Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nursery at Poveda.

I forgot to post this last week since I was so busy with back logs at work after my three-day business trip in Cebu.

Just like Jane I am also having tough decisions if I will pursue sending Sam to Saint Pedro Poveda College (formerly Poveda Learning School) school this coming June. Initially, I wanted her to start as Kinder 1 but for some school restrictions (age and birth date requirement), she’s still considered as nursery this coming school year. Really sad, missing the cut-off birthdate by four (4) days only! Super strict school noh!

Anyway, my concerns are more of her preparedness to big school, logistics and OPEX cost.

For her readiness for big school, my only apprehension is that she may be overwhelmed with big school at her young age of three. Sam my look very big for her age, but believe me...she’s just three years old in her ways and actions! Still a baby! ( denial ata ako baby pa din in our eyes!)

Though the pre-school directress assured me that she won’t be inter-acting with her big sisters and the pre-school building’s entrance is different from the main entrance hence, she will be less intimidated since there will be very, very minimal inter-action from the older kids. Hmmm...

Secondly, I am not sure if she can cope with the daily travel time from our house to her new school. Poveda is 30-40 minutes away from our place. Comparing her current pre-school inside the village with just two streets away, this is really, really far for her!

Third, logistics and OPEX issues. Since both of us working and her class schedule is from 8am to 10am only, we need to find ways how to bring her to school everyday. We don’t have driver or extra car dedicated to Sam. So, OPEX and logistics-wise, this is something need to be considered! Though hubby and I already discussed some initial transportation plans, these plans still need to be verified this coming June (read: mawawalan sya ng car! siya commute, bwahahaha!)

Partly, I am thinking of letting go Sam’s acceptance at Poveda now. Since logistically speaking, we are not yet ready and still got the "big school" apprehensions . Though I am afraid I might regret this decision by letting go her admission opportunity now.
Getting in at Poveda is really tough. From 65+ applicants, only few students were admitted for Nursery. For Kinder 1, I was told by a fellow N@Wie Rubai, total of 100+ applied for Kinder 1 slot, and only 60+ kids were admitted. Haayy.. ako na -pressure noh, really need to do serious thinking talaga.

So bottom line … still undecided. My deadline to decide is on Febraury 21. Forms and enrollment schedules will be given during this day.
Wish me luck...hope I'll have the best decision soon. Will keep you all posted.


Thea said...

ang bilis ng panahon tlga no? may studyante ka na! :D

hirap nmn ng kalaban ng poveda, 2 streets away lang ung preschool. hahaha.

nway, jacqui, i got a domain na. hope you could update my link on ur blogroll. it's

thanks in advance. ;)

Kelly said...

hi jacqui, i'm also in a situation where i don't know whether to send manu to a preschool this SY or not. manu kasi stays at home most of the time with the yayas so i'm afraid he just might catch whatever the yaya says or does. but then sometimes i think he's too young for school. although the school i'm considering is non-trad. so what i plan is to try out the summer camp being offered by the school. if manu likes it, then i might go ahead with enrolling him. haaayyy.. good luck to us! :D

abie said...

Hi Jacqui,

naku ako din nalilito na ako kung saan ko enroll si Bela. We had our trial na at Toddlers Unlimited and super nagustuhan ko sya and ni Bela. Pero ang problem is 9-11 ang sked so kailangan 7:30 umalis na sila sa house. Ang concern namin is baka mapagod naman si Bela sa byahe.

Nag trial din sya sa 2 pang school sa may QC pero both schools, di nya type. Nag aya talaga sya lumabas. Sabi sya ng sabi "Go outside."

So now, not sure kung saan ko na enroll si Bela. I want to enroll him sana this april na para ma kung magustuhan nya, enroll ko na din sya sa June.

Hay decisions, decisions, decisions. Kailangan pag usapan namin to ng masinsinan ni hubby. At isa pang problema, wala din kami extra car dedicated for Bela. So parang si Mike, kami din mag co-commute pag nag start na mag school si Bela...hehehe

Mich said...

hi Jacqui, grabe may Sam will be going to big school na pala! My oh my! what age sya nagstart sa pre-school sa inyo?

Can I ask, anong age ba dapat ang accepted sa Kinder 1?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog while goggle-ing about Poveda pre-school. You were soooo right! My daughter ha to go thru 2 exams and same as your situation before, my daughter's age became an issue (more than a month short of the cut-off). FORTUNATELY, she was able to take and PASS the entrance exams after I wrote a letter to the Principal to allow my daughter to take the Kinder 2 exam. Now, because of my desire logistically to get her in Poveda (hubby's office is a stone's throw away from Poveda), I neglected to research how effective Poveda is academically. Well, too late for 2nd thoughts now since I already enrolled her, but I sincerely hope you can give me some insights on your daughter's school--where you ended up sending her and why. Thanks for your time and keep on blogging!

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