Thursday, February 7, 2008

unavoidable stretch marks?

I am one of those lucky women who after giving birth, had almost unseen or invisible stretch marks. Perhaps, genetically speaking my skin is “elastic” or I was endowed with good skin color that stretch marks seemed unnoticed.

However, my sister was not lucky enough to escape the scarring marks left by her post-weight pregnancy. After giving birth, her stretch marks became more visible, darker and she can no longer wear two-piece bathing suit. Even after four years she gave birth, still it left her unwanted sight of stretch marks. She was not able to do anything to prevent stretch marks. In spite of putting various stretch mark cream, butter or aloe oil, the dark marks still persisted.

So I told her to check out the revitol stretch mark cream I found on the net. It’s still not too late to remove the unwanted sighs on her tummy. As a matter of fact, revitol stretch mark cream promised a great improvement after six months of continuous medication. Dark marks can no longer be seen, skin color changes and the unwanted sight of stretch marks visibly gone. Price of the stretch mark cream is also affordable making it a best buy amongst other creams. Truly another great web finds!

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