Saturday, February 2, 2008

applying for small business loans

As all of you know, hubby and I are both employees from telecommunication service providers. Though we’ve been employees for years now, we’ve also dreamed of having our own business and be our own bosses. As a back up, just in case something happens in the telecoms industry.

One of the projects we are looking at setting up home-based travel agency for me and pursue the aircon cleaning business for hubby. Both challenging and service-oriented business and would really require huge financial investment. As of now, we cannot pursue our big dream since we lack financial funds to start up our own business.

Until I came across a website that can provide help for small business loans. I’ve done some web reading from Accommodative Financial Solutions (AFS) site and was excited with the fact that getting loans is easy and fast for unsecured loans. No collateral requirement and no initial fees upon application. It is private and secured loan service that almost ensures a 100% approval guarantee with no hidden fees! Really great offer, don’t you think? Moreover, it offers variety of choices depending on the borrower’s requirements. Borrower’s may opt to avail personal anytime loan, home office or home improvement loan. For entrepreneurs like myself, I may opt to start my small business loans through their business acquisition option or get the business expansion loan later on. Truly a great offer for cash-strapped entrepreneurs like me.

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