Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I signed up for PPP too!

Finally, got my approval from payperpost (PPP). I’ve been waiting for my approval for weeks now since I’ve heard great deals from this blog site. My blog friends highly recommend joining payperpost since it provides a lot of advertisement opportunities and with impressive pay. Totally competitive and different from other blog ads available in the web.

I never had second thoughts on signing up for PPP. Since I heard great reviews about the site, I immediately signed up to be one of their posties. Joining is very easy. You just need to have a valid blog at least three months old and above, fill out pertinent information on payperpost web site then wait for your approval via mail. Once approved, email notification will be sent to you. Very, very simple!

What I am really excited about you get paid while doing something you love … blogging! Bloggers get to write reviews or their opinions on products, services, web sites and companies that already existed for years. Bloggers need to simply search for the list of available opportunities, write a blog posting about it, get post content approval and once approved, you get paid! Isn’t that excellent way to earn money!

Hah… now I am very much excited in grabbing those opps! I am excited to start my first post at PPP and see my payperpost earnings. And yes, I am one excited online shopper here and I can’t wait to spend my blog earnings on cool web finds!

So dear bloggers, start spreading the love … join payperpost too!

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