Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hotel Reservations

I love to travel.

Given the financial freedom, I would be probably spend my time traveling and exploring new places every month. I would love to see new places, experience different lifestyles and learn new cultures. I wanted to see distinct differences compared to other countries.

Though I’ve already made some travels in Asia and US, I haven’t explored Europe yet. It is my dream destination for vacation and I am particularly interested to see Italy and France. One of our travel plans this year is to visit these countries for ultimate travel and culture experience. Well for one, because of its rich heritage and arts, and Rome seems a great destination to re-new my faith and visit the seat of Christianity. I would love to be awed and amazed with the works of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo.

Next to museums and churches, I would love to taste the authentic Italian food. Eat pizza, cannelloni and pasta cooked the Italian way. Drink cappuccino or glass of red wine on the piazza. Wildly shop at Harrod’s. And for a truly authentic European experience, I would love to hang out in one of those al fresco diners with a good book on hand. Truly a tourist delight!

For this great travel vacation experience, I am considering this great web finds I encountered in the internet for my next travel. The site provides very competitive room and travel packages with great hotel discounts. At Hotel reservations not only hotel rooms can be arranged, but also the complete travel requirements such as airlines, land transportation and even tourist spot packages like beach, casino and spa experience. Truly offers affordable vacation rentals for budget-conscious traveler like me.

So the next time you are considering great value travel worldwide, do visit hotel reservations.com before you do any final bookings. Avail good hotel discounts at a great price, excellent multi-lingual customer service and great travel experience!

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