eight years now, and have needed a merchant cash advance twice. i've found that they are very easy to be approved for, and i like that the repayment terms are quik so i'm not carrying a loan for a long time.

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